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Friday, September 30, 2005

Weather Teaches us lessons all the time in CA!

We roast in the summer, we get drenched every few years in the winter followed by mudslide central, we burn in the fall, and we shake, rattle, and rock and roll on a regular basis!

I had a front seat to the fire for the last couple of days and it’s a bit tense to say the least. Not only was the fire bearing down on me, but it went past my little bro the night before and tried to return last night, it came with-in a couple of miles of my mom’s place the day before, it came with-in a few miles of the ranch my daughter runs her business on, and it came right up to the property line of the new place my son was moving too. All in the Family fire to say the least.

The firemen here in CA are some of the best and have fought this fire with precision demonstrating that they learn more and more each year and get better and better. It’s a huge fire covering over 20,000 plus acres and so far no real injuries and minimal homes lost with probably thousands of homes and hundreds of people in harms way, amazing to say the least. Thanks Firemen!!

Nature is a wonderful thing!

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Supreme Beings and Political Hanky Panky

John Roberts made the grade and is being sworn in as the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. No news here as most expected this and most consider him qualified and then some. Watching him teach law and the constitution to the Senate panel was quite funny and quite boring.

I heard a blurb or two about Senator Kennedy mouthing off this morning mentioning that this could set back all rights for all Americans, blah, blah, blah…

So some people wonder why I refer to the people who sit on the Supreme Court as “Supreme Beings”? We’ll isn’t it obvious from Kennedy’s statement? To think that one person can take our civil rights away because they sit on one part of our three part Federal Government.

Talk about outrageous, over the top, BS! What Kennedy is really saying is what I have worried about for some time, who or whom controls the law? Is it the courts or the lawmakers? If it’s the courts who controls them? Aren’t the lawmakers supposed to control them? If it’s the lawmakers we as voters are supposed to control them (although the “Ruling Class” is making that harder and harder to do).

Add to that the backdrop of the California Attorney General over ruling the will of the people and the California Legislature doing the same thing. Add to that the Delay fiasco where politicians (this is not new) continue to use the legal system to wage war against each other.

I will say it again, and again, and again, the legal system is completely out of control, has no management process, no clean-up process, and is the greatest threat to our nation, period.

Have a nice day…

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Celebrity Derangement Syndrome

Celebrity Derangement Syndrome (CDS) is the only thought I can come up with after trying to watch an interview session between Bill O’Reilly and Phil Donahue suggested by my little bro. I say tried to watch because it was so painful to try and listen to the exchange.

I try and be fair to all of Nature’s creations and like to think I do a decent job although like everyone else I get a bit mad once in awhile. But this Phil guy is so dishonest, so self-serving, so devoid of any form of intelligence that the longer I tried to watch the segment the more pain I felt.

Phil repeated one question over and over as his only source of justification for his position, something close too, “Bill, do you want to send kids over seas to die?”
That was it that was the full extent of his logic. Of course no person wants to send anyone into harms way, but life isn’t there yet and so people do get sent into harms way.

By Phil’s logic, we can have;
no military,
no fire people,
no police people,
no one driving cars,
no one…

You get the idea, we all take chances everyday we walk out the door yet walk out the door we still do. CDS victims take heart in the fact that the CDS insurgent ranks are dwindling. I say that because we now know that many of the CDS insurgents lose their status after opening their mouth without reading from a script…

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Speaking of Disasters – Where have the CA Governor, Senators , Congress People been?

You have all these BS Dog and Pony shows about hurricanes and the need for preparedness by FEMA, blah blah blah.

Where CA Senators, Governor, Congress People, where is the CA planning for the “Big One”? Where are the rules to drive the appropriate response? Do they even exist? If yes, where are they written down and do the primary actors know what their role will be?

I went through 20 years of Disaster Recovery planning and testing at a 60 billion plus bank and a few other businesses since and like the FED auditors used to tell us, “if it’s not written down, accessible, and tested”, it doesn’t exist.

I’ve only been here for 40 plus years so maybe I missed the planning sessions for your constituents but I’m not feeling very comfortable that you guys will know what to do.

