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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Weakinization Award Winners

The Weakinization Awards are devoted to those trying to tear the Free Will of the US apart, anyway they can, everyway they can, since Free Will scares the weak, intimidates the brainwashed, and doesn’t respect the doom and gloom crowd, and NEVER WILL baby, that’s why it’s FREE WILL!!!

This Year’s Weakinization Award Winners:

Biggest Liar: John Kerry, a loser of immense proportions
Biggest Senate Clown: Harry Reid, the weakest of the weak and that takes a lot if you know anything about the Senate, but if you listen to him talk, there’s just no escaping the truth, straight from the Horses mouth, with all due respect to Horses!
Weakest International Org: Toss up, UN and EU, you decide!
Weakest Head of State: Chirac
Biggest Weakinization Cabal: Old Noise Machine (MSM, NY Slimes, etc.)
Weak in all matters fiscal: How many straight times has the FED raised rates compared to how many straight times lowered during the Clinton presidency?
FemiNazi’s: How to pick just one, impossible, I give it to all the members!!
Gollywoods Weakest: So many names, so little time
Female: Madonna, speaking for mothers, LOL LOL LOL
Male: Sean Penn, some losers defy words…
Marx-collegiate: Harvard Feminist, have no clue that nature created MAN AND WOMAN…
Cheapest Date: Bill Clinton, anything to anyone as long as you “scratch” his tummy!

Have a nice New Year!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Politicians and Pundits who feel protecting terrorist privacy more important than our safety,
Judges think what they say is more important that our safety,
BrokeFlack movie given gazillion thumbs up because it’s a “new” gay area to expose, oops I mean explore,
Liberal Noise Machine (old MSM) fights instead of incorporates the new MSM, Special Forces Bloggers(SFB), who correct old MSM inaccuracies on a daily basis, who filter old MSM’s tainted voices through truth lenses, who expose old MSM’s liberal political biases, SFB’s prefer honesty over partisanship, oops I think we know why the old Noise Machine won’t incorporate them,
More government spending(read higher taxes) equals a higher state of living,
Some people think the New York Slimes is the “paper of record”, LMAO,
Government education equals young adults entering the workforce prepared,
Government health plans equal better coverage,
Lawyers are helping the Health systems problems,
ACLU believes in the American way of life,
Judges protect the law more than me and you,
The Legal system is a growth economy,
The Racism industry is a growth economy,
Protecting our borders makes you a racist,
The U.N. is sent to solve problems, sorry but I think the U.N. needs to be invaded by people whom actually know and demonstrate how to care about people in need,
Politicians in the EU at Hague consider themselves above the fray when in fact they are the fray,
Playing nicey nicey with terrorist and global domination will make the world a better place,
Liberals and FemiNazi’s support woman being treated worse than dogs as long as it’s done in or in the name of a Middle East country or custom,
Certain woman’s group fight to make men and woman equal, say what…,
Bell curve doesn’t apply to politics,
Highly competent and successful people denied jobs due to lack of college degree, is this a form of discrimination…,

Have a nice day!

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Think about some things today;

Left and right are really mirror images in Nature’s view,
Government for the people, by the PEOPLE.
Teamwork is better than political fighting,
The legal system shouldn’t have victories, it should have justice,
Hollywood, MSM, and Professors don’t speak for America,
Being rich-famous doesn’t mean you’re smart or full of wisdom,
If you preach hugs over fighting, PRACTICE IT,
Hug your parents,
Hug your kids,
Hug your family members,
Smile today, it’s a HAPPY DAY!!

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry XMAS and Happy New Year

Have a safe, sane, and cool XMAS and New Years!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

How do Repubs spell victory?

Let’s count the ways and the sealer;

Clintons are quite
John Kerry says something that confirms what he said in the early 70’s
Old Noise Machine(MSM) explodes in self-righteousness and ignorance
Howard Dean is allowed to talk nationally
Middle East Countries support Democratic speeches
Another idiot professor expresses support of all things anti-US
Al and Jesse incite more racial hatred for political and personal gain

Harry and Nancy respond outside the talking points

I could go on but you get the idea…

Have a nice day!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Weak, Weaker, Weakest

Weak: Attacking the President while he’s protecting us so you can promote your book, NY Slimes and its crew of klowns!

Weaker: Idiot reporter thinks he can read the presidents mind by projecting his own dreams into the Presidents mind, some actually think the reporter has a brain, some actually think the reporter knows what he’s doing, but most know the reporters a little man with a little mind… sounds like your typical reporter these days making things up to appease their miniature brains…

Weakest: Democratic operatives trying to score political points at the expense of the safety of the American People, in fact it doesn’t get any weaker, if you’re a Dem I wonder how you sleep at night? Or does waking up the next morning not mean anything to you?

Have a nice day!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Odds and End

Odd: NY Times “schedules” “news” story to hurt Republicans.
Odder: Democrats go on wild rampage with the “news” story.
Oddest: NY Times and Democrats fail to realize the harm they do to the Nation because all they can think about is themselves, boy am I shocked!

Odd: NSA “spies” on Americans who communicate with Terrorist, no one seems to notice that is their MAIN JOB in Life!
Odder: Liberal cry babies up in arms, mad as hell, and aren’t gonna take it anymore.
Oddest: Most Americans know that anyone listening to them better have a lot of coffee handy cause it can’t get more boring, scratching their heads wondering what all the fuss is about!

Odd: Boys under performing at schools across the Nation doesn’t bother anyone.
Odder: The Ruling Class doesn’t care since it’s paying back all the boys who weren’t even born when “men” abused woman as part of their daily life. What, you didn’t know that all men through all of time abused woman? How so non-modern of you!
Oddest: Ms. Dowd wonders why she can’t find any “men” to date while failing to notice the “new feminine” society considers all males animals, criminals, racist, sexual deviates, etc. etc., and that maybe that constant pounding is taking its toll in a way she and most other woman don’t see yet and when they do I’m guessing they will be surprised to find men want nothing to do with woman whom act that way, heh!

