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Thursday, April 27, 2006

This and That…

Oil Companies profits bad because it “hurts’ the people… Clinton friend Food Store Billionaire got rich on huge profits selling FOOD to people and no one seems to notice… hmmm could it be Food Billionaire friend (gives huge sums of money = friendship to these people) of liberal media. Think about a guy making BILLIONS exploiting poor peoples desire to EAT and stay alive, the horror, the horror…

Republican swing votes and other middle of the road swing voters going to teach Republicans a lesson and not vote for them to “teach” them a lesson. I for one have never seen feeding on ones self a healthy process, have you? Maybe they are taking lessons from the CA Teachers Unions on how to NOT teach effectively!

Immigration issue has been reduced to a racist clash of classes since the politicians in charge are as weak as weak can be, nothing else can describe their inability to show any sign of strength. Show me the power in politics these days that’s not based in genderism, racism, classism, religionism, and I will follow, but alas I feel I am still adrift at sea, waiting, hoping, yearning for real power to show up… sigh… the future looks bleak…

Media is warring still on leakers leaking and how dare the government goes after leakers and some people think the media is upset that this is attacking their patriotism, wrong. The Old Noise Machine (MSM) needs leakers since they have no other news capabilities. The bloggers have exposed their lying liberal bias and they have no concept of neutral reporting anymore so what’s left you say? Relying on leakers as a vain attempt to stay relevant as their circulation and viewer ship continue to decline at a brisk pace. I’m afraid they won’t get it until their financial bankruptcy catches up with their ideological bankruptcy…

Have a good one…

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Damn I’m feeling stupid today!!!!

Apparently I somehow missed the vote allowing the editor of the NY Slimes to be a CZAR with regards to publishing National Security information!

Are you a whistle blower or a leaker? It appears it depends on which political party you vote for. And the press apparently feels they can decide this based on their opinions of the situation when National Security is involved. Because if the press can’t decide this then the American People will never know all the bad things our government does!

Excuse me, don’t we have hundreds of elected officials in Washington? Isn’t their JOB to look out for us? What the hell do we need the media for with regards to National Security? Am I the only one a little taken back by some bonehead editor at the NY Slimes sitting back in his chair and determining what’s good for National Security because it’s good for me that the press can do this?

I’m sorry I don’t remember electing that piece of garbage to do my bidding with regards to National Security. I think he can expose sexual affairs and I don’t care, he can expose lying pants stuffing fools and I don’t care, he can have a staff of opinion writers right gunk day in and day out and I don’t care,


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Friday, April 21, 2006

More of this and that…

I was reading about one of the clowns from the NY Slimes that thought Bush should take a “Foreign Policy Time-Out” and I was again forced to realize how insensitive I have been about their feelings. Yes a “time-out” followed by some milk and cookies, maybe tell a little story before our nap, and snuggle up close while we nap, oh yea! Foreign policy at the NY Slimes really is little more than kids cheerleading other kids with no perspective on reality, zero perspective, zero intellectual weight, and, as usual, zero strength.

Oh and on top of that, some of the major NY Slimes share holders have finally noticed that pimping and preening for less than a 1/3 of your potential customer base is bad for business!! As I’ve said before, so much arrogance buttressed by so much ignorance can lead to negative results…

Some people are wondering why the supporters of the Florida Professor (another shinning example of the “quality” of college professionals) who admitted being a bad guy supporting other bad guys haven’t come forward and admitted they were wrong all along! LOL are you kidding me, they have no idea what responsibility is, zero idea. And what about the Professors of the Professors Society, have you heard anything from them, hmmmm not a chance! Why you ask, well in order to be heard they would have to lift their heads out of the sand and that my friends won’t be happening anytime soon, well at least as long as the Liberal Collective (read school administrations backed by Union dollars) holds their jobs over their heads…

Hmmm, boy this is surprising, a retired General says something political that was the exact opposite of what he said a whole 3 or 4 YEARS ago, I know I know, expecting these political types to remember what they said yesterday is taxing, so how can I expect them to remember something they said years ago. What is most scary to me is how wimpy these generals sound and how they remind me of oh so many wimps who made it up high in management with a relentless campaign of BUTT KISSING!

UN appoints IRAN to commission on Nuclear Disarmament, clearly whom ever writes the comedy for the UN is brilliant, simply brilliant! Gollywood, quick find that comedy writer and hire her or him, brilliant!!