What say ye?

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They Said They Said

Democrats run a “commission” to find out the “truth”.
Republicans cry, unfair, biased, not seeking the “real” truth, cover-up, blah blah blah…

Republicans run a “commission” to find out the “truth”.
Democrats cry, unfair, biased, not seeking the “real” truth, cover-up, blah blah blah…

Democrats and Republicans run a “bi-partisan” committee to find out the “truth”.
Democrats and Republicans cry, unfair, biased, not seeking the “real” truth, cover-up, blah blah blah…

See any consistent behavior here? The “Ruling Class” at its best… It’s always about politics and never about what’s right for the people they represent…

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Nature’s Role and our “Elite Ruling Class”

Try this on for a side by side comparison.

Some common facts when discussing nature’s role in your life;

You had no control over when you born,
You had no control over the color of your skin,
You had no control over your parent’s religion,
You had no control over where you were born,
You had no control over the type of government you were born into.

So I find it interesting that the “Elite Ruling Class” requires, in fact insists, that these conditions drive the control of our government and how you should behave! Notice I say YOU since they operate on the do as I say not as I do model.

Some common facts when discussing your role in life;

You can control how you react to people of different ages,
You can control how you react to people with different colored skin,
You can control your own religious destiny,
You can control where you would like to live (in free countries at least!),
You can control your role in shaping our democracy.

One on these two sets of facts is focused on what can be done and one of these is focused on things that can never be changed.

I have two tough questions for you, which set of facts do YOU want to live by? Which set of facts do you think the “Elite Ruling Class” wants you to live by?

Have a nice day…

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Fully Expected and Fully Delivered: Wrong News and MSM go Hand in Hand

Agenda driven MSM “news” agencies are hardly new news. Anyone who has access to real media knows that the old archaic MSM agencies spin doctor everything they report on to fit their predetermined mindsets. So reporting that the MSM ”news” agencies blew the Katrina and “peace march” stories should come as no surprise , fully expected and fully delivered.

In the past one would of just said “oh well” incompetent clowns getting paid to spew garbage was what the MSM did. This point fits the “peace march” stories which were generally wrong and the reporting seemed like it was coming from high school sophomores. Does anyone really care except the moon bats? I think not.

A new question has arisen though that changes that standard perception, when the MSM reporting causes problems and is clearly and without a doubt wrong, should they pay a price besides losing their credibility (what little they have left requires a microscope to see), besides losing audience share, besides losing money, besides losing their identity?

Some of the larger MSM agencies have turned to International Audiences to offset the fact that they are losing the battle in America. Some have clearly been reduced to their Kool-Aid drinker’s base and appear to be OK with that. And so I think being relegated to second tier businesses is largely complete.

I do think they should be investigated for intentionally filing wrong and even manufactured stories that resulted in efforts to rescue people and personal property being delayed and sometimes incorrectly targeted resulting in people being hurt, maybe killed, and personal property damaged or destroyed.

And finally like everyone else if they are found to have done that and damages can be proven, then they should be held responsible and not only pay whatever is deemed appropriate but also be sent to jail just like any other criminal…

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita and Nature

Laughing out loud is a good thing now and then as it helps one relax and enjoy life to its fullest. As I see the idiots thinking Global warming is driving these Hurricanes I cannot help but ROFLMAO!

The level of arrogance and ignorance combined can only be achieved by a class of people far removed from reality. The Scientific Method to these clowns is something for other people to do. They know in their heart of hearts that they must be right, they just must be!!

And do you know why they feel that way? Because if they had to deal with reality it would reduce them to what they really are and that my friends scares them more than anything.

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The Truth about who helps the most!

It’s not the US governing class whom I often refer to as the “Ruling Class”. It’s not the liberal or conservative think tanks whom have an opinion for everything but exceedingly small operational capability (and btw that’s being generous). It’s not the “professor class” at our colleges, its DEFINETLY NOT the MSM.

