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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Money and Politics

Some people wonder why it’s so hard to control money and its influence on politicians and subsequently policy while failing to notice the most obvious of connections, the government spends more money than anyone. Don’t you think those that seek money will go after those that spend the most money? Could it be that simple and could it be that obvious?

Well of course it is, just look at the current money scandal lead by Abramoff buying influence and spending gobs of Indian Tribe money, the DNC being owned by a bunch of kids on the Internet who control purse strings in between massive “Big Donor” DNC types putting money into the DNC melting pot, the Katrina re-build effort will spend BILIONS and a lot of it will just disappear based on “interesting” accounting practices, the California State Education budget is 57 BILLION a year, 57 BILLION a year, public union and teamsters type unions have more money in politics than anywhere else, the list goes on and on and on and that’s just the US, in case you didn’t know it’s a worldwide problem! The UN spends tons of money on things no one will ever know about, dictatorships and their dictators hide away billions and starve their people, we give billions to Africa and the despots in control party all the way to the bank and kill anyone in the way… it just doesn’t stop…

At some point we need to address the problem of money leaving the private sector and disappearing in the government sector… for the sake of our children and grandchildren I hope we do it soon…

Have a good one…

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Some Quick Thoughts

Socialist Formula: Same message, different front face for the current media effort sprinkled with the old standard bearers to get the effort some level of depth. Cindy Sheehan – Hugo Chavaz are now the socialist current media flare-ups and you’ve go to admit, things must be pretty desperate in Socialville. If you’re reduced to Cindy Sheehan leading any effort you’ve not only hit the bottom of the barrel, you’re gnawing on the barrel’s bottom and the taste must be excruciating. Cindy challenging Diane F for CA Senator, LOL! Doesn’t Cindy know the Democratic Senators of California (and Mass as well) are bought and paid for by the DNC and she doesn’t stand a chance? Oh right that would require she had the ability to think, my bad!

Liberal Formula: Same as above, scary, with the ability to self-promote that far out classes the Socialist crowd though. Kennedy and Kerry leading a charge? You must be joking right? Although this could be a great hoax since the rest of the world might think these clowns are powerful US policy makers and then greatly underestimate our real strength. This could come in handy if say some country about to go Nuclear is meeting underground somewhere and thinks that all they have to do is turn the clown Senators from Mass and CA and we crumble, big big mistake…

Google this, another company of “self-enlightened” kids says one thing and does another, again (see plane purchase), another couple of billionaires with no idea about how the real world works but since they have money they can buy above it, how cute!!! Note to rich clowns, money doesn’t make most people’s world go round, and neither do you…

Davos, the “Elite” self promoting environment / economy party keeps on going, and going, and going, … how much “energy” did it take to get all of those self promoting environmentalist there??????? Oh that’s right, it’s the do as I say not as I do crowd, how cute again… so out of touch yet so self assured, it’s an interesting combo eh?

Dowd on dating, she still doesn’t get it, women who spend most of their time hating men just aren’t gonna get a date with a real man… never gonna happen… she just needs to select one of the little social “boys” and deal with it. And yes saying you don’t hate men (and support the troops if you’re a liberal) won’t work because your actions speak louder than your words, life’s a bitch eh?

Supreme Being Circus going for its last whoorah, HOORAY!!! Watching the animals earn their keep is so cute, don’t you think???

I for one hope the IRAN thing does permanently change the oil scene and we are prepared to go self-sufficient, at whatever the costs, let’s get it done and move on.

Challenger hurt real bad, it was a spiritual as well as a people lose for those like me who know that we must take whatever steps to get off the planet and then get out of the solar system, it’s not if, it’s when, and the sooner we can the better we and all before us will be… think about it if your so inclined, leaders in the space race aren’t just for fun and power, its about our survival as a life form. Now I know this goes well beyond most liberals and conservatives whom only think about today, those of us who know must keep pushing and must keep reminding everyone, this is not a choice, this is mandatory, support it the best you can, the Challenger crew gave their life, as many before and many after will, but that is the price we must pay to save our life form and thank goodness Nature builds people like them who see beyond themselves, who see the greater good as the real goal. Just imagine if our political and social leaders thought that way, just imagine it… wow…

Have a good one…

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

What do the following have in common?

This is very subtle so try and stay with it OK!!!