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This and that…

Remember truth seekers and science pro’s, awards like the Pulitzer’s and Nobel’s are no longer awards of excellence, they are awards for;

toeing the line,
for collective liberal thinking,
for weakness,
for race-gender-sexual orientation baiting,
for protecting the guilty,
for burying ones head in the sand in the face of freedom of speech killers,
for ensuring the truth doesn’t matter anymore unless its supports the liberal version,
add your own here…

Destroyers’ version 2,999,999,992

Target: Rumsfield (again), Integrity, and the USA

New version of an age old attack but with the same hoped for results, and btw it’s not about removing Rumsfield, it’s not about removing Bush, it’s not about helping the IRAQI people, they seek to destroy for the same old purpose and it’s the same old game because they have no other game, it’s all about getting liberals back into power. They do this for one reason, to enact laws to destroy America. They say you can’t attack their patriotism yet they attack patriots day in and day out so I will attack their patriotism since they have none.

What do they want, they want a ruling class for the World, plain and simple. And they must destroy the US for that to ever happen else they have no chance. Why you say, well because free will is not part of liberal thought, it’s collective or bad, period.

More examples you say, illegal immigration aka open borders, tell me that’s not a “world view”, seeping in “International Law” into Court decisions, protecting the courts against law makers elected by majority vote (rule by law not by legislature), fighting having an ID to vote yet you need a ID for almost everything else devaluing the voting process, control the voting process through gerrymandering for Congress people and massive money requirements for Senate seats reducing the contest to the rich or party candidates only, change the voting process so the outcome is controlled by the courts, Global Warming hysteria designed to enforce collective thought, support failing schools systems to continue producing citizens whom they think will be easier to control, “poll” 50 people and market the poll such that these 50 people speak for the “majority” of us and therefore you should too, add you own here…

What they clearly don’t know, if they succeed, they will create a world body that the 1st powerful group of individuals (Islam maybe?) that comes along will over throw with ease and then all of the “rights and social advances” will be thrown out on day one.

Any feminist, or gay rights advocate, or freedom of religion type, or freedom of thought type who supports the Democratic extreme liberalism plan should realize that they are attacking themselves and maybe they should consider an alternative else their legacy will not survive, will all of been in vain, and most of the fault will be on their leaders who refused to see the truth, or who saw it and were too weak to act on it… think about it…

Have a good one…

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Fifth Installment: The Hillary vs. the Ham Sammich

Newsflash: The latest polling numbers from IP – ONU have just been released and the Hillary has taken the lead!! At this time, 2+ years out from the race, the gap for Hillary is microscopic over the Ham Sammich but it’s still too close (for any normal person) to call with a difference of 0.00…8.

Polling Note: Interestingly enough the usual suspects, ABC, CBS, NBC, Zogby, etc. are thrilled to no end and are starting to actively question, “Why do we need an election?” The Pollsters, off the record of course, wonder why the stupid government requires the vote at all, they know who American’s want to be President and all of this voting stuff and Electoral College stuff is a complete waste of Taxpayer dollars. In fact they say, why wait till 08 to put a new president in, let’s throw the bum out now and shove the Hillary in, think of all the money and time saved! They walked away grumbling something about “will of the people, how dated is that!”

The Bill and Hill little dust devil situation about “Port’s” and security was really just a memo to memo chain off command issue and not a REAL issue between the two. A meeting was planned and came off with out a hitch between the two after their staffs worked for days to re-schedule their schedules so they could actually talk face to face. As with all situations that show Hillary to be incompetent with regards to political positioning, Bill quickly came out and took the blame. He also forcefully reminded everyone that Hillary wears the pants in their relationship and Bill “sticks” to the blue dresses.

The Ham Sammich has been on a Whirlwind Tour of the Mid-West states raising money and building localized Campaign teams that will roll-up to support the National Campaign. These teams consist mostly of dedicated Ham Sammich loyalists who for years have enjoyed the tasty relevance of the Ham Sammich’s position in Society and who rejoice with smiles and warm embraces to all. Ham Sammich loyalist see no color, no age, no gender, no need for laws on things that no one on this planet has control of!

The Hillary machine has also been on a Whirlwind Tour of the Mid-West states raising money and building localized Campaign teams required to support the National Campaign as well. As an example of her “enduring” support in Iowa, The Hillary’s local Iowa campaign staff was augmented by less than 200-300 lawyers and such from East Coast teams that were only brought in for “back-up”. The Hillary team assured the local followers her will was their will and as long as they followed the Central Command Operation (CCO) directives they would still be in charge of things, you know, donut runs, mail box stuffing, tire slashing, etc., and that the legal agreement they we’re signing would only be needed if they were required to be arrested based on illegal activity and, but of course, the CCO will disavow any knowledge of their operations regardless of where the order came from. The Hillary team would later thank them via a form letter from the Queen, whoops, I mean President as they had to understand there would be too many for her to personally sign.