Well you might ask who is it? It’s the Military, it’s the National Guard, the same people that step into hell in the Middle East, into Nightmares in South America, who battle the ugliest and most non-human elements on the planet, that’s WHO!

So for all you F*&(%^ing idiots who say anything bad about them, you damn well better not meet up with me on the street!

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Has political reporting been reduced to an agenda driven business?

Why are facts and straight forward discussions sent to the rear while emotional stories are sent to the front? Could if be that the news cares more about ratings than the truth? How funny would that be! Or more like it, how accurate is that? Have they been reduced to liberal kool-aid only audiences so fast that no one has noticed it yet?

The blog-o-sphere rips the old media a new one on a daily basis and they just seem to look the other way and hope no one calls them on their BS. But they now know they are being called on all the foolish-childish BS they spew yet spew they continue.

They have correction policies that would make a 3rd world dictator smile with pride. No need to correct in the same manner as the original error, stuff it in a far far away galaxy and just pretend it didn’t happen. Reminds me of the lawyer tactic where they make a point or ask a question they know will be tossed out but the agenda point is already delivered and the correction amounts to a useless procedure.

The NYT is charging for the privilege of reading its opinion writers. I wondered why they did this and then I realized that my above statement is correct, they have been reduced to a kool-aid only audience. And in reality it’s a two-fer because now the corrections are locked away in a place where almost no one will care for the truth unless it matches their worldview.

Talk about a galaxy far far away…

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Second Installment; Hillary vs. the Ham Sammich

Newsflash: The latest polling numbers from IP – ONU have just been released and the race is incredible close. At this time, 2+ years out from the race, it’s neck and neck with the Ham Sammich holding onto a close lead.

The poll reflects a slight up-tic for the Hillary as her continual assault on blaming Bush for Natural Disasters seems to be sinking in among the general populace. Bolstered by her husbands tacking to the left while she tacks to the center and her husbands ability to attract women who wear knee pads like the NOW team, the poll more that ever indicates that the race is up for grabs.

Not to be outdone by the Hillary, the Ham Sammich is going on the offensive with a stunning display of tacking right and left at the same time which has enabled Sammich lovers from both sides of the aisle to get a taste of what’s to come. The Ham Sammich then upped the ante by adding a slice or two of Swiss Cheese topping off a perfect response to the Clinton’s team tack strategy.

We know in the coming months the race will heat up as tacking and more tacking becomes the normal course of action. The real question still remains, how much tack do the Clintons still have? And is it enough to thwart the never ending onslaught expected from the Ham Sammich?

Stay tuned readers…

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California Politics is Ramping Up Again

As we’ve discussed before the political hit ads on Arnold are appearing again and I must admit I got it wrong. I had predicted that the next wave would be Police ad’s with male and female political correct types featured. And dang it I blew it cause the ad’s are with the police, the people are completely PC, but they don’t have a female in them!! Since we all know the police departments have lots of female officers it makes you wonder why females aren’t in the ads?

Of course the school teacher ad’s still have the cutesy female PC type but I am really disappointed that this new ad lacks females. I wonder if the NOW organization is on this yet? And if not why not?

But I suspect the war is just in phase two for now. The August ads we’re polled and the Sept ads were adjusted accordingly. So I suspect that the male and female policeperson ad will come, but it’s either a phase 3 ad or most likely a final weak, whoops, week ad designed to emote people instead of educate them.

It’s fun to watch the “Ruling Class” fight for their life…

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Monday, September 19, 2005

What is Trans-Atlantic and World Wide even?

So you might think the talking class is only a problem in America? What about the talking heads in Europe? The Middle East? Asia? Africa? I wonder what they all have in common even though clearly they have “grown up” in different parts of the world?

They all share the same delivery traits, pretend to be more informed than anyone else except “their” experts who are usually brought on to confirm the Kool-Aid, speak down upon the un-nuanced (read un-sophisticated), can’t handle a conflicting view without shouting, screaming, crying, and of course huffing and puffing!

