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Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloweenies are a howling!!

As I’ve stated before every time a Supreme Being is in play the crowd goes bezerk! As predicted as soon as a name was mentioned the two camps sprung into action and the carnival of insanity has started!! On the night of Halloween just makes it all the more special as clowns were everywhere, goblins abounded, witches stirred their brew, monsters roamed the streets, and the worst of all was set loose on the airwaves and blogs across the land, the Supreme Being Pundits!

Clowns make you laugh haha, goblins will eat you alive oh my, witches casts spells near and far, monsters prey on the helpless public munching till their hearts content, and then it gets really ugly as the communication channels tear into your hearts, your brains, your central nervous system ensuring no part is left intact, no ability to reason remains, and most importantly, tearing your soul out and casting you adrift in a maze of bloviated insanity, the horror, the horror…

Have a nice night..,

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blinded by the(ir) Light

The political establishment on display these days keeps getting smaller and smaller just when you thought you would a need microscope to see them, they shrivel even further into complete smaller minded madness. One wonders how lost they truly are, how out of touch they have become, how self consumed can they be?

The breathless bloviating over the demise of one of their own seems not to bother them in fact it energies them! Why is that you might ask since its just politics isn’t it? Well to them its life and all that life has to offer them. In a way I feel sorry for them since to have life reduced to such a stupid game full of clowns must be a very sad life indeed.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers toiling day after day trying to squeeze life out of lifeless points and counter points, political hacks hacking up nonsense day in and day out, spotlight seekers twisting into sub-human forms to find that which they seek, manipulators setting up the useful idiots time and time again, its as old as the hills and started in the cave dwelling days. Yet these “intellectual Monsters” have not grown one bit since the earliest of time, nope not one bit…

Nature has undergone billions of years of evolution to produce the life we have around us and what do we do in return? Evolve backwards in time, deny the obvious, criminalize life, turn on each other, turn on life that’s how some of our most elite have evolved and that is why I am happy not to be with them.

Maybe some of these political clowns should turn to sports for a little reality check. The football game between USC and Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago was awesome. Both teams deserved to win but just like in politics only one side can win and so USC won. But so did Notre Dame and what the Notre Dame Coach did after that amazing game, the way he handled losing, the class, the power he displayed was so far beyond anything I have seen from a politician, so far beyond. If they are the elite, the coach of Notre Dame dwarfs them on all fronts and should be running a classroom to teach politicians what class, what style, what life is all about because they really need a lesson baby and this guy is clearly the guy who should do it...

Have a nice day…

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Calling the President off his “game” huh?

SO the president is off his game a bit with this Mier’s thing the pundits wail as they congratulate themselves for covering this situation so well. We knew every angle and we knew every assumption before we knew any facts but that’s OK because that’s what they do!!

My guess is almost all, probably all, of the critics of his “2nd term” have never held true leadership positions, have never made tough decision after tough decision after tough decision, have never made decisions that can severely impact someone’s life, or lot’s of peoples life’s, and have never made decisions that amount to life and death consequences.

Ankle biters are a dime a dozen and usually have the biggest mouths. Any real leader would know that his job is brutal and since “down time” is almost non-existent maybe cutting him some slack is the right thing to do, regardless of your politics.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Supreme Being Circus Extended, sigh…

The news that the latest Supreme Being nomination has been scraped has good news and bad news points but most of all means the Circus has been extended for who knows how long and to that I say, sigh…

Good news, the likes of Cindy Shehan, rogue prosecutions, talking head explosions, Noise Machine (old MSM) daily meltdowns (currently feeding on themselves), and the like will be kept off the radar since POWER news always trumps fake but inaccurate news.

Bad news, more politicking of the legal process, less focus on the awesome news out of IRAQ, less coverage of the insane level of corruption at the UN, less focus on the real bad guys in the world, etc.

So here we go again, the selection process has started already with short lists, long lists, outside lists, inside lists, lists of lists, and lists to list the list lists… the repub and demo machine will crank to an even higher level of shrill, the talking heads are loving this because for a few more weeks or months (whatever) they get to spout their useless OPINIONS and try to spin them into reality, regardless of reality…

To GWB, leadership is tough, ankle biters never stop, good luck!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tick, Tick, Tick, …

Surprisingly no news on the outcome of the investigation, but all of the news people, right, left, middle, spend a lot of time each day discussing the potential outcomes and rallying their flock to their interpretation.

