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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some more this and that

Congress ”Person” blows by security checkpoint and what’s the reason, “we’ll don’t they know who I am?” So many examples of double standards by politicians it’s impossible to keep up with. I wonder what it is about all of these politicians and Judge Types who feel their “feelings” are above the rule of law, but yours and mine are surely not.

The Cause and Effect link so carefully analyzed and rationalized to deal with feminism, racism, ageism, etc., is completely ignored when it comes to discussions about men and fatherhood. Do you think their might be a reason men have a hard time being fathers in a system that is completely rigged against any man who doesn’t tow a very specific line completely dominated by the female decision process? Do you think pounding them into submission and taking their money could have ever been a good long term strategy? Do you think rigging the Court Systems to discriminate against men would produce more men taking care of their children or less? Do you think making is easier for every protected “type” to get legal satisfaction against men would endear them to the process? Do you know what the results of this assault are which started 30+ years ago? Checked the marriage rates lately, checked the single mother raising children alone rates lately, checked how well children do without a male role model lately, and btw, have you checked your pulse lately?
Do you think the assault can continue much longer without its effects being felt for even more generations or maybe permanently? Do you care?

Drug War Status: Completely failed, supporter’s solution, more money! Sound familiar? What do you think would happen if any other war had been fought so hard, for so long, with so much money with these results; drugs more available than ever down to the GRADESCHOOL level, our enemies are richer than ever (foreign and domestic), other countries target our drug war results as a business opportunity, we jail over 4,000 US CITIZENS (mostly drug users) everyday to help fight the drug war, most of whom are US citizens whom need help, not casualties!!! All in the name of “protecting the children” which, as usual, sounds great, but in this case rings hollow and pathetically inept. Case in point broadcast on The Factor almost every night recently, child RAPIST get less time in jail than drug users, LESS TIME!!!! Does that sound like a judicial system designed to protect the children to you, DOES IT? Don’t you think its time we stopped the WAR on ourselves and took a new direction? Maybe you should open your mind a bit and chew on reality before you throw your support behind this failed war again… Maybe it’s time to admit the War is wrong and take a new direction, we would with any other war, why not this one?

Speaking of drugs and ruining lives, I saw the recent articles on Whitney Houston and was so sad. When she sang the National Anthem at the Superbowl (I think it was 1991) I had never been so moved, such power that day, such power… Is she someone who needs help, is a causality, or a war criminal? You decide…

Have a nice day!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Little of this and that…

From the land of Gollywood, every time you think something dumber would be impossible, presto, you have another idiot actress or actor speak! This time it was the actress Sharon Stone who thinks Hillary Clinton is too “Hot and Sexy” to become President. It just never seems to stop from this crew and one just has to think, “I couldda been an actor”, but I just wasn’t dumb enough!

The immigration issue is finally going to get its due and this will be fun to watch as we know the media is completely out of touch, the demos and repubs only care about votes and power, and the American People are sick of it! Kids demonstrating don’t impress me, radio DJ’s don’t impress me, following the law does impress me, which will it be?

Little Diane finally weighed in and in typical DNC form appeased and went weak. The number one tactic on the DNC action list is, GO WEAK or don’t go at all!

Islam is bloodthirsty again and this time it’s the “good” ones seeking the blood because an Islam guy converted from Islam. And clearly that is an action that requires death because as we all know, you’re either for Islam or waiting to be put to death, because it’s a religion of peace, got it? How long will the weak crowd take to realize that left to their own actions they will be under the rule of Islam? And if-when that happens, they can kiss the Feminist movement goodbye, they can kiss the Hillary for President movement goodbye, they can kiss the secular movement goodbye, they can kiss FREEDOM goodbye, they can kiss their ASS goodbye…

Have a nice day!

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Viva La California and the California Senators

The Open Borders team met with the Return California to Mexico team over the weekend and, like many other places in America, got down to the business at hand, exploit poor dumb people for political power. I know this is harsh but sometimes harsh subjects require harsh explanations.

The reality of the whole spectacle(s) breaks down into two common and as old as dirt components, power plays and haves vs. have nots. Anybody who sees anything else in this is either wishful thinking or an idiot, you choose. The haves vs. have nots is part of the evolution of our species and is why we have political systems, legal systems, blah blah blah, and those will always produce stress and tension for those trying to hang on to and for those wanting to go after, POWER!