When you read the simple hatred the Europe based press agencies spew about how Katrina is America’s fault and we are getting what we deserve, etc. it just removes any sense of human understanding. It does win them immediate entrance into The Talking Head Spiritual revolution.

The Talking Head Spiritual revolution is based on the Ruling Class template which has been in existence since the dawn of life. It must be seen as a very simple and straightforward condition that affects the same type of people no matter where they are brought up and regardless of the system they operate in.

It operates in any and all political systems and its primary existence is built on the fact that all of our current systems require a “Ruling Class” and therefore we cannot escape their existence. And please don’t be so naïve to think that systems that have Kings, or Dictators, or whatever type of “Supreme Ruler” don’t also have a ruling class because they all do.

Now the obvious question is what do we do to control their abuse of the system and the self-feeding characteristics that spawn from them (think political talking heads, think tanks, etc.) and how do we correct them when they veer off course? The “management” or lack there off is what has killed all the great civilizations on the planet and will ours too if we don’t adopt processes to ensure they stay on course and take corrective action as needed.

The founders felt that voting them in and out on a regular basis would solve the problem and I think in the past that was true. But it’s clear now that the Ruling Class is finding ways around those built-in procedures to keep the Ruling Class from becoming to powerful. We all know most of the House seats are now somewhere around 95-98% gerrymandered such that the turnover rate from a “political party” viewpoint is almost non-existent. The Senate is now a rich only club where you can buy in, but you can’t get in just because you want to do the right thing for your state. The Senate is owned by the two dominant political parties and calculates power distribution based on money distribution. In fact they spend just like a business, only when they feel the return is worth it, and in case you forgot, the only return they favor is a vote on the Senate floor. The Senate also tries to assert some level of control over the 3rd arm of the government, when the demo’s are in charge, by waging political wars when the president does his job with regards to the appointment of judges. For some reason this doesn’t happen when the Demo’s run the White House.

So the only remaining battle is the POTUS, which both parties fight over every four years and yes FIGHT is the right word. The same people who “claim” to favor peaceful ways to resolve conflicts have no problem “fighting” for power. They will fight with anyone and anyway to get what they want and still have the nerve to say they are all about peace. Bulksh!t.

More on this overtime as I feel we need to discuss openly the attempt to dismantle our free election system by the Ruling Class…

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Can you imagine a business or someone’s personal accounting that was like this?

Well only if you’re a trust fund baby or someone whom got rich from someone else’s work. Government spending is so completely lost that nobody seems to care anymore, amazing when all these clowns run around saying we need to tax more, give more, blah blah blah…

Recent report on California revealed that almost of half of the state's cars and trucks are unaccounted for. Some 30K out of 70K vehicles are, get this, apparently just missing. I’m sure all of you misplace your cars on a regular basis, right? Wonder how much other money is “lost in” space, whoops I meant “lost in” California.

The US government is a whole lot better, they misplace millions, whoops, make that billions, and some suggest hundreds of billions or more that simply go “unaccounted” for. You know like your change jar, the money in your mattress, those silly little places where you store your spare change.

And what about the UN’s monetary component that you and I fund? Any programs they run come to mind lately that might indicate a possible “loss of funds”, whoops, I meant went “un-accounted” for? What about the billions of US AID sent all over the world, how well do you think it’s accounted for?

How much control process will be put into place to “manage” the 50+ billion going to the Hurricane relief efforts? Both Katrina and past / future Natural Disasters seem ripe for typical government waste (to the rest of us this would be calling stealing).

What do we not know, how much of this is just plain stolen or just plain lost by sloppy accounting? Yes of course it’s a bit of both, but which is the larger percentage? How are the books reconciled going forward after these “mis-placements”?

Our governments have become so big and so driven by bureaucrats that no one knows what the heck is going on and no one seems to care. We have a few private organizations running around documenting the facts but no one is making a national big deal of this? Why is that?

Maybe, just maybe, there’s so much money going around that the political class doesn’t really care as long as they get their money, nothing else matters…

Is that how you run your business, your day to day checkbook? Some how I doubt it and you know I’m right.

