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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Some Fun n Stuff Politicking!!

Oops, Al the Goresman has decided he had better inform everyone that although he wasted tons of gas and stuff pushing his new movie that tells us little people not to waste gas, not to worry, because he went “green” in other ways to offset his abuse of gas, gee wonder whom he learned that tactic from?

Well it’s getting close to election time which means POLL-A-APLOOZA’s are everywhere. You can bet that not one major “media” entity will not have a weekly or even more frequent poll saying this or that to market to their political base.

Although most people realize the polls are nothing more than marketing hype designed to sway public opinion, they do have one useful and completely accurate component, their political bias will be in full display and you can judge them not on the forever changing spin, but on hard core facts they supply themselves.

An easy example is USA Today which oddly enough only does polls that hurt George Bush and Republicans, gee I wonder who they politically support? What’s funny is some people think that USA Today is a real newspaper, how funny is that!

California Democratic Governor race is still in its early phases but its getting brutal already and looks like it will be a battle of the haves and the have-nots.

The haves of course means you have sworn to increase taxes to pay off the Teachers Union, Police-Fire Unions, Gov Unions, etc. and if you watch or hear any news out here its Phil baby who has been bought and paid for, ah the good ole days of Grey Davis coming back to CA, how cool would that be?

This will be fun to watch and maybe the CA population might wake up and understand that the Unions run the state, not them.

Have a good one…

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Monday, May 29, 2006


Thanks US Military personnel, you're the best!

A long long time ago in THIS GALAXY the US stood firm,
Evil forces invaded our homeland and killed with speed and force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces declared their intention to take over the world,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces killed innocent people and did not care,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces attacked over and over, killing and killing,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon to learn the most powerful force in nature,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon under attack from that force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were treated as they treated us,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon crushed by our Free Will,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Remember the price of countless before you,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Will you?

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Free Market Ideas and Some Labeling!

Market Idea 1a: You want to support Illegal immigrant people, great, stipulate a part of your paycheck every month to the Illegal Immigrant Federal Bureau and they will adjust the number of illegals based on the contributions.

Market Idea 1b: Help illegals support illegals, tax all money movement back to Mexico at a 50% rate and think of all the great services they could have, schooling, healthcare, the list could be endless!! And the Illegal Immigrant Fed Bureau could grow just like all the other Fed Bureaus into an unaccountable bad management magnet!!!

More money, more immigrants, less money, less immigrants. And its’ all voluntary and-or self supporting, how cool is that!!!!

Market Idea 2: All foreign governments, the UN, etc., by donation only! You want to support them you got it, for a nominal Fed Bureau overhead fee you could save the world!! Volunteer, Volunteer, the UN needs your money now could be your slogan, how COOL is that!

Market Idea 3: Turn over Congress “people” whoops I mean earmarks to EBAY and let the bidding begin!!! Full transparency and we can watch the rich buy the lawmakers, whoops again I meant earmarks, right out in the open, how cool is that!!

Market Idea 4: All lawsuits against any government entity are entirely paid for by the suit filer, including all government costs. All lawyers’ fees will be less than 10% of the total combined costs minus Fed Bureau overhead to be decided by the Fed Bureau themselves. All awards won by filer are to be directed to a Fed Bureau to disperse the funds to the homeless and the filer will get a nice service plaque for supporting the homeless. Supporting the Homeless, How cool is that!!

Add your own ideas today to the National Debate and who knows maybe one day we can become a Nation of Majority Rule again, now how cool would that be!!

So Iran wants to Tag people of different religions, well here in the US I want to tag some different types too;

Blurry red eye’d bumper emblem on all Kennedy cars,
Don’t You Know WHO I AM bumper stickers for politicians and wealthy people whom are above the law you and I must live by,
Green for Thee not for Me lapel pins for jet setting, entourage toting “Global Warming” gas bags,
IA (Illegal Alien) bright GOLD patch signifying don’t touch or you’re a racist, don’t criticize or you’re a racist, and of course you have to pay for everything and if you don’t, right, you’re a racist,
FreeME florescent green student patch’s for any student not conforming to the Liberal ideology passing as free speech codes at colleges, and most if not all public schools,
SpinMoneyMaster green arm badge for all those who can and will spin anything for money without regards to the truth or the consequences of their spin,
BlowBubba florescent blue patches for all girls working at a certain ex-gov officials office,

Create your own and have fun!!!!!

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Accountability, you must be kidding….