But the Democratic Party has started us down a real slippery slope where the consequences go right to the heart of the constitution. By wedding political clout with the legal system they have created the perfect opportunity to wipe out the legal voting system which renders our constitution useless and if that doesn’t scare you perhaps you shouldn’t live here anymore.

The derivative of Open Borders and the illegal vote is obvious to some and that is why the racist Return Cali to Mexico group joined the party over the weekend. The stakes are huge here in case you didn’t know, California’s economy is huge and the tax base that goes with the economy is huge, prime targets for power struggles.

So I have noticed two very important California politicians seem not interested in this little drama or who seem not to want to get involved in this, what say ye Boxer and Diane? And it’s interesting that in all of the coverage I have seen the talk about politics is used to pound Republicans and the President yet no one sought out the CA Senators, now why do you suppose that is?

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Men and Children, Hmmmmm

The male version of Roe vs. Wade, or more rightly called the male version of abortion on demand derived from judicial imagination, whoops, legislation, whoops, “RULING”, is getting a lot of play time in the male wars these days and as usual its as boring as ever.

Woman’s Rights Protectors, why not People’s Rights Protectors, oh sorry silly me, of course claim men just want to shurk their responsibility and “real” men types think it’s outrageous a man doesn’t want to be a “real” man in the face of fatherhood. So what’s really at play?

Male whiners first (change of pace, can’t claim sexism on this blog!) are missing the most obvious point of being a “real” male, a “real” male never, EVER, has this problem, end of line.

Female whiners of course think all things stemming from a “male” * dominated society are the “males” fault and therefore it goes with out question that women should be able to pick and choose when a male is involved in the decision and when not. Want to have the child or abort, woman only question, but of course, want to care for the child, woman only question, want to be financial responsible for the child, woman only decision! So women decide completely if and which part of the process they will “let” the male become involved in. Of course “let” here means by legal decree! Notice the lack of “male” decisions points here? Very convenient huh? And then they wonder why males have a problem with the system! Hmmmm do you think it’s a tad tilted based on gender here, maybe just a tad????

* A male dominated society huh? Does anyone still believe this except the people still trying to use the courts to determine legislation to punish males for sins nearly all of the current males didn’t commit??? Hmmmm do you think!!!!!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

When you hear wimpy and politics, which political party do you think of first?

Disclaimer: I am a social libertarian and fiscal conservative type who prefers to think of himself as an overall independent guy.

The story out of Berkeley was just too good to pass up comment on. Here is best part of it,

“ The whiny kids tended to grow up conservative, and turned into rigid young adults who hewed closely to traditional gender roles and were uncomfortable with ambiguity.
The confident kids turned out liberal and were still hanging loose, turning into bright, non-conforming adults with wide interests. The girls were still outgoing, but the young men tended to turn a little introspective.”

Easy things to toss aside, Berkeley kids might have some level of influence by their parents (indoctrination comes to mind), this type of “study” comes up every now and then when the liberals are under fire, cry baby whimps clearly end up on all sides of the political spectrum, ALL SIDES, etc…

But, let’s look at some macro generalities about libz and conservz and see where that takes us, OK?

Libz make up 85-90% of the Old Noise Machine which clearly says, follow our mindset or you can’t “belong”, sounds like non-conforming to me. This is well documented so no need to expound on it.

Libz prefer talk over action, bureaucracy over leadership, and most importantly, status quo instead of change, sounds like non-conforming to me. Think not eh? The key to understanding this is the central point of Management, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. Central theme to that is “ACCURATE” measurement, unbiased, quantifiable, verifiable, tracked over time, and hold on to your hats, MODIFIED AS NEEDED to make the program “continue” to work in ever “changing” times. Libz hate modifying things that clearly don’t work anymore since they believe in the original essence, not the actual of today. Think public schools, public health plans, public programs, public blah blah blah and you get the idea. You guessed it more proof of non-conforming types in action oh yea!