Next time you’re balancing your dollars in and dollars out, just imagine losing a significant portion of it, and then go, oh well…

Have a nice day…

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Roberts Balloon

Well now that we have the Roberts Supreme Being nomination Circus in full presentation mode I suspect the nation’s Real Circus’s have to take a back seat to watch this show. The main difference between the two types of Circus’s is clearly in their purpose, a normal Circus is about getting people to laugh and be happy, the Political Circus is all about ones self and ones base.

My own opinion is clear; the Senate arm of the House of Representatives is the most bloated, archaic, self-focused bunch of clowns on the planet. All of these clowns, on both sides, are just like news readers (Rather, Jennings, Brokaw, etc.) where someone else does the research, polls drive the positioning, donor groups drive the messaging, and some junior kid does the grammar.

They sit in front of the TV and pretend to know the substance of what they read, they pretend to be concerned at the moments they are told to be concerned, and they are directed by a political “producer”.

So this is what the Senate has been reduced too, a bunch of newsreaders directed by producers to play to the public (really means whomever has the money) along a scripted line. And you might ask, “well, how do you know that?”, and I would answer, just compare the prepared remarks and looks with the live comments and facial expressions and it stands out clear. It’s a common observation for all the talking head types just like the news readers.

As I’ve said before, the Senate is much less about individual states representatives and much more about national political party loyalty. What a sad thing indeed…

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

9/11, a few days later…

I decided not to post on 09/11 as I feel that my personal thoughts about the victims of that violent attack on US Americans aren’t meant for anyone else. But I will post a few thoughts about 9/11 after the fact.

We are hated on many fronts and in many ways by a host of individuals, groups, and nation states who have their reasons. To go into the reasons for the hatred always leads to the same place, people who “need to hate”. These types will vanish without hate and that is what drives them more than all the PC reasons combined. They thrive on hate because it gives them power either over or with other haters.

The group known as “haters” should never be confused with people who disagree on things, all kinds of things. Hatred allows no compromise, no sense of right or wrong, no sense of justice, and most importantly denies truths that would not support the hatred.

Hatred is an all consuming passion and once fully consumed, the path ahead will contain only one emotion, only one way of thinking, only one way of feeling, and only one way of living.

Hatred cannot be overcome with sugar, with PC talk, or any of the other babble that doesn’t address the core reason for the hatred. But operating at the core level of hatred is brutal, and that is why hatred will be here for awhile until we evolve past our current mindsets.

Not until enough strong people unite to wipe hate out will we ever know what it’s like to live in a world where hate is treated like it should be. Not a media event, not an intellectual position, not a passion, not a rallying point, but a child like response.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Talking Heads Career Path

Just a little Monday morning humor to start the week off;

1. Starts right after birth, crying and crying and crying until they get what they want.
2. Continues in pre-school, whining until they get the attention they want.
3. Continues in elementary school, whining until the teacher gives them what they want.
4. Continues in Junior High with election to the Student Body Council so they can argue for what they want.
5. Continues in High School being elected as Student Body President so they can demand what they want.
6. Continues in college by being elected to College Debate Team to debate / confirm what they want.
7. Continues in bureaucracy as they fool tax payers into paying for what they want.

Can you guess the common desire of a talking head???

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

What is a never ending loop since the 60’s?

Racism, Genderism-sexism, classism, meism, the framework for all things weak. That a small group of vocal people constantly rely on these frameworks to discuss anything and everything is the most striking example of people living in the past. People who cannot, or who refuse to grow up and understand that life is about people, of all sorts and all shapes.

Let’s take a look at strength in each one and see how these frameworks hold-up;

Racism: Martin Luther King put this one to bed 50 years ago yet it still rages. His dream was a colorblind dream which is the dream of all strong minded and grounded individuals. Racism only exists because it’s a component of hate and hate is a part of the human experience. When someone uses race to enforce or destroy a person or thing it’s just a sign of weakness on the part of the individual or group who need a crutch. Weak hateful people are part of every “race” and it’s long past time to destroy the racism economy and deal with haters, regardless of race.

