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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Education Racket, telling your boss “Take a Hike”, and Woman and Ties…

The Education racket (Unions and Tenured types) who own the school systems administrators and whom own large slices of your taxes have built the perfect self-contained self-feeding system. The system steals large amounts of tax payer dollars and injects them into its Unions which work on ways to steal more tax dollars.

The system fails and no one cares! You want to know where your Health care dollars are, go check the education budget! The only thing they win is votes by buying them with your tax dollars.

We know as a fact that most CA HS grads can barely read and Math skills are not worth mentioning, but to get a job you MUST have a college degree, if it’s a good job. So most businesses line up and allow the circle to be complete. Are businesses that REQUIRE a college degree practicing discrimination? All of those high and mighty liberal institutions REQUIRE a college degree and therefore they practice discrimination too. It’s not discrimination based on race, age, sex, etc.., it’s the have vs. the have nots, the very basis of what liberals claim to fight against yet they practice what they fight against, how cute…

Does forever increasing dollars with forever decreasing performance sound like a working system to you? Your school system at work, do you care?

Criminal Justice systems work for the local, state, and Fed gov’s right? Would this system exist without Gov? I think not. And if the local, state, and Fed gov’s work for us, then doesn’t the criminal justice system work for us? And if judges work for the criminal justice system don’t they work for us?

California judge tells people of CA, who are his boss, screw your laws and your desires, I am the law and I say no death penalty and there is nothing you can do about it. Welcome to understanding the term, “lifetime” employment. Do you have lifetime employment? Think you ever will?

Next time your boss tells you to do something just tell her or him you don’t agree with his or her views on the matter and see what happens! The days of judges requiring a lifetime appointment to protect them against political attack are long gone and now we have the reverse, political judges who can’t be touched. Liberal power saw this and took advantage of it a long time ago and now that conservatives have discovered it and are aggressively pursuing it the liberals are really mad!! Gee wonder why they would be mad at people in lofty positions making decisions that cannot be fought by us “normal” people when that is what they do to us… too funny eh!!!

And now for some fun….
Why do woman laugh at men who have to wear ties at work, where’s the fairness here? When woman wear suits how come they don’t have to wear ties like men? Is that sexist so men can see down woman’s blouses? Are woman just lazier? If it’s a power statement why does it still exist since I thought we hand killed all male power symbols in the workplace? What gives here I wonder? Sexual discrimination at the workplace has never been more blatant, widely known, and snickered at by clueless HR managers thinking it’s cute. Do as I say not as I do comes to mind here. Discrimination is allowed if it’s politically correct and I find this a crack in the absolute politics of the discrimination crowd, it’s bad or it isn’t, which is it?

Have a good one…

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

More rambling…

A good friend who lives in the San Fernando Valley was hit by a driver who ran a red light, the red light runner had no insurance and was illegal. The police gave her a ticket and she drove away while my friends car was totaled (she was hit by 2 other cars as a result of the 1st impact). Her insurance will total her car and give her half the practical value (it was paid off) it has to her as it would of lasted a few more years. She will now have higher premiums, car payments, and pain to remember this incident. Can we sue the DMV who is not supposed to let people get cars registered without insurance? Can we sue groups who support illegal aliens being in the country? Can we sue the LA City gov which advertises itself as a “safe haven for illegals”? Welcome to life in an “illegal society” where law abiding people get screwed and illegals laugh all the way home.

Saw the Olympics a bit the other night and heard that Bodie Miller hasn’t won anything and then I saw a commercial where he says the desire to win is hurting our children. Hmmm looks like he practices what he preaches when it comes to losing. Not to hurt his feelings but winning AND losing is a part of life and you need to teach your children BOTH sides. Another example of a "famous” person being totally clueless, boy am I surprised!

Port on baby, Port On. The politics over these things are so boring, completely predictable, and almost always based on spin unless you get your news from the truth seekers (blogosphere). Clinton’s real legacy might be that he brought Gollywood into politics like no one before him and now our politics and Gollywood are exactly alike, boring, completely predictable, and guaranteed to be pure spin, lovely.

