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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fourth Installment: The Hillary vs. the Ham Sammich

Newsflash: The latest polling numbers from IP – ONU have just been released and the race is even closer than before. At this time, 2+ years out from the race, the gap narrows and is now even closer than first thought with the Ham Sammich’s lead decreasing but it’s still too close (for any normal person) to call with a difference of 0.00…6.

Polling Note: Interestingly enough the usual suspects, ABC, CBS, NBC, Zogby, etc. are close to projecting the winner since that lead, to them, appears to be statistically significant and with the polls expected to close in just over 3 + years it fits their timeframe. The pollsters privately (natch) tell us the upswing detected in the Hillary’s numbers required the use of the new super computer from Big Blue running for 3 straight weeks 24 hours a day with data manipulators, whoops, I mean data entry staff also working 24 hours a day to bring the race this close and into their margins of error, plus or minus 15 gazillion.

As the Supreme Being circus is in a down moment the election tacking appears to be back on the war on terror with the Hillary’s team spread out ever so thin ensuring that every possible position was covered (and no the every possible position line was not meant to bring Billy boy to your mind!).

The Hillary machine was in full revision mode ensuring that all of the tacks performed during the Billy Boy terms were re-spun such that no one could possibly understand any position they may have taken and the Hillary’s positions were completely compatible with any future position. It was marveled by several insiders close to the Hillary’s campaign that such a large group of “individuals” could possibly be so in sync for such a long time. And they indicated, anonymously of course, no make that but of course, any group attempting to re-spin their re-spun spinning would in fact spin themselves into an alternate spinning Universal where spin and no spin would co-exist, and that nothing said is everything said!

Continuing to “speak” “off the record” the insiders revealed that the Hillary’s legal machine, which is needed to counter any factual argument(s), has been practicing endlessly the lessons learned during their landmark spin case. The legal community still has not recovered from the historic legal demarcation moment where for the first time in recorded history the meaning of “IS” was completely destroyed and rebuilt under the judicial systems sharp eye. It was said to be a non-stop orgy, whoops no I think the pizza person was off that weekend, a non-stop bombastic point – counter point session with the word IS being shown no mercy, no mercy, one only hopes the poor little word was not subjected to torture, well, any more torture than listening to that group talk! All of us normal people also marveled at the legal systems most “brilliant” minds, some flown in from the farthest corners of the planet, that upper Escalon of thought that found themselves involved in one of the most historic intellectual battles every fought. The best from K street, Haaaarrrrrvard, and all the IVY league schools were called in and they too were stumped, no make that blown away at the daunting, no make that the MOST DAUNTING intellectual legal argument ever witnessed and undertook by mere mortals, the defining of the word “IS”!

For those of you that have wondered, some have wondered out loud, how can the Ham Sammich and its mere mortal campaign team possible prepare to do battle with a group that is so awe inspiring, so awesome in conceptual prowess, so brave as to stare down the most famous intellectual legal battle every fought on the planet? Well it has come to this reporter’s attention that the Ham Sammich’s team has called in the most powerful element in all of Nature and is prepared to use it if needed. I know, I know that seems like an impossible mission, but fear not mere mortals, the secret weapon is up for the challenge and I am hear to bravely report to you that the inside circle of the Ham Sammich’s organization has indicated they will use the most powerful weapon on earth if needed! I know it will scare the Hillary’s legal team and they will cry foul, but this reporter is sure that when needed, the Ham Sammich is prepared to go to Def Con 9 and roll out the most dreaded projectile in politics, the TRUTH missile…

Stay tuned readers as this could be historic…

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Random Quickies

Gee, another politician resigns because of breaking the law, I am so surprised. I wonder how many would be left standing if they were all somehow forced to tell the truth. Would any of them still be standing? This might not be an indicator of our future prospects, but if these are the types passing the laws…

Tried to sit through a Russert / Dowd interview and lasted about 30 seconds, I thought we’re not into torture? After all if was on the public airwaves…

War on Terror, well make that any war, brings out the worst in the Weakinization crowd. But it was nice to see Shehan sitting alone, fitting, I hope her sons honor is one day restored, somehow, someway…

Saddam’s trail will be a joke if they attempt to bring outside law into the picture. Here’s to hoping they just do it they way they see fit and tell the Int. Press and Weakinization crowd to go fly a kite!