Genderism-sexism: The fact that some people think woman are equal to men when it helps their cause and the same people think that they aren’t equal when it helps their cause is all the reason one needs to know that this “fad” has no meaning but to influence the weak minded among us. The fact that these same people think sex is good under one circumstance for women and not for men and vice-versa finishes the deal. If we are equal then none of the conditions above could co-exist. It’s long past time to destroy the genderism economy and deal with haters, regardless of gender.

Classism: The Ruling Party, the normal people, and the disenfranchised make up the three rings of Classism. The Ruling party only discusses the other two parties when constructing their positions. Normal people can vote to deal with their position, and the disenfranchised is a huge group of different types whom the Ruling Party tries to lump together because it makes their job easier. The Ruling Party is now so out of control that they don’t care about normal people and spend all of their time protecting themselves and feeding on the disenfranchised. Normal people just try to live their lives as best they can and deal with life as a matter of day to day business. They work hard to balance the efforts of the ruling class to disrupt their lives and help the disenfranchised more than the Ruling Party and the disenfranchised want or care to know. The disenfranchised fall into niches and make the most of their niches, non-participants feed off the system, the impaired rely on the system, and the exploiters exploit the system. Since Classism has been reduced to a have and have not mentality its seems the only focus is how much the disenfranchised don’t have. I think we should focus on the other side to fix this problem, how come we need so many billionaires? How many millionaires do we need? It’s long past time to destroy the Classism games and work to restore balance to our way of life.

Meism: Feeds from all of the above plus more and was mainstreamed in the 60’s as a popular cultural shaping tool. By removing the notion of what’s good for the group as one of the two primary drivers of self worth and making group worth a privileged class only thought we have completely lost balance in our ability to function as a group. Which in case you need reminding we are a group of people living in the United States, not the Individual States. The world is full of Individual States and if we compare where were at vs. the world you can see quickly how the Individual function separates and alienates more that anything else. Enough said here.

A common way of life for all of the nations, tough, a common law for all the nations, tougher, a peaceful and balanced way of life for the 6 billion plus people on the planet, priceless. Getting rid of the industries that support the above mentioned economies would be a great start!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Stop it, Please Stop it!!!

Another blankity blanking un-believable committee! Talk about cruel and unusual torture!! How can you construct and set loose on the American public the following nightmare:

Bureaucrats acting like they know something,
Non-Partisan political professionals (is this possible, call Einstein!),
More camera time for the non-deserving,
Big checks to people, who do nothing but voice opinions,
Big checks to people who research “items” for the people, who voice opinions,
Big checks to talking heads to cover the people, who voice opinions,
The Blame Game, The Spin Game, The Buddy Game, The Insider Game,
I could go on but it gets so tiring, over, and over, and over…

Please stop it, don’t set it loose, where is Godzilla when you need him?

Did we not learn anything from the useless 9/11 committee? The UN committee? The National Health Committee, The Committee on More Committee’s. The Committee to prepare for the committee, The committee to start the committee, The committee to run the committee, the committee to confirm the committee report, the committee to establish a follow-up committee (unless of course they decide they need to start again, i.e. 9/11), and finally the committee to close down the last committee…

Did we not learn anything from these other committee’s that delivery reports with no teeth, no action, and whose sole purpose, drum roll please, demand more bureaucrats!

Algebra Question, finish the following equation:

Bureaucrats + Committees + Money = Answer Below

The biggest plague set upon America today at all levels of government that can afford it, the never ending bureaucratic merry-go-round… and it’s most visible at the committee level.

Think not do you, OK, go around to the top business people in the world and off the record ask them what they think of committees… once they stop laughing and ask if your kidding… well you get the idea… if not, go build a committee and figure it out when your done and your report is useless… the cycle is complete…

Algebra Answer: B + C + M = Your screwed

Have a Nice Day!!