The Hillary has reportedly raised so much money the insiders are speaking to numerous banking officials about setting up the Bank of Hillary and how to properly launder the hard and soft money such that no one knows which is which and therefore ensures no campaign laws will be broken. The rumor that the Hillary campaign might follow the campaign finance rules laid down by Fiengold-McCain were laughed off by the insiders, “those rules are meant for old white men, the FEC ensures all of the protected groups (women, minorities, reporters, school unions-professors, lawyers, etc.) can do what they want and no harm will come to them!”

Breaking news has is that the Ham Sammich’s mere “mention” of the dreaded Truth Missile has infuriated the Junior Senators Presidential staff and they are up in arms! Insiders tell this intrepid reporter that the news shook some of the staff so hard they were reduced to un-controllable outbursts some to vulgar for print, what follows are some of the “tamer” outbursts, “telling the truth is for weenies”, “telling the truth is a sure sign of weakness!”, “telling the truth requires that one be non-nuanced!”, the horror, the horror, …

The Hillary’s team has responded by preparing over 50,000 lawsuits based in International law that argue the people can’t handle the truth, don’t need the truth, and shouldn’t be allowed to know the truth! The Hillary’s legal team, estimated at over 10,000 lawyers, is prepared to submit as many lawsuits as needed to ensure no one ever understands the real story and they can outlast any challenge(s) based on silly things like the facts or the truth which are, of course, poor foundations for running a political campaign.

The Ham Sammich is preparing to respond with an “Army of David’s” (Glenn Reynolds aka Instapundit), grass roots people all over the US who still believe in Truth, Justice, and the American Way! The SFB’s (Special Forces Bloggers) make up the bulk of the Army of David’s and they are a formable group, the humongous legal Gauntlet thrown up by the Hillary might not be sufficient to conceal the truth and ensure reality cannot be defined by mere mortals whom aren’t Judges. The Hillary legal team will be completely un-prepared to battle this new foe, most importantly, their mixture of complete arrogance buttressed by complete ignorance of what the “Army of David’s” is makes for a battle that historians looking back in time will wonder, wonder out loud, how in those modern ages could such a massacre have been allowed to happen, the horror, the horror.

Never the less, insiders on both sides of this historic showdown realize what is at stake and we expect this battle to be intense, hard fought, and as rough as anything ever seen in Modern Political times. Including the most historic Clintonian legal battle ever fought, the legal based meaning of the word “is”. We will endeavor to pursue for you our readers, the un-biased and TRUTHFUL reporting of all the facts, to hell with Nuance!!!

The next installment will focus on the battle between the Goliaths of the Hillary team’s construction vs. the Army of David’s as the Gauntlet is laid down and the siege begins!!!

Until we meet again, remember the truth is more than a feeling, the truth is more than words, the truth is never nuanced, the truth doesn’t need spin, it is what it is…

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Friday, April 7, 2006

Power Politics via the Courts

Trent Lott doesn’t like hearing from us “ordinary” people about Pork Barrel stuff,
McCain-Feingold don’t like hearing from us “ordinary” people about campaign contributions,
Clinton-Romney don’t like hearing from us “ordinary” people about HealthCare,
Closet Republicans don’t like hearing from us “ordinary” people about illegal immigrants,
San Fran Senate “Gals” don’t like hearing from us “ordinary” people about Unions killing California,
Kerry – Kennedy don’t like hearing from us “ordinary” people about judges;
And on and on and on.

Do you know why? Because your vote is secondary, what rules politics today is not local effects but centralized party machinery. The states have been relegated to secondary citizens to protect the National Political Parties agenda and you can add more of the above everyday since they cover everything.

And what makes it worse if they have found a way to make the only two National elected politicians, the President and Vice President, not really matter that much anymore and it’s called the Federal Court system. And in case you haven’t noticed that’s where the ultimate power struggles today are. The Congress elections are a shame, the President and Vice President Elections are straight party line exercises, and so what we have left is lifetime appointed judges ruling our lives. The voting process is in shambles, dead people vote, dogs vote, people cry (Democrats wanting illegals and felons to vote) if they are required to prove they are US citizens and-or authorized to vote, and on and on and on…

Remember this when you see a judge rule against the US Military for political reasons (Abu-Grab),
Remember this when you see a convicted and self-admitted child rapist sentenced to no jail time,
Remember this when you see a terrorist treated better that a US citizen who smokes pot,
Remember this when you see “racism” become a legal right,
Remember this when you see in the very near future a “judge” ruling all illegals are legal,
Remember this when you see your home ripped from your hands,
Remember this when you see a rich or powerful entity move a trial to a “favorable judge”,
Remember this when you see a judge who says “his or her” courtroom,
Excuse my language but,


If you’re not scarred yet you should be, America is in trouble and the destroyers are using the courts for the real battle, please remember this when you wonder what’s wrong in our country…

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

How big a deal is Racism?