Right, clearly she was outed by herself or her husband, her neighbors knew, her cat knew, everyone knew, her husband is a clown (true) who just needs attention, he used the DNC and its components to get his 15 minutes of fame and they fell for it (true), the CIA did this to get back at the White House (probably true), the role of the press with regards to classified material handling, etc…

Left, Rove and Libby are the devil, Cheney is the evil master of the world, Bush knows nothing and does nothing, and this Administration is bad all the way to the top, blah blah blah…

So what’s really going on? A simple political fight being fought with the law, the talking head community needing something for ratings, the Noise Machine still needing to pretend like they are important, an inside the Beltway feeding frenzy to settle old scores (see Clinton), blah blah blah…

Your tax dollars at work, are you OK with this? Think about this next time you vote…

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Leak Case Spouts Leaks

Could it be that the case to investigate leaks is leaking itself? How could that be? You would think on this instance that the team investigating leaks would tell most insiders not to leak, wouldn’t you?

One of two things is happening, wishful thinking by the Noise Machine (Old MSM) to “TELL” the prosecutor what he needs to do or else they will be really mad at him. And he had better not get them mad at him because all hell will break loose if he “disappoints” them. Second thing is the Noise Machine is just leaking on itself and hoping no one will notice the source.

The second item is very telling as I feel they are so far gone (their must be a term for this) from reality. To them reality is the mirror they peer deep into and see themselves with wings and a halo. They have reporter one whisper into reporter two’s ear and then reporter two writes a front page article about the whisper. It’s like the talking head circuit where on slow nights talking heads “interview” other talking heads about what they said on their show.

The Noise Machine has been reduced in stature in many different ways (integrity, revenue, readership, etc.) and now we know they have been reduced to “leaking” on themselves, how funny indeed…

Have a Nice Day!

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Iraq, 2000 Deaths, and the Noise Machine's (new name for MSM) Bias

The American Military will soon experience the loss of a soldier that will mark a highlight in the life of the Noise Machine’s Body Politics, the loss of the 2000th American fighting in IRAQ. They will use this sad milestone for noise making announcements to be used against Republicans, the President, and whomever else they want to score points against.

The fact that some family will be grieving will not matter unless that family wants to join the Anti-War circus. The fact that Saddam’s regime isn’t killing thousands of Iraqis a year won’t matter. The fact that these soldiers are doing what they feel is right won’t matter. No the only thing that will matter is a news sound bite, a news graphic, a news milestone cherished by the worst among us.

Americans kill thousands of Americans every year and that is not national news because it is hard news, tough news, news that can’t be spun for political points, news that hurts, hits deep and hits hard.

The Noise Machine should be ashamed and shamed for their faux feelings, held accountable for their ignorant and arrogant posturing, and most importantly lack of understanding what the larger picture is and the more important goal, peace on earth for all people. Not just the few they consider important…

How low can they go, how low can they go…

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Another post on the CA Attack Ads

So they feel the nice guy approach isn’t working so they stoop to the usual depths of despair of the liberal mindset, attack, attack, attack! They hate fighters, they hate the use of force, they hate the use of tough tactics, unless of course it’s to protect their ideas, then and only then is fighting not only allowed, its required! No hypocrisy here, nothing to see, move along…

So what weapons did they choose for the fight you might ask, the usual suspects; UNLIMITED POWER (which is not a problem for them, only for someone else) for the Gov and the PROSPECT of Teacher Accountability of course!

The Gov will have UNLIMITED power to mess your life up, no more silly checks and balances, he will be free to wreck havoc, destroy your homes, wipe out your livelihood, and erect a Kingdom worthy of Medieval times to perch his throne upon they say shuddering at the thought. Oh my its coming they say its coming head for the hills while your still alive!!!

This one is completely radical and if true will bring our schools to the lowest depths imaginable and believe me you need a fertile imagination to imagine our schools getting any lower. The recent test that showed that most of our HS grads operate below the 8th grade level and apparently it wouldn’t be a problem if we just continue to spend more money, repeat after me, more money, more money, more money… sorry got lost in the Union moment now back to their complaint. This is huge so be fore warned, they say that under the new guidelines a principal, could mind you could, actually, maybe, fire a teacher. And what they worry about is our course what all principals will do with the new found power, fire all the good teachers of course!