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Bob Denver and Gilligans Island

R.I.P. Bob, I didn't know your other work too much although I see many wonderful things written about your roles in other shows. I really enjoyed you as Gilligan and you brought so many smiles and so much silliness to a young boy, Thank You...

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Instapundit Comes Klean!

Well Mr. Reynolds supports the ACLU and kinda likes them. And if you don’t like that you must be, not “nuanced”, clearly not a “lawyer” who “sees” above the fray, not belong to the Kool-Aid club (check out Volokh, INDC, etc. on the same issue), etc…

So let’s see how this works, disagree with me and I just walk above you, link to friends that agree with me, and move on while the “little people” complain. Or refine the position a bit, oh they do seem more partisan recently, they do some good work, tip-toeing through the tulips comes to mind…

A touch of arrogance and works in a closed loop, I guess he’s becoming more MSM by the day…


Note: In case you want my views on the legal community, they are they most dangerous self serving lot in America. If you doubt me, fire away with any question, statement, or context you want. But be warned, you will be treated with the respect you show…

Note note: As in all things in Nature, nothing is all bad or all good which for you lawyers means I know some of you are good, but as a practicing management type I can only conclude you guys are clueless…

Last Note: He has done good work with the charities linking so you see once in awhile he does get it right… Hay Heh

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The Rulers, The CA Legislature, and the Rest of us

So normal avg. citizen of the state California, do you think your voice-vote matters in CA? If you answer yes you must be drinking the Kool-Aid and have your head firmly planted in the ground, just like a certain party wants you too. No I don’t mean Demo or Repub, I mean the party of the “Rulers”.

The Party of the Rulers cares not what you think, what you feel, or what you need, unless you are part of a big money political group you are worthless, your voice is muted, your vote is rigged. How modern of you to think that all is well in the Kingdom.

And, just like the 9th District Court of Appeals by the way, the rule of law in CA is not needed any more to protect normal citizens. In fact the rule of law is meant to keep you in the kingdom and “them” in the ruling class. By the way this is the only class warfare they don’t seem to mind as long as they are the Rulers, clearly you belong to the “other side”. And yes there are only two sides and you’re lucky you have them to guide you in your life, aren’t you?

5 years ago over 60% of the CA general populace said no to Gay Marriage. Relevant you say because it was voted by the people? Hogwash, the CA “ruling class” decided your vote didn’t count anymore and voted in a law they want.

And you might wonder why the “ruling class” opposes the proposed law to break up the district protection racket, whoops I meant rules that would again allow free elections in CA.

I wonder why the “ruling class” opposes free elections in CA? Hmmmmmmmm

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Friday, September 2, 2005

What happens when the talking heads realize they are to blame?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Like in all such cases they simply “Move On” to the next “talking points”. But something does happen in between, it’s usually fairly quick since they don’t like the spotlight on themselves when they know they’ve blown it.

Watch for it and then you can guess the rest. It will start with the running out of “other” people to blame, then when the bad things are under control, and finally they have to pull out fast when the only thing left are good and uplifting stories about real people who get things done. For some reason the talking heads really hate the people who get things done, hmmmm wonder why that is????

The final chapter is always the same, the left blames the right and the right blames the left, the bickering goes a couple of rounds, and then they all retreat to their safe little havens to prepare for the next round of seeking self worth, whoops, I meant seeking self-enlightenment, dang it whoops again, seeking self, again rats, I meant seeking something to bitch about…

I guarantee no one in Vegas would back a line against that scenario…

Count on it…

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

How ugly and low can they go?

The talking heads are so full of themselves that you sometimes can’t actually believe people actually pay them to throw up their hatred. SO many examples of hatred are now on full display in the talking head community that it left me with the following observation.

As they look at New Orleans and lament about “how the world will see us” through the actions of the people down there fighting to stay alive, they then bitch / complain and miss the most obvious point: They are the ones the world is “hearing” and on this point I must agree with them, the talking heads portray America at it’s worst. No not the people in New Orleans, but the talking head establishment.

How low and ugly can they go, apparently they have no bottom and no conscious…

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