NBC trolling for Racism at NASCAR races, comes away empty.
If they trolled for Racism at more opportunity laden places;
Say anywhere Cynthia McKinney goes,
Say anywhere Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson go,
Say anywhere illegal immigrants from Mexico gather,
Say anywhere A.N.S.W.E.R. sponsors a rally,
Say anywhere “peaceful” Muslims gather,
Say anywhere college social sciences “professors” gather,
Say anywhere where French and Brussels “Elite” meet,
Say anywhere college law school “entrance” exams are taken,
Say anywhere the Nation of Islam meets,
Say anywhere the “Senatorial Ladies” San Fran Tea Party meets,
Say anywhere the Congressional Black Caucus meets,
Say anywhere the Congressional Latino Caucus meets,
Say anywhere the Congressional Asian Caucus meets,
Say anywhere the Congressional Lobster Caucus meets,

they could fill the airwaves tonight! Alas though that would only be Anti-American racism which the Old Noise Machine and the Democrats think nothing of…

I pledge allegiance to the FLAG Baby!!!!! Oh Yea…

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Another day of the Destroyers

How come the only people not called Racist by the mainstream press and the Democrats are the people who are the most racist? Who use racism as an excuse for everything and any behavior? Well Duh, it’s obvious since the only ones who still use racism like this are Democrats. How long will we have to put up with people being anything but Americans, plain and simple Americans, how long? Will America still be here when that time comes? Or will the destroyers have won by then and only looking back will the destroyers realize they destroyed themselves too in the process, sometimes I just wonder…

Immigration, only counts when politics is involved and who will get the most votes, nothing else matters to those in power, NOTHING! And now that we know Mexico treats its illegals a million times worse than we do it just confirms the obvious, the destroyers know no bounds, have no scruples, and will stop at nothing. I hope the brave and strong dig in soon…

Big news about the new CBS newsreader, pure agenda driven BS, I don’t know about you but that sure SURPRISES me!! When will people learn that newsreaders are old news, tainted organs of liberal machinery washed away in the battle for truth? As stated before the destroyers think its big and important, but in the end the truth will when and no matter who or how, the message of destruction and control will not win in America, as long as we stay America and remember all before us who had similar battles and who fought for the truth, justice, and the American way…

An election is coming soon and the pundits and pols are already starting their processes that seek to destroy those whom don’t agree with them. When you live by hate, think by hate, are driven, by hate, you can’t go home and WASH it off, you can’t go to the water cooler and Vent it off, you can’t surround yourself with only those who think like you and WILL it off, no you must first face your hatred, realize you have a problem, and then and only then can you start the healing process. The destroyers need hate (see Middle East for current example) for without hate the destroyers have no cause, have no voice, have no power, so you need to decide what you want to be, hate = destroyer, hurts doesn’t it…

Have a good day...

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Global Warming, even the name is wrong!

You know when a “Group of zealots” can’t even name their “movement” correctly you’ve got to stand-up and take notice. The “enlightened” few who take this seriously based on its name alone are typical “movement” types, and as we all know usually a few calculators leading a bunch of “useful” idiots around. Although in this case I think “useful” is over used a bit, don’t you?

Typical “useful” idiots like Cindy S. and too numerous to list Gollywood celebs actually believe they “know” what they are doing when in reality they are clueless. But the Global Warming crowd tops even those Gollywood clowns (sorry clowns) with respect to actual understanding of the movement. So I will make it very simple for you, the Planet is in a constant state of warming and cooling, or if you prefer, cooling and warming! See now you too are up to date on the movement.

The Planet’s journey through Space and Time like all things in Nature is marked by change, constant change, and the roller-coaster has far too many ups, downs, and turns for us to completely understand and predict the future. So if we remove this component from the equation we can really get down to what bugs most of the people in this movement, how we use the planet and her resources.

I am all for being as smart as possible, as “Earth Friendly” as possible, and “clean” as possible and clearly our history shows we balance this pretty well. Some periods are better than others but we are clearly making progress here.

So why over-sensationalize a wrongly named movement? In some we know their compassion is sincere, but for most we know the true reason, power, pure and simple power and so those that lay claim to being in this movement are actually part of everything they hate. As I’ve said before, be careful what you hate, because Nature is their waiting for you and you will become what you hate, as sure as global evolution changes with time, count on it!

Have a good one…

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