Gee now we learn that Euro elite leftist are supporting terrorist because they hate the US and some people are surprised and think that’s news, are you kidding me? Why would you think they act differently than US based elite leftist? Some people continue to wield these stories about left and right but that’s not it folks, it’s about power and the elite group trying to hold on at all costs. Thanks to the Internet at a point soon in our future the elite power brokers will be swept away by their inability to control information and then the true meaning of liberty will rule the earth, I for one can’t wait!!

Have a good one…

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Monday, February 20, 2006


Oscar voters, the only good cowboy movie is a gay cowboy movie, gee I wonder how the latest compares to Clint’s Unforgiven?

War movies now celebrate bad guys = deep and moving, try weak and pathetic…

Woman hate being regarded as sex objects yet dress like sex objects, hmmmm

Writing a kids book erases all past sins apparently, I just wonder why?

Religion is now more tolerant than liberals, lol

Feminist fight for the right to have “other” women die in combat, huh?

Liberals defend judges who give child rapist weak sentences, and then say they want to protect the kids, will which is it?

The ACLU now equates terrorist with US Citizens, classic…

Women who openly bash “real” men can’t understand why they can’t get a date with a “real” man, too good eh…

The weak minded think you can “talk” murderers out of killing people, apparently fail to understand murderers mindsets don’t equal rational thought…

The liberals who hate affluent biz people are affluent biz people, too good again…

Being a mommy =’s a bad thing, unless you can afford a nanny

“Environmentalist” jet all over the world to complain about all the people who waste gas, fail to notice the irony =’s self-assured ignorance…

Rich and famous = smart and insightful, hard to understand when you see rich and famous everyday acting like complete idiots eh?

Reverse discrimination =’s 90% of white NBA players come from outside the US, why is that?

“Smart” people think a military action should be treated like the police breaking up a fight at the local tavern, smart used to mean something but not anymore…

Free speech on college campus = illegal, yea the Teachers Unions and Tenure has nothing to do with that, right…

Tenured college professors have more rights than anyone else with regards to work duties, what’s wrong with that picture?

Lawyers and Judges policing their own systems = ‘s a well run legal system, ha!

The protectors of the “poor” are all rich themselves, LOL

Judges outrank the government =’s a safe place to live, how long before we realize this is killing our society?

Only in America does the Press fight against Freedom of the Press one day and for it the next depending on the politics involved = they continue to believe they are neutral…

Largest Cigarette maker runs AD’s and processes to cure people from smoking, another of those just too good…

Feminist fight oppression of woman except where local customs says killing, raping, etc are normal… say what???

Those that seek to cry racist = the most racist, enough said

Quality of life = money,
Intelligence = money and fame
Quality of life = children,
Intelligence = understanding and ability

Which two do you think are correct?

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

That Dog Won’t Hunt!!

How many libz in the Old Noise Machine (ONM) do you think understand the title of this post? I love questions when the answer is, “if you have to ask the question you can’t understand the answer”!

Can you imagine if most comics who do politics weren’t wanna be libz? The endless amount of material from the ONM BDS crowd appears to be the definition of infinity when you look in the dictionary. That Dick G guy is so caught up in himself and his “protocol” he completely misses the point, but not to worry his hair is purrfect!!

CNN staff sport new Orange Vests and Hats to show their “with it” when it comes to the hunting crowd and this story. Only problem was when you looked at those guys, or at least when I did, I couldn’t stop laughing, heart stopping loud and afterward I was hoping my neighbor wasn’t wondering what was going on! To see these micey little men acting out their fantasies of being real men, even for just a minute or two was just too good… too good by far…

An endless gaggle of lemmings determined to out due each other in their quests for the Holy Grail, to be a man, a real man. No not a Brokebacker, not a metro mouse, no not even a man man enough to date Maureen D, no they seek something higher, nobler, that greatest of all greats, too pee standing up…

Have a good one…

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Monday, February 13, 2006

As discussed earlier…

We’re getting close to the real issue with the Islamic Terrorist vs. the Western world issue, it’s all about power and who has it, who wields it, and who respects it. It’s very hard for the liberal groups to deal with power and they fight very hard to keep the issue from its true core issue instead hoping to deal with fluff and puff, except of course when they are under threat from the strong, then they panic bigtime, kinda fun to watch actually.