That’s right you and I know darn well they will seek out the best teachers and using precision guided ordinance take them out. And you know this time they might be right so lets follow the logic. The principals are part of the Unions power base and the power base seeks to continue the excellent track record they have of making sure each generation of students is more clueless than the last, why you ask? Well isn’t it obvious that as the students’ performance continues its rapid decline we need to fix the problem and what do the Unions think will fix the problem, more MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

So whom is looking out for your children you might ask, well I have the answer for you, YOUR VOTE! USE IT!

It’s a fact of Nature that one of the best smiles a parent and child can have is when the parent cares for the child and the child knows it, please fix this while our children are still able to understand…

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Supreme Being Circus continues… Could we do with less?

I surely hope this circus ends soon and that we can get on with the business of the “Ruling Class” getting back to its work. Well on second thought maybe we should have a process of continually “picking” judges and let all the other “work” go by the wayside.

Could we do with less legislation? Could we do with fewer “personal destruction” talking points? Could we do with fewer pundits bloviating about pointless points? Could we do with fewer “news” personnel making fools of themselves? Could we do with fewer Bridges to Nowhere? Could we do with fewer Union political commercials? Could we do with fewer UN scandals? Could we do with fewer UN members killing their own people and blaming it on the US? Could we do with fewer ineffective World Politicians in Belgium? Could we do with less Terrorism?

Why yes I think we could…

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sometimes they make it to easy…

The legal system in the US is not directly involved in this but some of its talking heads are weighing in on the Saddam trial in Iraq and the comedy just keeps coming. I won’t mention names or shows or blogs because I just can’t bring myself to add any additional shame to them.

Of course we don’t want the Iraqi people to put up with our war, our democracy, our troops, our politicians, our etc., but oh yea the guy responsible for killing and ravaging gazillions of people should have our LEGAL PROTECTION!

Right, I mean come on let’s get this straight. Here is another key nugget in the liberal world domination plan through the law and this one they let out of the bag, at least in my humble opinion, without even knowing it.

The only thing the “Ruling Elite” want to be worldwide is their view of the law and its control process to be left up to them, and only them. You and I are subject too but not part of the controlling part because of course, you’re not up for the challenge of governing yourself silly human!

I mean its not like in the US (the best example so far of the “Ruling Elite’s” Legal system) we let murderers, child rapist and such get away with their crimes to “protect” the legal system, well do we?

Oops sorry, I forgot for a second…

Have a nice day…

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

California Unions Keep at it!!

The latest TV ads are really starting to show the Unions true colors and it’s getting nastier by the week. As stated earlier it really must be critical for them in order to stoop to such depths to protect their racket. But I won’t talk about that in this post since I need to focus on one point that hits me below the belt.

All of these teachers, RN’s, Fire People, etc. (by the way these ads are very non-PC, the fire / police people are always men and the nurses / teachers are always women, wonder why that is?) complain that if this bill passes their voices won’t be heard. Well why the hell is that? Why do they need more than you and I? Why is the Union the only voice of these people? Why is that?

What if you and I want our voices heard? What do we do? We vote, we write our representatives, and get our voices heard somehow someway! But apparently that is not enough for the Union people, they need more than you and me to be heard.

Remember what they are saying when you vote, that they need more than you and I to represent them.

They are somehow better and more important than you and I… Think about that…

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IRAQ; the “OLD” Media and Voter Lessons

Now I won’t state the obvious that the “old News” agencies hated this IRAQ vote and coverage was less than the cat stuck in the tree coverage on your local TV station.

What have the IRAQ people learned from us? The good lessons are obvious, vote to make a difference, vote to change your life, vote to make the government accountable to your vote!!

The bad lessons are equally obvious for all to see, when you don’t get your way, scream voter fraud, cry and whine about non-existent issues, and then of course go on TV and show your true colors, wah, wah, wah…

I love it…

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Hatred, Politics and People

Hatred was on full display again this weekend, riots in Toledo and politics in the theater of ideas.