Liberal Politicians and their supporters
The Clingons (Bill and Hill)
Nancy Pelosi – Harry Reid
NY / LA Times, and USA Today
Al Franken – Michael Moore
Robert Redford, Rob Riener, Warren Beatty
Cindy Shehan
Sean Penn
Barbara Walters – Streisand
Race Warriors (Dullton, Jacksumone, etc…)
College Professors (not all but you get the idea)
Terrorist Supporters
Environmental Terrorists
Open Border Advocates
Dixie Chicks

Add your own it’s kinda fun…

They all want America to be a place where they couldn’t be who they are, how cool is that!!

Note: Why don’t the environmental activists get after those big papers? Don’t they waste more paper than the rest of the world combined? Geez…

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What would grown-ups do?

Let’s say you are or have raised kids and these scenes happen;

Your kid has spilled something on the floor and thinks somebody else should clean it up, what would you do? Do it for them? Ask them to do it and then do it for them if they do not agree with you? Or make them clean it up? The interesting question raised is who is driving the boat, you or the kid? If you can’t guess the right answer please seek help, ASAP.

One of your two kids calls the other a name in a way their bothers them, what would you do? Do you assess the situation and determine the appropriate action? Or do you automatically give a “time-out” to the name caller without regard to the facts? The interesting question raised is who has the issue, the name caller or the one being called a name? If you can’t guess the right answer please seek help, ASAP.

One of your kids constantly lies about the other, what do you do? Do you confront them with the facts? Or do you tolerate it because the liar is weak minded and cannot deal with the facts? The interesting question raised is why do liars plug their ears and scream when confronted with the truth? If you can’t guess the right answer please seek help, ASAP.

Think about these and apply it today to some of the political situations we have and figure out the right answer. Use some of your own child experiences and compare to today’s politics and tell me what you see, amazing huh!!!

Have a good one…

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Monday, January 23, 2006

It’s getting a bit scary, and that’s a good thing…

Supreme Being circus almost behind us, now we can return to the legal system running the country into the ground under the guise of “equal justice for all”.

Abortion Choice anniversary today, pro life-rs support the kids and pro choice-rs support the ladies, after all these years and all the brainpower applied to this issue, we still can’t figure out how to make it work for both? How sad is that…

Democrats require racism economy to survive, they need to change soon because in case they haven’t noticed successful black-brown-… skinned people are everywhere and the victim card is no longer the card of choice. Same thing with the gender economy, success is killing it as it should be. Why can’t we just move on?

Radical Muslim’s and the West are building towards a show down, I hope both sides know what there getting into. Don’t you? As I posted earlier we need to have a strong stance and United Stance before the incident, why haven’t we done that yet? WE NEED TOO!!!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Human Information Machine Ramping Up

If you look back in time you see some really interesting times occur around the same time as a major expansion in Human Information capability occurs. As the Internet information system takes over inter-human mass communication processes we are currently able to See, Participate, and record a really interesting time as it happens, how cool is that!!

It’s now clear that the old mass information systems will hang on for awhile but their days of influence are numbered and whether they can morph or whether they succumb to the change will be fun to watch. I am constantly amazed that living institutions (which means any institution driven by living humans!) have such a hard time morphing until ones realizes that most of the livings institutions are driven by rules long since outdated and not by the people currently in the drivers seat(s). Without the ability to adapt we would still be running fast from varmints looking for dinner!!

The Human collective mindset is a force that can’t be modeled today since we barely understand it in its individual form, the idea of mass inter-connection is truly a 4 dimensional problem of the future, but not that far into the future. The constant explosion in mass people inter-connected communication capabilities brings with it the opportunity to start the mapping process of the collective mindset(s) and with that the process of management can begin.

As is often heard in Management 101 work or school, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. As we look at some of the entry level forays into groupings of mass interconnect we see services like Yahoo and Google blazing some interesting yet still primitive trails and we will see more services like that in the years to come. They are limited though in presentation and in inter-connective-ness so the morphing will need to grow beyond today’s presentation capabilities, bandwidth constrains, and primitive entry processes (like typing!!).

We’ll talk more about this in the coming weeks as we delve into mass interaction, technology morphing, and measurement-management of the greatest of Nature’s accomplishments, the human mind.

Have a good one!!!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Race Heaven

It gets so tiring seeing the usual suspects, Clingons, Helafonte, Dullton, Jacksumone, etc. use the image and cover of a great man to rant and rave for what amounts to money and power and not always in that order. As I have written about many times before the race Economy must be stopped and “race relations” must be replaced with People relations. Listen to Morgan and Bill for the truth and listen to the others for hatred and projection.

It’s up to you, YOU, to believe that nature created all people equal and that color is nothing but an environmental reflection and has NOTHING TO DO WITH LIFE, unless of course you need a crutch or a way to incite hatred.