And what’s the big deal about flag burning? Hasn’t that been going on since the 70’s? If that’s all they got its pretty weak out there, eh? I can get flag burning in San Fran, Seattle, and Boston anytime I want so who needs to go overseas for that weak BS! Oh right, CNN, AP, and Reuters need it since their run by liberals and they still think the 70’s mean something!

Worried about being protected from the poor and loud mouthed so be scared be really scared, again we can get that in any major city run by liberals in the US why do we need to go overseas for it? I just don’t get what all the excitement is about. Violence in the streets happens everyday all day in most liberal controlled cities it’s just that it happens so often its background noise to most people, of course until it hits them!

Oh right, a few “fiery dudes” want to shut down free speech and we should all be scared! We’ll to scare the likes of the NY Times, LA Times, etc is no big deal I mean after all 3rd rate newspapers are weak on their best days! To scare politicians about free speech is a joke, if you really want to scare them threaten to lower taxes!!! Then you’ll see what scared is!!! Want to scare the Democrats in California, threaten to reduce the $57 billion a year “education fund” and then you’ll see what scared is all about! Want to scare Al Gore, threaten to take away his Middle Eastern Endowment fund then watch him go really “Gore”!

I could go on but you get the idea, have a good one…

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Monday, February 6, 2006

Rambling Around…

NSA Wiretaps: President doesn’t have the right to do whatever he thinks is needed to protect us, well who does then? Didn’t we elect him to drive the boat? Just like Clinton and all before? Here’s my take, our SAFETY must come first, period! And we have another idiot example of US Senators seeing TV time as their primary job, instead of PROTECTING us! Note to privacy clowns, you lost this war a long long time ago… Your information is all over the Internet so just deal with it… besides the fact that NO ONE CARES, you’re not that interesting.

Cartoons: What happened to cartoons being a Saturday morning fun fest? Now they are used as political and personal attack methods and can drive some people crazy… I thought cartoons were supposed to make people smile and laugh, I don’t know about you but I sure miss those fun fest days… sigh…

Weakness and Strength are the core differences in Nature and the world today is studying the power of weakness and strength in many ways that wobble around the real issue, this struggle is about power baby and you need to come to grips about that, power cannot be controlled through nicey nice play, power is needed to control power, think about it… if we elect a bunch of powerless babies to drive the boat, trouble is coming… and we won’t like it when it gets here because it won’t “feel for us”, it won’t “listen and adjust for us”, it won’t “compromise itself to appease us”, and lastly it won’t “respect our tears” while it kills us.

Supreme Being Court: whew, gone until the next opening, what a national disgrace this was and then we compound the problem by broadcasting for all the world to see, ugh… I wonder if a year from now, or a few years from now when all of the doom and gloom talk proves to be incorrect if anyone will be held accountable? What do you think?

The Oscars, People Choice, SAG’s, blah blah blah, who watches this stuff? You couldn’t pay me enough to watch that drek, well actually you couldn’t pay me to see most of the films these shows talk about so oh well… Where is John Wayne when you need him… sigh… George Clooney, Sean Penn, apparently Gollywood is lost and I wonder how silly can they be? I wonder how long it will take for a new studio to realize that a huge market exists out there that’s not being served anymore and get on it, isn’t that what a free market should make happen???

Super Sunday, good game, decent halftime (not a Stones fan), but the commercials were Great!! Loved the Bud one with the Big Clydesdales helping the little Clydesdale, an instant classic!!

Have a good one…

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Friday, February 3, 2006

Hmmm, more silence…

Wow, you have this great worldwide discussion on Islamic cartoons and our press, our political leaders, and the pundits are all eerily quite, hmmmm wonder why that is? And of course our State Dept plays safe and nicey nicey, what a surprise that is!! Who is talking you might ask? Well of course it is the blogoshere and those whom seek the truth, natch…

Does the word scared come to mind? Where are the peaceful Islamic people? Where are the Clingons on this? Kerry? Kennedy? Pelosi? Boxer? Sheehan? Penn? …

Here seems to be the whole deal, they can make fun of anyone and its OK, if anyone makes fun of them they will kill you.

Whew, man I am glad they are a peaceful group practicing a peaceful religion, aren’t you?

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