The Toledo riots were completely predictable and, sad to say, common place these days. The part that I find most interesting is the way the press still tries to use these riots as ways to boost sagging ratings. Having long since given up any true perspective on what should be reported on and how it should be reported, the “NEWS” clowns flock to “controversy” to dazzle their audiences with spectacular blow by blow coverage of events that are as old as the hills. It’s clear these “riots” are more publicity stunts than anything else and it’s equally true that the “old news” organizations have little else to report on anymore. How sad…

The Nobel Prize group has again demonstrated a complete lack of understanding with regards to their original mission and instead display their hatred for any political situation that doesn’t act weak, like they do. It’s really another example of what was once a great group being turned into a bunch of weak wimps endlessly obsessing about ideas long ago lost in the real world. Hatred comes in many forms and clearly hatred has triumphed over intellect with that group, how sad indeed…

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

O’Reilly and Judges – It’s War!

Welcome to the Fight O'Reilly!

O’Reilly has been waging a one man war on judges who give wimpy sentences to people who prey on children. He squared off with an ex-BAR president from Mass. and a defense lawyer the last night two nights and cleaned their clocks. It was nice to see the Old O’Reilly return not taking BS from these clowns.

So the main case discussed was a man who admitted raping 5 young boys and who was sentenced too, hope your sitting down, 8-11 years in jail which means he will probably serve much less. Let’s simplify, 5 raped boys = less than 2 years a boy in jail.

Now that is sick and weak as they come and O’Reilly jumped all over the judge and whoever that judge is needs to be removed from her position ASAP. But its gets much weaker than that, much weaker to the point of almost being mind numbing.

Both the ex-BAR prez and the defense lawyer thought the judge did just fine and that O’Reilly was bullying the judge, get that, bullying the judge. These two clowns are poster children for what is wrong with the legal system. It is completely self-serving and has no moral compass to say the least.

Join this with the Supreme Being circus, the legal system being used to fight political opponents, State Attorney Generals whom do what they want without regard to consequences (see NY and CA for details), State legislatures implementing laws the voters voted against, etc, etc, etc.

The legal system is trying to kill our country; you need to think more about that…

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

“Weakinization” and the Press, School, and Legal Attack Corps

Interesting news that some of the Presidents Supreme Being nominees decided not to accept the nomination because they didn’t want to put their families, and themselves, through the confirmation process. The process has turned into a “public stoning” effort where the “news” organizations spew lies, distortions and hatred without any regard for the truth.

The “news” organizations represent the weakest of the “weakinization” forces as they hide behind vague words and “press protection” BS that provides them a forum to destroy with minimal consequences. The only known consequence is declining revenue and that seems to not be a problem for them. As I have stated before they are not businesses anymore they are the cost of doing business for the DNC paid for by wealthy corporations run by DNC types.

The RNC side might be construed as being comprised of most talk radio, Fox, etc. But, and this is a huge but, the RNC side runs as a business and these shows make money so they cater to a large enough audience to be successful whereas the DNC side must be subsidized.

And the difference between a subsidized business model and a profit center are largely degrees of desire. Many profit centers run subsidized “businesses” for a variety of purposes, but all have a purpose. Sometimes the reason can be as simple as the person in charge says, “I want it”, and that’s that.

“News” organizations have a long and somewhat dubious history in the US and recently the truth is seeping out (thanks Rather!) that many of these “news” items are fraudulent, spin doctored, garbage, blah blah blah…

The reason this is still important, although its importance is fading very fast thank goodness, surfaces in the bigger picture of the “weakinization” of Free Will in the US. It is only through institutionalizing the spirit of weakness that Free Will can be attacked. It is only through the attack and weakening of Free Will can the US be destroyed. Our enemies have figured this out, indirectly and without true understanding, and are working hard to make it happen with their main weapons being what’s left of the “news” organizations reach and the legal system.

Let’s discuss the three main fronts used to force “weakinization” on us; news organizations, schools, and the legal system.

The schools are not much of a worry since they at best indoctrinate a very small portion of students for life while most grow up and realize the BS they heard was just that, BS.

The legal system has been under attack for sometime and they were winning this battle. I say were because they got greedy and the Free Will side has awakened and I am confident that battle will be won and we can undue some of the major BS implemented through judges. Those items should be submitted through the legislative process and voted on and enacted as the people desire.