Hatred is for the weak and the angry, try and rise above, life will reward you for your efforts, hate only brings more hate, think about it…

Have a good one…

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Ah the Sounds of Supreme Being Silence

Can you here the sound of silence? The main act of the circus is over, the biscuits have been earned, and now we wait for the last hurrah as the animals do the circle march.

The “opposition” appears to only be concerned when the Old Noise Machine is around to broadcast their talking points and Faux emotions. It’s just like a traveling Circus, they stop somewhere, set-up shop, entertain the locals, and then move on to the next. Instead of towns insert special interests groups and instead of locals insert the faithful who are willing to pay for an ‘entertainment’ performance as opposed to something of substance in return.

Kind of like the Vegas line, oh your not gambling, your ‘entertaining’ yourself with your money! Right, that’s it, entertainment value versus some level of return, Brilliant!

Have a nice day…

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Finally, A Commission we can all get behind to stay in Front!!

A letter to the President,

Mr. President, although the thought of another commission turns my stomach (in ways un-mentionable in print) and usually wastes a lot of tax payers dollars on blowhards who provide no useful information or actions post commission I think we have an opportunity to have a real Nation Wide debate, who knows it may even go global with the Special Forces Blogger’s (SFB) on the case.

Commission Scope: To develop a plan to deal with Iran’s or any Nation who is headed towards Nuclear Armament.

Rules of Engagement: No fees will be paid to anyone for their efforts, ( except travel, lodging, and meals) people will be donating their time for one of the most important missions ever under taken and one that might need to be repeated in the future until Nuclear Armament is no longer a problem.

All meetings, work group sessions, conversations, ALL information, will be recorded and made available on the Internet no later than the end of each day.

Two reports will be produced, a vote will be held for all American Citizens and one for all elected officials, the elected official’s votes will be done in their appropriate public meeting place and recorded on the Internet for all to see.

The Reports must be less than 50 pages with no more than 20 pages of appendixes and the accompanying plans of action must each be less than 50 pages with no more than 20 pages of appendixes.

The report with the most votes will be unilaterally accepted by all Americans, their will be no dissenting position after the vote is complete and the winner chosen. US citizenship will be revoked; WILL BE, for any American who cannot abide by this. Either we are scared to death of this threat or not.

Statement of Work: Build two panels, one consisting of the Nations leading Critics on the war with Iraq, and one who support the war on IRAQ. The panels cannot have more than 20 people and each person can have no more than 2 on staff. Panel members will be nominated and voted on via the Internet.

You need to select a strong leader-manager to drive the process and I am available if you need me.

Each panel is to hold public meetings daily, including weekends (assuming this is important enough) until their final report is available to the American public and these meetings will be broadcast on live TV every day.

The report will include a very specific plan to address Nation(s) proceeding to Nuclear Armament. This plan starts with verbal warnings and ends with Military action and must include specific time limits before the next level of penalty is imposed. If’s, and’s, or but’s are not allowed.

Note: Detection of a Nation proceeding to Nuclear Armament can come from any Nation willing to stand up at the UN and accuse another Nation of doing this with proof of some type. The accused Nation must immediately submit to an on-site inspection or face our plan, period.

Each panel member will sign off on their report indicating complete acceptance of its contents.

Conclusion: The action plan will be made legal by the Congress and signed off by you sir.

You said you wanted change in the Government and I say here’s your chance. Make it public, make everyone TAKE A STAND, A FIRM STAND, and let’s ensure we are UNITED as a Nation, again assuming we are scared of this threat. I ask you Mr. President, are we scared? If yes then let’s get in front of this.

Thanks for your consideration.

Sincerely, Marc

Note: I understand that from a US defensive position I expect our government to have a secret plan to deal with an attack and that is not covered by this process.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One Supreme Circus and a sad driver story…

Finally, finally the clowns have gone too far and many people are calling them on it and finally, finally, they had to apologize. Sometimes the clowns scare the little kids and the ring master has to step in and say, oops were sorry. And today the non-stop harassment, abuse, personal attacks, and continuing attack on his gender (was it his decision to replace O’Conner? I think not) caused the wife to break down and excuse herself to regroup. The attackers are so weak in content and delivery that the need to “act” overcomes them and they forget that this is being televised for the entire world to see, FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!

As I’ve said before about the “Ruling Class”, how low can they go, how low can they go… to see a bunch of little boys in suits insult the man enough that his wife starts to cry, cry damn it, don’t these “LITTLE MEN” have any heart, didn’t they have MOTHERS? I rarely get this pissed but if they keep attacking Mom’s their asking for it, this is America and men like me won’t put up with it, understand little boys?????