ACLU internal memo, don’t air different opinions as they might hurt us, so much for defending free speech heh! Can it get better, oh yea…

Mexico pres denounces US fence while building his own fence, zero integrity, can it get better, oh yea…

“Family Values” candidate behind “$7,000” in child support, classic, but can it get better, oh yea…

Congress “people” upset one of their offices was searched because, well don’t we know WHO THEY ARE!! So what if they have the congress “person” on tape taking bribes, I say again, DON’T YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, can it get better, oh yea…

Senate hears the people of the US and responds to their anger against unfettered ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, soon to pass laws giving ILLEGAL ALIENS more protection at work than you and me. That will teach us to voice our opinion to the US Senate, DON’T YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!, But can it get better, oh yea…

Al Gore, Puppet Movie Master extraordinaire, flies to Washington, then to Cannes, and then, Gore & entourage took 5 cars to travel the 500 yards from hotel to screening of global warming pic in Cannes. Now to you that might seem like a waste of gas and harmful to the planet, but if you thought that, then surely YOU DON’T KNOW WHO HE IS!!!

Have a good one…

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Freezers: Hate scares the Weak

All one needs to do is look at the weaklings of the old MSM groups, the major weakness holding higher education hostage, the EU kowtowing, and one can see where the Haters have “Frozen” the weak into complete submission.

They choose violent hate based actions and words since they know violence scares the weak and they know the old MSM, Colleges, the EU, etc. are full of weakness and would rather “Freeze” in place they deal with the issue.

In fact there are so many examples of the weak being scared by violence these days I must assume this is a normal life cycle. The weak got to strong for awhile using words and posturing to gain power and then when trouble hit, as expected, they folded their tent and ran for the hills hoping to be left alone, hoping to “Freeze” the world at a moment in time when everyone was so “nice”, the ruling class had no threats, and only the little people got hurt.

Well that Frozen time has passed and once thawed cannot be re-frozen like the “old days”. Its time for strength to regain the lead by punishing the violent, by protecting the innocent, and by crushing the haters.

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Freezers: Skin Color Crusaders

Some clowns at Harvard have a website that proves what I have written about many times before, they can prove racism no matter what you say. You must be a racist you just don’t know it.

False Guilt requires the “Racial Freezers” to forever live at a time when all white people are racist and all colored people have an excuse to be racist. You are not ALLOWED to evolve past your racism, you are not allowed to treat it like other forms of hate because it’s a “special” form of hate.

The “Racial Freezers” need your false guilt to protect their racial economy and they have chosen to “Freeze” your guilt from the “50’s” and “Freeze” your “its all my fault” guilt trip concessions from the “90’s”. It’s a perfect storm of false guilt, political posturing, and economy building that produces the level of “racism miners” we see today.

As I’ve said before skin color is just a view of nature that you have no control of how you view or what color you are. You do however have the ability to control or not control your hate. The “Racial Freezers” count on you never accepting that view, you decide.

Have a good one…

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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Freezers: Scared to Motionless

Note: First of many postings on the “Freezers”.

Al “I wish I had a backbone” Gore has become the lead puppet lately in a movie effort to show what “Global Warming” is all about to the average person whom must be clueless to this “proven” cause celeb.

The movie, but of course, shows all of the worst case scenario’s as being a matter of when, not if. The “MOVIE” takes great care to avoid scientific truths in pursuit of their quest, to scare you. To scare you into supporting their cause, to change all of the “normal” peoples life’s to conform with their world-view of life.

The problem they face is that Nature is always changing, Nature is by definition a constant changewave that we can never stop, ever! They cannot “Freeze” the oceans at their current level, they cannot “Freeze” the ice sheets at their current size, they cannot “Freeze” evolution in its current state, in fact the only thing they can “Freeze” is their intellectual growth.

One cannot change Nature, one can only hope to understand and ride with as much harmony as possible. It’s a fight the “Global Warmers” will never be able to win, it’s a changewave they will never be able to “Freeze”!

Have a good one…

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Friday, May 5, 2006

More Rambling

Nature and the Balance of the Senate, I am surprised that Nature is so omnipresence that she can even balance this group out;

They have Boxer, we have Chafee,
They have Kennedy, we have Specter,
They have Kerry, we have Lott,

Now baby, that takes awesome powers, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s create a 3rd party, one of vision, power, logic, humanity based, classless, raceless, genderless, where wealth can buy anything but, politicians, legal privilege, human servants You know, by the people, for the people stuff, and then to balance Nature the two old stagnate corrupt parties can coalesce into one big old ball of yarn, useless until un-spun… sound good to you too???

Kennedy was caught at 2:45am, what was he going to vote on that day or what “other” official business was he planning? Congress Police let him off boy am I surprised, it’s like dude the 1st time I’ve heard of the ruling class law applied to the ruling class and the “little people” law like applied to you and me wasn’t the same, go figure. Oh btw, who does the ruling class work for? Or who does the “little people” class work for?

They in Government say we need more money, so what do they do?