Whiny types turn into rigid young adults whom conform to those nasty old
male - female teachings. You know the kind Libz hate so much and just can’t believe anyone with a brain would partake in. Libz believe marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper and a understanding of responsibilities you know kind a like the Clintons marriage. I am sure they love each other as friends, or lifelong pals, or whatever. And in a cool way you know, spend very little time together, have very little physical contact (if any), pretend to be a couple when needed, and pretend to be single when needed. Now that’s way cool as compared to you know, loving your spouse, wanting to spend quality time together, you know that horrible thing called “living together”. Yep must be totally rigid to dig that old and dated view of marriage.

And of course the closer that gives the whole thing away, “uncomfortable with ambiguity”. And there we have it folks, the whole study is about the same old tired “feelings game” psycho drama played out by the Libz day in and day out.
It’s not what is is man, it’s what you think man, it’s what you feel in your heart, screw reality, and live only in the world of make believe, and then you too can be “bright with wide interests”. Oh yea baby, oh yea…

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Old Noise Machine’s decline into irrelevance continues at a brisk pace…

Times corrections page now has more readers than its front page… photo of Warner, of Iraq prisoner, too many to list here since I don’t have terabytes of space available to devote to them, and imagine if you added the LA Times, then the storage requirements start to dwarf NASA’s Hubble library…

Another “Major” paper selling “out” in California is another example of trying to sell while you still think some value exists, quick quick quick, before they all go the way of old movies stars looking for one last bus ride down the relevance memory lane tour…

Gollywood 2005 numbers… terrible, so how do they respond? Send in Georgie Boy and say Yes We Are! YES we are completely disconnected from reality and proud of it!!!! Gee that ought to send the box office numbers through the roof! I can tell you next time he makes one of his statement movies about weakness and how he embraces it I will surely, NOT BE THERE!!!

Special Forces Bloggers, own the stories these days from a fact checking, expert testimony viewpoint. Old Noise Machine has been reduced to parody and yet, somewhere, some “exec” must be thinking, you know, declining ad revenue, declining circulation – viewers, declining credibility, and wondering, gee how did this all happen? Having sensed the trend they now are starting their “own” blogs thinking that is must just be the delivery medium, it couldn’t possible be our message could it? Nah that’s not it, right. Lesson one will be their blogs are manned by news writers and not experts and they will still get their clock cleaned, second lesson will be hiring some of the experts, yet they will still get their clock cleaned, and someday, maybe somewhere, one will get it, hmmm must be the message, and then and only then will things get interesting for the old noise machines, of course that assumes some of them might still be around because as we know they are a bit “slow” on the up side… Here’s an idea, just send a guy to take the pictures, we’ll do the real reporting…

Have a nice day…

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Let’s get ready to Ramble!!!

The “Talibanization” of Yale has started off a touch rocky but I think the administration at Yale is secure in their plan to allow the alteration of the school’s image to continue in a tight downward spiral making for a beautiful pretty color picture on some “persons” desk.
As with all liberal “ground breaking” fundamental changes resulting in disaster the “Talibanization” effort tried to fly under the radar and was caught red handed, too funny by far. Step two in the playbook is the silent treatment where the liberal mindset, which usually finds itself whining about everything except itself, retreats into a monotone silence and digs in for the long waiting game. The length of the “waiting” timeframe is dictated by how long the disaster takes to be minimized from the limelight and become reduced to background noise.
After the limelight has faded, the “Talibanization” effort will continue under the radar with more and more “Scholarly” “kids” being recruited to shape the student body. At some point in time though it will be fun to watch the “diversity gang’s” reaction to the new campus rules, you know, wear fingernails lose a finger, woman speak to men or go out of their house alone and your stoned to death, etc., should make for some interesting self reflection, eh?

As if this needs proof, the NY Times reporters are now being “requested” to testify about their attempt to Lie, whoops, I mean build a story with no factual basis to cause trouble for the President of the US and some of his staff.
Proof of what you say??? Proof that anytime non-intellects (i.e. most members of the Old Noise Machine) engage is silly little plans to discredit someone they don’t “like” more often than not the plan fails, but more and more thanks to the SFB (Special Forces Blogger’s) it comes back to bite them where it don’t feel real good, aww poor babies, aww…

Jessica Simpson misses a lunch with the Pres and the press thinks it’s a news story. My guess is the Pres laughed and said thank goodness since I’m sure anytime he has to meet with another airhead it’s a low point of his day…

As predicted we now know funds for Katrina relief will be misspent and go unaccounted for but not to worry, calls of racism will surely shield the lawbreakers and the incidents will surely be un-reported, except of course the cries of racism used to mask the crimes, those will be broadcast across the Old Noise Machines spectrum of liberal and Democratic Party services, count on it. Racism covers and trumps all among the weak and that’s a fact.