Alright, alright, a break from the circus to discuss my drive into work today, it was classic and typical LA (so cal).

Were in bumper to bumper expand and contract traffic with max speed being 5-10 mph and every couple hundred yards a stop for a few seconds, typical morning commute on the Ventura freeway. And everyday we have a special type of driver who thinks that by constant lane changing they will get ahead, and so they try over and over and over…

One caught my eye this morning and my attention for a couple of miles because he was in an over-sized Land Yacht, he had a couple of hate Bush stickers (the kind thought of by children, negative and petty), and he was so determined, hard on the gas, hard on the brakes, jamming the Land Yacht into tight spots to pick up that oh so precious 15 feet of pavement. He was on my left, then my right, fast lane to slow lane, searching, searching for the “way to get ahead” lane that must be there for him, it just must be.

I have no doubt he felt secure that his always focused mind and positive “words” would result in the lane to freedom that awaits all good thinkers! He was surely pro environment, pro peace, pro choice, pro himself, and was always on message regardless of the situation. After all he had places to go, people to see, and things to do and I’m sure he couldn’t understand why all of us little people just don’t get out of his way!! Surely he thought we should know, somehow, someway, just who he was and how important he was, surely we must.

Well he was a bobbing and a weaving for ten minutes or so and making no progress over dull me just bopping along in the middle lane, when we had a minor break on the far right lane and he jammed that baby into the far right lane and floored it, for a second or two I lost him as the off-ramp to a big street cleared the freeway for a couple of hundred yards and I smiled as he probably travels this way everyday and surely he knows (with the always on mind of his!) a big off-ramp is always followed by a… you guessed it, a big ON-Ramp, with, you guessed it, a onslaught of cars jamming into his lane, aww poor baby, as I bopped on by and lost him in my rearview mirror he reminded me of some famous words, its not what you say that counts, its what you do, think about it, OK?

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Supreme Silliness

Well it doesn’t take them long to prove me right does it? As soon as the Supreme Circus starts all other news is sent to the background. The “other” news can’t be as important as a person who sits on the Supreme Court because the legal system runs our country, end of line.

Need proof beyond the event pushing everything to the background in the media huh? OK I will make is simple for you by just asking you to try and answer a few questions, OK?

1) Which far left org is not spending all of it’s time on this?
2) Which far right org is not spending all it’s time on this?
3) Which center left of center right org is not spending all of their time on this?
4) How much “blog space” is being devoted to this?
5) Etc….

I could go on but I hope your answers clarify things for you!

Now the other keen insight is the attacks are going right on queue and right on script, we start with the pre-information BS, move on to the Senate “who can look stupidest” contest, then all the Senators get to read the questions given to them by their trainers, just like in the Circus!! How cool is that and you know they perform well because their sponsors tell you so all day every day!! I love the next part where the nominee answers the questions and the Senators stare blankly forward until their aid tells them to read the next question, and on, and on, and on.., again this is being televised and I thought we weren’t into TORTURE!!!

The final act in the circus is the “vote” where the elephants pay for the peanuts and the donkeys pay for the hay, BRILLANT!!! The “votes”, like our elections, our known by most before they are cast, how cool is that!!! And then they tally via super secret ballot counters and broadcast to all. The wrap up scene is classic circus, each of the donkeys and elephants dancing one last time in a circle for the audience seeking cheers and praise for their hard hard work, the audience goes wild as the colorful animal’s parade by primping and preening all the way…

Stay cool…

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

As disclosed earlier

Supreme Being, aka Alito, will take center stage because the legal system is now what controls politics, not your vote.

You need to think hard about that else you might not understand that you live in a democracy and your kids might not if we don’t reel in the legal system soon.

Fight the law lawfully or if will consume you, it already has more than you know and you should be scared, very scared, as you watch the legal system used in all areas of life, ALL…

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Brace yourself, major news overload in sight!!

Talk about the perfect storm in political junkie form and your talking about the current situation.

Legal, Power broker gone bad (what a surprise!) all GOP and maybe one Demo running for cover, well if you believe the Dem’s that’s what’s happening.

Political – War, another idiot reporter working for a liberal gossip sheet releases a book for self-serving purposes and money, boy am I surprised at this! Everyone is talking about the super secret reporting of various “spy” activities designed to make us safe instead being used for bad things, yes bad things. The fact that nobody can name any bad things happening doesn’t appear to be a problem, unless you consider stopping terrorist from killing us a bad thing, like the liberal gossip sheet that broke the story does.