Odd: Money motivates the “new ruling class” more now than ever before.
Odder: Rich white people win Times people of the year awards.
Oddest: Rich white people, and especially rich white democrats, apparently only people in America who aren’t racist.

Odd: People in Middle East DIG Free Will
Odder: Horde of Mediacrats and Professors scratching head wondering how that can be remain skillfully silent in the face of the obvious.
Oddest: Nature can create Mediacrats and Professors so completely void of any understanding of Nature. Long Live Free Will!!


XMAS making a comeback, Happiness makes a comeback, sorry sourpusses!!

Merry XMAS!!!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why Racism Remains a “Tough” Issue

Basic Problem: We have created a large and robust economy that feeds on Racism and has no desire to go away. We have large groups of people who do nothing but “judge racism”, sue things because of “racism”, “see” racism when no one else can, report racism anytime they feel wronged, … The list is long but you get the idea, it’s a LARGE and Growth Oriented ECONOMY from the 70’s-90’s and now we have to deal with it.

Some definitions of racism (see below) cast such a huge shadow that no one can escape it, no one. These groups have become predictable and in my opinion so causal in their approach that they think racism is a part of everyone’s life and it is what it is. They “judge ” only certain types of racism though and that is the key to understanding this economy.

To this group all white individuals in the US are racist and some are smart enough to know it and admit it and the rest are hiding behind some “shield” of their own construction. The Free Market system, the Legal system, the Political system, the School system, the XXXXXX system, are all racist based systems because they exist in the US and the US is clearly racist. Such a neat and concise thought process clearly indicates an economy that is self-serving, forever needed, forever “wanted”, and most importantly, but of course, required for our very survival!

So let’s focus on their real focus, shall we? White people are bad because they have built a racist society and they are the racist. All other people of “color” cannot be racist because they have been subjected to “white” racism and therefore have an “excuse”. A perfect self feeding loop and this economy loves perfect self feeding loops since they perpetuate the perpetuators!

Racism creates a lot of emotion in people of all colors, all ages, all nations, etc… because it’s not “racism” that’s the problem, it’s a manifestation of outward and / or inward hatred and hatred is part of the human experience. And until we evolve past hatred we are stuck with racism and therefore must learn to manage those who use it as a “societal shaping” tool, a power / wealth redistribution tool, a guilt trip projection tool, and a tool to control government power which is racism at its worst, yes worse than all the others combined because it is only through government sponsored racism can the racism economy survive.

Sometime we must face the fact and remove the haters from government, remove the carefully built scaffolding used to support this heinous economy which has grown from what was really needed, a “big and loud outing” and educational process, into a industry focused on pure hatred, its that simple.

Racism Definitions:
Dictionary: The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.

“Professor”: discusses how the American educational system breeds closet racists. A closet racist is defined as "a person with racial prejudices who is unaware of those prejudices as such, usually because he or she has never been afforded the opportunity to discuss racial prejudice as such". The language of the closet racist can be divided into three strands: 1] fear; 2] unaware-ness; and 3] dis-ownership.

“Public Source”: The belief that the character and abilities of individuals are correlated with their race is not necessarily racism, since this can be asserted without implying an inequality in value. Racism as a term is usually applied to actions by a dominant group in a society on others. Weaker groups are unlikely to practice racism publicly on a more dominant or powerful group, as they would effectively be unable to. This highlights the difference between oppression and repression.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005


A long long time ago in THIS GALAXY the US stood firm,
Evil forces invaded our homeland and killed with speed and force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces declared their intention to take over the world,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces killed innocent people and did not care,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces attacked over and over, killing and killing,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon to learn the most powerful force in nature,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon under attack from that force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were treated as they treated us,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon crushed by our Free Will,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Remember the price of countless before you,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Will you?

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The Legal System Coming at YOU!

Saddam Trial: IS or isn’t Ramsey Clark aiding the enemy? Why don’t we call treasonous behavior Treason anymore? Is the “practice of law” so important that it in itself is above the rule of law?

Newspaper reporters can commit treasonous acts and not be held accountable, CIA Senior officials can commit treasonous acts and not be held accountable, do you think YOU could get away it? Well do you punk?

Hollywood and Murders: Funny how the Hollywood rich and “famous” only defend murderers isn’t it? What about all the rapist? Child Molesters? Armed robbers? Etc… No, they seem to focus on murderers, wonder why that is?

All over the country we are having LEGAL FIGHTS about Christmas? Legal fights about a day of happiness, not a religious day, A HAPPY DAY! Religious people can enjoy it and non-religious people like me can too, because it’s a good thing to give, A GOOD THING, A HAPPY THING! Courts are now used to fight all policy issues and where are our political leaders? Hiding under ground of course, no maybe they are looking into baseball, or the BCS, or girls softball, dealing with policy seems to fall way behind being re-elected, raising money, and sticking your nose somewhere it doesn’t belong and avoiding the places where it does belong!

On the first day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new laws,
On the second day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new lawyers,
On the third day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new judges,
On the fourth day of XMAS, my true love gave to me, no new courtrooms,
On the fifth day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new lawyer politicians,
On the sixth day XMAS my true love gave to me, no new legal groups,
On the seventh day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new political indictments,
On the eight day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new frivolous lawsuits,
On the ninth day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new 9th Circuit Rulings,
On the tenth day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new way to file lawsuits,
On the eleventh day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no ACLU,
On the twelfth day of XMAS my true love gave to me, a day of no LEGAL

Have a nice day!

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