Christmas assault by ACLU and certain stores should be the last straw for all of us. Vote with your pocket books, support anti-ACLU groups and boycott stores who aren’t tough enough to say “Merry Christmas”! I am not a religious person and I see XMAS as something else, as a way of celebrating a tradition of happiness and in case you hadn’t noticed, WE NEED MORE TRADITIONS OF HAPPPINESS, not the doom and gloom “elites” crowd who cannot enjoy life like most people…

People complain about what the “boomers” are going to do to the future economy, I wonder if those people know who is driving the current economy? Think about it, figure out how the free market system works and presto, its working as designed!

Have a nice day…

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

CNN and the Big XXXXXX

Well if you think it was an accident you don't know the following;

99% of top CNN staff love Ted Turner (the money guy).
CNN is a democratic mouth piece.
Ted Turner can't stand the current administration.
CNN is so far left they can't even see the middle anymore. As Einstein taught us information's max speed is the speed of light and even the speed of light cannot cover the space between CNN and the middle of the road people.

Any questions?

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bunch of Quickies…

Woodward proves, again, that the press has no morals, has no grasp of reality, and has no sense of honor, just a bunch of wannabe “news” vultures living off of other people, classy huh?

Silence update, Plamegate, Pre-War Intel, ex-military sell-out calling for withdrawal, UN Reform, Kerry-Gore-Edwards, France Burning, EU Constitution, Shehan, Wilson, Rather, Mapes, funny how when nothing sticks they just move right along…

You know when the economy is rocking the socialist are a crying, the Unions hands are out, the press is spinning, and the rest of us are just smiling…

GM Ford Layoffs, world coming apart, Major Newspaper layoffs, nothing to see hear, move along…

San Fran area wants no military presence to mis-inform their children and enacts a “symbolic” law, fail to notice that with declining birth rates military will look elsewhere anyways and all laws in San Fran AREA are “symbolic” unless of course the victim is part of the “Ruling Class” or mega-rich…

Country Music “Ruling Class” move awards show to New York city, fail to notice that “anything” moved to New York city instantly hated by Red States as much as NY hates red states, except of course when they try to make money from Red States, double fail to notice that the more “Country Music” tries to please NY’ers the more real Country Music will be called something else…

Have a nice day…

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Useful Idiots and Polls

Well it didn’t take long did it? The Noise Machine was out of gas and needed to manufacture some news so what did they trot out? The old standards, another useful idiot and a “new” poll!! Breath taking isn’t it!!

The useful idiot manufacturers appear to have an endless supply of people waiting to be used, waiting for their 15 minutes of fame, and waiting, breathlessly waiting to be heard! They are powerful hear them Roar the Noise Machine blasts across the airwaves and hoping, really hoping, that this endless parade of “new” useful idiots will not be noticed by the general public.

How can anyone take any poll seriously? Polls are the biggest jokes out there and so I guess it’s not far fetched to think that the same group that feels they can endlessly trot out useful idiots also thinks they can trot out endless polls reflecting their spin and expect the general public to buy it.

Now the good news, the endless line of useful idiots and the endless list of polls is starting to lose any specific meaning and like everything else overused will soon be absorbed into the general background noise that is most of what the Noise Machine has in its arsenal. And all you need to do is ask any military expert what happens when your arsenal is old news to the enemy, trouble is coming…

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Emotional Letdowns

Do you hear that? Do you? Yes that’s it, the Sound of Silence and oh boy how sweet it is! The Noise Machine and the Ruling Class clearly are only energized by trauma and its ability to inflict pain (read opportunity to increase their level of control) on those not in the inner circle.