Supreme Being circus getting ready to open the big tent and the clowns will come a flailing, the bearded ladies will come a smiling, and the ring master will continue to amuse, oh what a sight to behold…

One wonders if the Old Noise Machine can keep up with all of the Gossip and innuendo that will come a spewing (we know they stopped worrying about truth, facts, and non-biased reporting a long time ago)? I am betting that as you read this the Old Noise Machine is working on ways to ensure all of the biased BS gets out and is repeated until you cry UNCLE!

The talking head pundits will be going absolutely bonkers trying to control themselves during this Tsunami of political news. They will invite other talking heads, whom themselves have talked to talking heads, whom have indeed talked to anonymous talking heads, whom themselves have talked to anonymous current and ex government officials, whom themselves actually talked to someone who might of known what could be going on as long as they interpreted the cooler talk correctly. And of course we should believe that the information would be completely accurate and verifiable (after all no one lies in politics right?) because it’s only been through no more than say 20-30 people and derived from a overheard discussion at the water cooler, this surely looks like the Gold Standard utilized by raTHer and his elk, right?

If you expect honesty when one of the power brokers is caught keep drinking the Kool-Aid, relax, close your eyes, fall gently asleep, and all your troubles will go away.

If you expect honesty when the liberal clowns uses anonymous sources to hurt Bush at your and my security expense, dream on.

If you expect an honest assessment of the next Supreme Being nominee by the liberal crowd do not worry about the legal system, do not worry about the legal system taking over the electoral process, do not worry about judges and lawyers ruining your way of life to protect the “law”, really, it could never happen to you, could it?

Minor things that will move to the back of the list, UN corruption, Katrina and 9/11 corruption, Union corruption, XXX corruption, … you know, things that impact YOU since all of them are costing you dearly, whether you know it or not you are paying for most of the minor things…

Have a nice day!

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Monday, January 2, 2006

2006 Predictions:

The Usual Gunk

1. The continuing fervor over Man’s impact on the Weather pattern will be completely overblown and still void of any direct or material evidence. Legions of “reputable scientists” will continue to “believe” man has a big impact for to them it simply “must be”. Nature will continue to laugh at those whom think they “know” its weather evolution.
2. The “wise and elite” among us will continue to think evolution has stopped for the planet and for the life whom depend on it. All who “preach” this mentality will continue to be laughed at by Nature.
3. The political races will be mostly overblown rhetoric with the Old Noise Machine continuing to be being shredded by the Blogosphere. This is getting so ugly I am having a hard time watching as the Old Noise Machine debris is being created faster than their management teams can eject and replace it.
4. “Those” in the “know” will continue to be surprised at how much they don’t know.
5. Gollywood will continue to be completely out of touch with the general American populace and be forced to focus on overseas hatred of America to stay solvent.
6. The Gollywood star crowd will continue to broadcast stupidity and their collective impact on society will continue to shrink at a faster and faster pace.
7. The “Ruling Class” will continue to act like a junkie looking for their next fix with a higher dose.
8. Pundits will continue to feed off each other without regard for the good of the people.
9. College professors desperate for attention will still duel with Michael Moore for the title of “least self-aware”.
10. The UN will remain the leader in world wide corruption and overblown self-impotence speeches with programs designed to protect the people of the world from UN assistance and to spend tons of money on themselves / their friends. The EU will continue to try and over take the UN but they don’t appear dumb enough to succeed, yet.

The Good Stuff

1. Nature will continue to exert world wide dominance without regard to earth’s current set of life forms.
2. Space exploration will continue to accelerate as the private sectors start to get into the drivers seat.
3. Free Will will continue to win over dictatorship.
4. Family values will continue to re-gain their importance in protecting our society from those whom continue to try and destroy it in the name of “collectivism or globalisum”, feel free to pick your own label for their poison.
5. Children will start to get education help as more and more people realize the school Unions are not there to help our kids.
6. The Happy crowd will “come out” and demand the doom and gloom crowd get a life.
7. The process to weed out ridiculous pork spending from government will gain more and more traction.
8. The issue of government controlled Unions (read voting blocs and un-controlled pensions) will continue to strain the political system / economy and the issue can start to be framed for resolution.
9. The US will face down the threat of un-controlled borders.
10. Like here in the US, the spread of information technology will continue to haunt the liberal liars whom seek to slander us with lies across the oceans. The fear of Free Information will panic all of those who can’t survive with it.

Have a great 2006!

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