The “news” organizations as mentioned above break down into two major groups, those that make money and therefore have viable support, and those needing to be subsidized because they have little or no viable support. Its clear which model supports Free Will and which doesn’t which is why I am sure this course is set in stone.

The truth of my argument comes in many forms but I think one speaks above all else, the more these non Free Will types cry, whine, and complain, the more I smile!

The best thing about the US is Free Will has always won the battle, regardless of the type, strategy, strength, and duration of the fight. And for that reason I will sleep well tonight but will always be on guard for the forces of “weakinization”…

Have a nice day…

BTW: Free Will knows no skin color, no age, no race, no government supported discrimination category because it is pure Nature baby, deal with it!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Third Installment: The Hillary vs. The Ham Sammich

Newsflash: The latest polling numbers from IP – ONU have just been released and the race is still incredible close. At this time, 2+ years out from the race, it’s neck and neck with the Ham Sammich increasing it’s lead but it’s still too close (for any normal person) to call with a difference of 0.00…9.

Polling Note: Interestingly enough the usual suspects, ABC, CBS, NBC, Zogby, etc. are close to projecting the winner since that lead, to them, appears to be statistically significant and with the polls expected to close in just over 3 + years it fits their timeframe. And it’s also interesting to note that although the Ham Sammich is leading the race, they have indicated a large sampling of virtual voters leaving the virtual exit polls indicates the Hillary will win by a landslide. Unlike the Kerry and Gore races, the pollsters privately tell us that the odds of winning on a double or nothing strategy get better the more you try and hey with zero downside, why not go for broke?

We have seen an increase in tacking maneuvers as the O’Conner Supreme Being replacement circus, whoops, process gets underway. The NY Junior Senator Shoemurrmurr has decided to forgo his usual position and allow his fellow NY Senator to take the lead on grabbing as many camera shots, whoops, I meant talking points and explaining them to the general populace. She of course warns that without a suitable replacement all known rights in the US will be returned to the state of Europe where Kings and Queens ruled.

Interestingly it was pointed out by a long term White House correspondent that she seems to be fighting the thing she craves most but just doesn’t know how to turn our country into a Kingdom for her to rule. The correspondent, speaking on condition of anonymity, indicated it was the first time, to his knowledge, she had run into a road block she couldn’t run over and uttered something about those “damn constitutional GUYS”.

Meanwhile her spousal unit, whoops I mean husband, continued his aggressive tack to the left using the talking points of a number of well known anti-American blogs to ensure the opposition research knows the full extent of the Ham Sammich’s history. Sources close to the Senators spousal unit have heard rumors of a major news story revealing that in fact the Ham Sammich might of, although no proof exists, have taken to using mayonnaise instead of mustard clearly indicating racial insensitivity. The Ham Sammich’s camp issued the following pre-response: “No one, and we mean no one, would argue that Ham Sammich lovers choose one, sometimes both, and, have been known to even switch between the two which clearly indicates a full acceptance of all colors by the Ham Sammich’s supporters”.

The expected announcement has generated so much buzz that the anti-American blogs traffic spikes have interfered with the high school and college students, who support those sites, school work causing many school districts to simple issue a grade of A+ and suspend any attendance requirements to all students who can show they visit these sites on a daily basis. This allows those students to travel to anti-American demonstrations instead of being in school and allows the teachers to take a break from their hectic schedule. The anti-American blogs indicated that advertising revenue was through the roof since 98-99% of their visitors are students. Speaking on condition of anonymity the source further says the advertising companies, Gender Identification for You, Condoms for Lunch, and the famous Grades for Purchase are reaping stellar windfalls as well and he hopes the parents of these students continue to avoid asking any questions about what their kids are doing in school.

Stay tuned readers…

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Change in the Govt. part 3, what are my top priorities!

Here are the things I would work on to change our government, not in any particular order since they all need to be done,

Become energy independent,
Make anyone or organization who sues the government pay all costs,
Make anyone or organization who sues the government a taxable entity,
Fix the voting district nightmare,
Disband the Gov (state and fed) Unions,
Install term limits on all congress people and judges,
Restore the balance between state and government jurisdiction-laws,
Stop the insane war on drugs comedy act (the legal system should not be a growth industry!),
Provide tax initiatives to the people who vote,
Fix the voter fraud problem,
Fix the illegal immigration nightmare.