And so now they suffer, they suffer in muted grumblings cast out upon an empty space whose existence is known but whose occupants exist in a negative vacuum in an alternate universe, struggling day to day, and waiting, sniffling, shuddering…

Hoping with all their heart to hear the great call, to arms, to arms, the empty space beckons you once again, once again into the breach you go, where truth is surreal, where life is nuanced, where feelings overrule facts, and where for those short moments of time, you can escape being just another normal average person…

On a small little planet, in a far out arm of a normal bar galaxy, in a very very very small part of the known universe, in one brane of unknown numbers of branes, inside unknown systems of branes…

The horror, the horror…

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Monday, November 14, 2005


Wal-Mart has been better for inflation fighting than Greenspan, LOL!

France’s assimilation politicians can learn a lesson from American politicians, LOL!

California Education budget approx. $58 billion, Oregon;’s two year TOTAL budget, approx $37 billion, 2005 Idaho TOTAL budget, $2.2 billion, Florida 2004 TOTAL budget, approx $57 billion, 2004 Massachusetts TOTAL budget, approx $24 billion…

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So much, so much… (late post)

Election Day wrap, all Demo all the time;

Arnold lost, no the PEOPLE of California lost. What do you want to bet that of the relatively small turnout, 70+ percent was Union or Union supporters (read most Demos)? California is a socialist state in case you didn’t know it and that is why it’s going bankrupt, morally and fiscally.

Bush lost, he’s not running for office, geez BDS knows no bounds! Billy O tacked back to the left a few nights ago to ensure he can counter those who think he is a rightwing. And to those who think he is, dream on!

French Fries a burning, its jobs, its assimilation, its America, its Iraq, anything but what it really is!

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Well the days of boredom are on us, no Supreme Being for awhile, France over shadowing IRAQI, Jordan bombings boring since it looks like it can’t be blamed on the US, PlameGate in a slowdown, economy rolling along, bet a lot of people are bored huh!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

How come the Democrats always say and do dumb things might you ask?

And no this is not a political hit piece it’s more about what really drives the political process, money. Following is the scenario that I believe is in “repeat mode” and will continue to be until the money problem is solved, and yes it can be solved, in fact it would be relatively easy.

Democrats run a “think shop” event somewhere where a bunch of big names are coached by a bunch of paid “thinkers” to delivery some sort of position based on hating George Bush. The “thinkers” interestingly enough allow the big names to frame the purpose and then spend some time telling them how to deliver the message. Since the Democrats only run in the here and now they don’t ask for and surely the “thinkers” won’t divulge any long term consequences, just get me out the door now! The reason why the “thinkers” won’t divulge the long term consequences is seen below.

The big name goes out and delivers the message and the Noise Machine (OLD MSM) picks up on it and all of the enlightened (read ruling class) jump for joy, drink the Kool-Aid and preach the word! It’s a standard operating procedure that is seen day in and day out across the land.

Then something happens, sometimes sooner and sometimes later but happen it does, someone actually fact checks the message (more often than not bloggers these days) and whoops, the message is found to be flawed or (with increasing regularity) a spin doctor routine with no facts to back it up, and sometimes an out and out lie.

Now what do you think happens next? Well the big name goes to the paid “thinkers” and says, “I need a way out!” and what do you think the “thinkers” think when this cycle comes full circle? Cha ching baby, cha ching...

And so the circle goes, day in and day out. Need proof, the biggest names in the "backroom" of demo politics are the money people because someone has to pay the thinkers as well as the cost of spreading the word...

Have a nice day!

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Monday, November 7, 2005

US Soldiers Accused of Harassing IRAQI Detainees (code word for terrorists!)

Breaking News Flash: As the trial of Saddam nears and as the US Democratic campaign to re-fight the 2000 and 2004 elections moves into full speed backward mode (nope can’t accuse them of living in the past!) we have NEW NEWS that maybe somewhere some soldier might have touched a terrorist in a wrong manner!