The Factor has been after weak kneed judges lately and has done a great job exposing some insane judges who clearly are beyond criminal negligence, they have become co-conspirators in their actions by sentencing people we know will repeat crimes to lesser or no sentence granting them access to the public and the opportunity to hurt us again, go get um Bill!! I’m with you!!
But, I was saved from completely giving up on today’s legal system by watching a trial about the murder-rapist guy in Florida and the sentencing judge who framed the case perfectly, analyzed all of the weakness that constitutes “a defense” of something that can’t be defended, and then sentenced the monster to death. For all of you weak kneed types listen closely, killing monsters is still required in today’s society, and maybe will always be required as long as monsters turn up we need to kill them, else they will kill us and you might not care about that, but I do!!!

Milosevic proved in death what we have all known in real life, things like the “World Court” are for the “ruling clowns” among us to try and feel good about themselves and operate without care to what has occurred, listen closely, just to make sure they don’t feel bad, think hard about that when you hear discussion about these so called “World” bodies operating out of Europe, clueless, careless, spineless, arrogant, and fat, not a way to grow up son!!!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

So this is what they call “news”…

Democrats still ranting and raving about Bush whom in a couple of years won’t be President anymore and no matter how stupid they act now he won’t be removed from office, so why do they still focus on him? Is the only message they have hatred and review of historical events?

Bad people in charge of countries are a major problem, IRAN, North Korea, some of Africa, etc… wasn’t the U.N. supposed to deal with these countries? I guess in between sex orgies with children, running from conflict, and stealing billions of dollars to enrich themselves their just too busy to get around to their original charter yet still some people think they bring good to the world, LOL.

Science has become so blatantly political that now they too must constantly admit “doctoring” their work. Cloning, Global warming, too much fat bad, oh whoops not bad, evolution has stopped because we think we understand everything, more medical emergencies exist today than 10-20 years ago yet we are “so superior” in “knowledge, bird flu, flesh eating bacteria, the “FLU”, everything causes cancer, colleges “teach”, it seems like endless fodder eh…

Society news, haves and have nots, “racism” everywhere, “ageism” everywhere, sex sex sex, gay gay gay, male is female and female is male. Elites vs lowlifes, soc's vs. greasers, “celebrities” have brains (LOL), and on and on and on…

The media itself is now a “news” item, talk about self parody, White House “Elite” news staff, Helen Thomas and David Gregory come to mind, newsreaders like Dan Rather and producers like Mary Mapes become so mixed up they think they can make news and in the end they end up being correct although not in the way they planned, the NY Time and LA Times have been reduced to liberal talking points with readers deserting faster than the pet rock fad faded, in fact most of the AP, Reuters, Times, etc; type stories have as much to say as your typical pet rock does…

Religion, Christians don’t want to convert everyone, Islam is about peace, this has been going on since dirt and apparently will never cease, glad the human life form’s mind has “evolved” so much…

Men and women spending all of their time trying to make men and women equal apparently failing to notice Nature created man and woman differently for a reason, so why some spend their time hating instead of working together, why indeed…

Psychology, we know everything yet we know nothing, whoops, me me me, whoops, reality is what you make of it, whoops, nothing is real, whoops, insert next crackpot theory here, whoops, etc…

After all of these years and years and years of progressing, our news reads like it did long ago, only difference is we produce more of it and it “looks prettier”, how sad is that…

Have a nice day…

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Why are commercials (real polls) so important?

Because they are the most business type “poll” we have. By watching TV shows you gain little information about the audience and tons of information about the producers of the shows. If you want to know who is watching the TV show, check the commercials since the commercial buy people can’t afford to not show results, can’t afford to spend money on meaningless efforts, and most importantly can’t afford to allocate large percentages of a marketing budget to items that don’t produce results, yes I said that correctly, RESULTS.