Then after all of this, which by the way shouldn’t take to long if we focused on it, let the boat run for awhile and then take on the next set of problems.
Note: I know the energy problem seems to be bigger than all the rest and might take longer, well to that I say BS! I keep hearing how if only oil was priced at or above $40 dollars a barrel we could use our own supplies to fuel us for a long time. OK, the price is at $60 plus, what’s the hold-up? Add to that more conservation which is a good thing and we can do more. Add to that stepping up alternative energy sources and in a few years we could be there…

But alas I am dreaming, aren’t I???

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Change in the Govt. part 2: The Gov in CA must of hit the mark!

Wow, the Unions are in full panic mode these days and worried to no end that the ballot initiatives coming up might pass. Like all people the greater the worry equals the greater the energy expended to deal with the worry.

The Unions in CA are the poster children for why government unions should be disbanded, they are self serving political organs. The idea that they do anything outside their job function to help the people of the state or government they work for is a joke. They spend all of their time working on ways to make the system work for them and only them. They have rules and regulations that you will never enjoy, that’s right enjoy. Can you imagine your business making rules that you would enjoy as a rule not an exception?

You hope your employer will help pay some of your health costs, the Unions complain if their employer doesn’t pay all of their costs, for life! Job protection equals job performance in the real world, in the Union world it equals being in the Union, nothing else really matters, and the list goes on…

But the amount of money they are spending to protect their system does tell you one thing that can’t be argued, it must be one hell of a system. The question is, is the system for them or for us?

Think about it…

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Change in the Govt.

The blame game is based on the presumption that the current “blame-ee” has control of a situation and the people involved in it. At least I would like to establish this as a most common denominator approach if that’s possible.

Some parts of the government seem to never change and when they do change it’s such a small percentage that actual systemic change is impossible. The key change available to the government is the people who drive the boat. Although I am worried that the law seems more fluid than the people these days!

Blaming the actions of the govt. staff on the president (Clinton or Bush) is “sport” these days with all sorts of “referees” deciding the preferred outcome when many outcomes are possible depending on “whom” you decide to agree with.

The “whom” part them becomes the appropriate derivative to find the “truth” about which referee speaks the truth. This derivative is increasingly disguised by “front” people and organizations but the connecting points can still be found if one digs far enough and deep enough. Although if someone “public” does this they will become a target to prevent point connection sometimes at any cost.

So here’s the challenge, find a referee whose connection points are independent and who on a majority of occasions finds fault without personal connection. Oh by the way, don’t spend too much time on this challenge since the odds of you breaking Vegas are better than you finding someone like this.

Use the current Supreme Being circus as a prime example of only connected dots discussions, period. Trust me as a long term management type, when you only change 1 or 2 percent of a huge process you in fact change nothing.

Have a nice day…

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Why I took most of the week off...

Got an e-mail from a friend asking why no entries after Monday's and I wanted to respond to all(3) of my readers!

This stupid circus called Supreme Being nomination just frustrates me to no end and I knew if I did anymore it would be the only thought last week and my anger would of rose throughout the week. It's just such a sorry spectacle.

With that said I will talk more about it this coming week because, if you know me, I think the Justice system is the greatest threat to our system. I also think our system is the greatest example of Nature's Prime Directive, Free Will, so I must engage it.

Hope you understand...

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Monday, October 3, 2005

The Newest Supreme Being Hull-A-Ba-lue!!!

Yehaw baby, look at the eruption, WOW!!

Was it a major terrorist strike? No!
Was it a major weather disaster? No!
Was it a major fire? No!
Was it a major political operative being nailed? No!
Was it another idiot decision made by a judge somewhere? No!
Was it another talking head clown lying and making a fool of himself? No!

Bush nominated someone to the Supreme Court who has angered the left, the right, the middle, the big people, the little people, the “other” people, the
normal people, the non-normal people, the masses, the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, all inhabitants of the known Universe!!

The horror, the horror, don’t you know what this means? It’s more important than
your vote, its more important than your liberty, its more important than YOU!!!

So I ask you again, don’t you think the legal system is just a touch out of control? Just a tad maybe??????

Just asking…

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