The accusations are being taken seriously because they came from a disgruntled ex-marine prone to lie and who is currently on the fact challenged MSM circuit in Europe and funded by well known losers in American politics.

As it turns out the incident was a communications problem caused by education. It appears the soldier was schooled in California and didn’t understand the reporter’s questions because some of the words had more than 2 syllables. It was also later found out that the reporter “framed” the questions in a “leading” manner which has long since been outlawed in California schools since it relies on actually understanding the context of a discussion.

Have a nice day…

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

CA Special Election Notes, San Fran Style!!

Good Judges: Parents rights not stated in constitution so parents, tough luck!!

Bad Judges: Ones that would draw “non-Gerrymandered” congressional districts! Are they implying judges grow stupid as they grow older (see 9nth and Supreme for glaring examples)? Check the TV AD and you see “OLD WHITE MALES” looking like buffoons (what a surprise!), and making districts look like a jigsaw puzzle (which is no different than today), and finally against the backdrop of the State Of Texas because of course Texas is where Prez Bush stole elections for years before he stole the last two prez elections! Can you say “living in the 60’s”!!

Good Drug Companies: Give money to have “BLACK” groups front their prop.

Bad Drug Companies: Don’t give money to “BLACK” groups who then can’t front their prop.

Teachers Union: All goodness and always needs money.

Parents Union: Silly voters whom can’t govern themselves.

Judge Wopner Good: Ex-TV judge turned paid political operative whom we all trust, yeppers, no doubt about it!

Judge Wopner Bad: His commercial is the worst piece of junk I’ve ever seen that someone actually paid money for, FOR, FORRRRRRRRRRRR… (you have to see it to understand the ending of my thought!)

Polls Good: Are all of a sudden everywhere showing Arnold’s idea’s being overrun by Union money and support slipping, slipping, slipping… What a surprise the Noise Machine and the Ruling Class love polls they pay for!

Polls Bad: If anyone believes polls are anything but marketing tricks, your bad!

PC-ism at its best: In the Union ads all of the teachers and nurses are women and all of the firefighters and police people are male, why is that? I thought the Ca Ruling Class was totally consumed by PC-ism? How can they do such blatant type casting and sleep at night, how can they sleep at night!!!!!!!

PC-ism at its worst: Read most of above and it should be crystal clear, do as I tell you too and not as I do damn it silly human, don’t you know were the RULING ELITE!!! Send money, vote as your told, and PRAY we let you live here, OR ELSE!!!

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Friday, November 4, 2005

Rambling today....


1) Man sentenced to 8 years, yes 8 years, for stabbing sister to death in Germany because she was Islamic and fell in love with a German guy. Yes you read it right, 8 years!

2) France's Islamic love fest has finally, after all these years, brought about what it really sought, non-stop violence in the streets.

3) Britain’s outlaw Piggy banks so they won't offend Islamic's, PIGGY BANKS!!!! Hello, PIGGY BANKS!!!

4) 9th Circuit rules parents have no rights regarding what schools teach children based on narrow reading of the constitution. Funny when they decide to narrow rights!

5) Republican Senator Arnold Vinick of California (Alan Alda), ALan ALda, as a republican, A REPUBLICAN!

6) Winds farms loved by environmentalist, unless of course they are near the environmentalist Mansion!

7) Google "ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY" founders buy a 767 Jet. ENVIRONEMENTALLY friendly types reported to own more SUV's and fly more miles than rest of world population combined seems to never be noticed.

8) Madonna "steals" MTV awards show by showing up in "figure fitting" outfit to promote MOMMYHOOD! Mother arrested for having sex with 8 year old boy so apparently Madonna's influence is catching on!

9) Black politician hailed as Sambo loudly applauded by Democrats, yes DEMOCRATS think calling a black politician SAMBO is, WAY COOL!