Want to know who watched the Oscar’s, check the commercials, want to know who watched Nascar, check the commercials, want to know who watches basketball, check the commercials, want to know who watched Oprah, check the commercials, want to know who reads the NY Times, check the advertisements, who reads Drudge, check the advertisements, etc…, get the idea?

What most people fail to separate is producer of information from consumer of information and it’s easy to get confused since most produced information these days closely resembles advertisements, do you think this is by accident? The difference between the local news, a national news source, the NY Times and any infomercial airing at 2am is shrinking fast and in fact in some cases is already gone, i.e. politics, society “norms”, etc.

Gollywood, NY times and all of Old Noise Machine are very hopeful you continue to not differentiate between them and infomercials because once you do that then they too will be reduced to airing at 2am, think about that!

Remember you live in a free market system that is largely driven by the consumer spending habits of normal folks and you need to seriously consider where your dollars are going and what they are funding then use that information to shape your spending habits.

Give to ACLU, send money to terrorist and anti-American types, send money to an Ivy League school or “elite college, send money to anti-American types, buy insurance from Progressive, send money to liberal politics, go see a Gollywood movie, send money to the anti-American left, vote democratic in California, send money to teachers unions, etc..

Think about it, your children’s future depends on it…

Have a good one…

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Rambling Again…

AP “news service” caught stretching the truth again, how boring, how typical, another liberal commercial that just won’t die…

Supreme Liberal caught napping during work and the Old Noise Machine is caught napping on the story, sewn from the same cloth eh…

Another “Rebellious” “Teacher” caught indoctrinating students on the political short comings of everyone else but himself. I first tried to listen to the tape but the voice was so very very scary as I kept thinking of a little child locked away in a closet. Then I tried reading the transcript and couldn’t finish that either as I was overwhelmed by the lack of intellect. But then I had to remind myself that this was a school teacher in another failed public school system and that expecting intellect was clearly discriminatory on my part, my bad sorry…

Alito and Religion wow what a scary deal, I don’t know about you but I’m shaking in my boots!!! The Nation’s religious alarmist (all 50 or so of them) are in shock and scared to death because Alito wrote something that could be construed if you stretch the statement really really far, you know like AP and Dubya, that he has, hold on to your hat, faith, oh my GOD, whoops can I say that? So my choice appears to be a man, A MAN, of faith, or a man of European vision, or maybe a napper eh? Hmm wonder which one scares me most?

Let’s dissect the 3 choices for fun, the napper is harmless like most liberalzzz except when they wake up and try to decide what to do but since that only happens in bureaucratic meetings and during elections I don’t worry much about it. The man of faith who respects his fellow persons, who loves his family, who believes in right and wrong, and whom takes responsibility for his actions. The “European” vision of the world, you know appeasement, no growth, socialism, racism, genderism, elitism…

I guess my choice is easy to spot eh?

Have a good one…

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Friday, March 3, 2006

Oscar Commercial

The Oscar commercial is on this weekend and the “industry” is abuzz about all of the hype it’s pouring on itself. Insider after insider is exceedingly impressed with the amount of money the “industry” is spending on itself to convince the general populace that some of them care about this type of event.

The “industry” has done extensive polling and strongly believes that just pouring money into advertising will reverse the trend of normal people not caring about the Oscar commercial anymore. A certain controlling segment of the “insider” population for years now has believed the polling hype that “messaging”, read commercials, really does drive “public opinion” and that one must spend, spend, spend, if one wants the “public” to understand how good one is.

The pollsters themselves perform one of the most basic “commercial type” services by telling their customers exactly what they want to hear and then taking their money. The pollsters work hard to construct specific questions and target specific audiences to get the desired results for their clients and the “industry” loves to hear someone tell them they are OK and only need to tell people how good they are to make things better.

The “industry”, like “liberal politicians”, fails to see the irony of the Poll commercial and continue to believe the hype as they are more interested in hearing nice things said about them instead of the truth.

News flash to the “industry” (and liberal politicians) what you need to focus on is your product not the hype. Until you fix your product no amount of polling and other types of commercials, even the most expensive commercial of them all “The Oscars”, will help you. One day you will have to grow up and face the facts, sorry…

Have a good one…

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