10) Some people think Jimmy Carter has a brain and should be listened too, JIMMY CARTER HAS A BRAIN!!! A sure sign that evolution works!

11) Democrats favorite campaign events seem to be funerals and hate America events. To use a poker term, maybe a tell?

12) "Voters to Decide Election Races"--headline, Bernardsville (N.J.) News, News Flash, in case you missed it, VOTERS TO DECIDE ELECTIONS, WHATS UP WITH THAT, clearly they don't live in California!

13) "SECRET CIA AGENT" last seen doing Vanity Fair photo ops. To think all of our enemies buy sophisticated systems and people needed to run those systems instead of just reading Vanity Fair, how silly of them!

14) THE CIA sends another idiot to perform a secret mission and no one seems to think that’s a problem!

15) Colleges love "open thinking" as long as it conforms to their view of the land. Open thinking and college, how close minded can you be!

16) Bill says the Hillary would be a better president, well at least we know their wouldn't be any sex at the White House during her term.

Have a nice day!!

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Bill Clinton and the DNC Race Machine

I have two race based questions for my readers and I was hoping one of you could help me understand. Bill Clinton is often said to be "America's First Black President" and is THE key to the DNC's race based political machine.

Question 1, since Clinton is a renowned skirt chaser, have you ever seen or heard of him "seeing" a black woman?
Question 2, Hillary is still married to Bill right? If yes has anyone heard of her being referred to as the first lady married to a Black President?

I'm sorry if this sounds crude but I believe one should practice what they preach, as I do.

Let me know.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

This is a response to public display of racial hatred when the flame throwers are African American?

So as I understand the talking points, because the senate candidate endorses the governor who went to a club with no black members it’s OK to act racist!!

One small question for you, does that mean if a black member of Congress goes to an all black club (they do exist) its OK to resort to racial slurs, right?

Do whites attend the Black Caucus Meetings? If not, can we shovel the sh$t at the Black Caucus and say so what?

No double standard here, nothing to see, move along…

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Politics on full display… can you say ugly forever?

Points of evidence;

1) Pompous acts of stupidity viewed as leadership (see rule 21 debacle yesterday, Plamegate, …)
2) Race based attacking is only OK when the attackee is a Republican black man who won’t follow the Democratic Party line. They have used pictures that would get anyone else thrown in jail, stolen his credit report, …
3) A string of proven liars (M. Moore, J. Wilson, MSM, …) strongly believe they can influence politics by lying.
4) Billionaires (Soros, T. Turner, …) try to buy the political system.
5) Two most important jobs of a senator, spending money and raising money.
6) Politics has more lawyers involved than the legal system.
7) The Legal system controls more of government than our votes.
8) Unions and special interests groups spend more money on politics that their members or causes...

The list could go on for ever but I hope you get the idea.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Just who do they think they are?

The Senate has decided to shut itself down to teach someone a lesson, a lesson in what? How to be stupid? How to cry and act like a child? That your 1/3 percent of the government is more important than the other 2/3s? How to prove you are meaningless in the larger context of life? Sometimes the stupidity is so blatant that they must think the only ones grading them are the press clowns!

Years after we were attacked by terrorists, years after we have done the right thing in two countries, years and years after we told the world we’re not run by a bunch of wet noodle political operatives, talking heads, and lame judges, we pull this stunt?

The real political class of America needs to wake up and do some whomping and a stomping here, all children should be sent to their room because this will be for grown ups only. If you can’t take it join the kids in their room!

Wimps, cry babies, mal contents, your days are numbered in the political system, either you have a debate to move things forward or your thrown out of the debate, wah wah-ing about things no longer in play is not only not tolerated anymore, those that live and play there will soon find out they have no voice anymore… don’t like it? Move to Cuba, Venezuela, or I hear Zimbabwe is seeking help!

Natures strongest in America, time to stand up and get it done, for Nature’s weakest in America, I suggest you move to the kids room where you can be safe from the real world…

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