Not tax illegals or the businesses that use them more than you and me, want to stay, want to hire, fine, PAY FOR THE PRIVILEDGE,
Keep The War on Drugs going and miss all of the taxes that would flow if we legalized it in the “correct way”, you know like the big PILL BUSINESS does today (ask Kennedy, Rush, et al), or continue to let all the dictators keep the money,
Keep on-line gambling illegal so all the money and taxes from that go to other countries as well,
Keep letting court personal whom are accountable to no one drive infrastructure (Insurance, Medical, Legal, Bureaucracy, etc) costs through the roof, I thought we had the technology to let the people decide these days? Government too screwed up to decide, let the public decide, court ruling screwed up, let the public decide, after all we will in a MAJORITY RULE system, don’t we?

Have a good one…

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Bloggers, don’t repeat one of the Old Noise Machines (MSM) Biggest Mistakes!

And you ask what is that mistake? Don’t expound and regurgitate “bad” news over and over and over once the battle is finished, win or lose…

Moussaoui is a prime example, cover once, cover thoroughly and then, NEVER EVER AGAIN, let the OLD Noise Machine waste away with sordid details and meaningless analysis. Yes the death penalty was best, rotting in jail is good too, and no France can never have him, he’s gone, let it go…

If we can’t make positive news going forward day in and day out, then we too will become the next version of the Old Noise Machine. I for one am hoping that’s not the plan for the future, what say ye?

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Blog Re-Actions

Powerline is, rightfully, paying homage to Mark L and Andrew M. co-author at National Review On-line ripping the Palm Beach DA for letting politics drive his actions, just like the clown Ronnie E against Delay. As I have stated before the Liberal Mindset has been reduced to using the Courts to fight all of their causes because the masses will never buy their junk. And you say you’re not that outraged huh?

Well this strategy of the small versus the majority via courts, finding judges that “feel your PAIN”, outlasting the local budgets (ACLU, DNC, RNC, etc.), using the usual ism’s (genderism, racism, etc.), and on and on should be SCARING THE HELL OUT OF YOU!

This is how the ACLU, Soros, Liberals at large, want to shape and control America and they are much further along in Europe and you see how well that is going! Now we have all sorts of groups embracing this strategy and making the courts the centerpiece of political activism. The list is so huge that no one can really keep up with it, we have watchdog groups for the ACLU, for the 9th Circuit Court of Laughs, whoops I meant Appeals, Spring Break Lawyers Gone Wild, Judges telling the people whom they work for I don’t need to follow YOUR rules, a common judge line, “NOT IN MY COURTROOM”, Whom’s Court Room your honor? And while I’m asking that, what’s with the “YOUR HONOR” garbage, you think you’re better than the rest of us? Maybe you forget who’s paying your salary and who your work for!

Remember when you VOTE, the liberals winning equals the Courts screwing your lifestyle!

Powerline also talks briefly about Neil Young’s new political hit piece and quotes some guy as saying if your conservative it will make you mad as hell! I want to ask the conservatives to join this moderate in saying, thanks for the LAUGHS Neil!

Michelle Malkin’s new Hot Air site is very cool and as usual targets with facts and truth, must really frustrate her critics whose only weapons are lies and personal attacks. Michelle also takes it to the immigration extortionist and others say one thing and do another, she always seems to have logic on here side which is a good thing.

National Review Online, by Claudia Rosett, another UN action that would be a scandal of huge proportion if done by anyone in the GOP, but sense it’s the UN not to worry, they are so corrupt its expected! And yet we still send money, we still act like they matter, so many acts, so little time, so much waste, so much false hope, the horror the horror…

Rush (on the air), Most College Professors don’t approve of Bush’s actions, are you kidding me!!! Of course they would he believes in the truth and strength, and sometimes his faith, while all they have is hate and somber discussions about a dreamland that will never exists, a land where the ruling class runs everything and all the “little people” follow without question…

Have a good one!!!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

More of this and that…

Well the Illegal’s “protests” went off as planned and the only ones who seemed to notice were the self-selling leaders of non-moving movements. Business went on as usual, freeways were very nice, kinda of like a day when schools and – or gov is closed and traffic flies… hmmmmmm Now I know what your thinking, could they be related? I don’t know just thinking out loud.

And of course the gov is wandering aimlessly trying to figure out how to get votes and Geo Bush is looking for love. What this situation needs is management and you find very little of that in gov and that my friends is the real problem! It seems that when Geo Bush falls short of the mark he is being very consistent, he throws his Business skills out the door and goes emotional and when he does, look out cause as good as his business skills are his emotional skills are bad and the evidence is abundant!

And lastly it appears the illegal “crowd” has started to notice that the drivers of this effort were communist and socialist organizations and they wondered if they should be associated with those groups. Strange bedfellows indeed…

Lot’s of talk recently about false guilt which is old news to this old guy. A term I first heard from my brother years ago and when one looks at the angry liberal left and examines their drivers it’s clear they suffer massive doses of false guilt like a heroin addict seeking their next fix except at least the heroin addicts admits they have a problem, don’t expect that from an angry liberal anytime soon. But the real problem is not their false guilt but their never ending efforts to weaken everything around them to put theirs minds at ease. They are the weakest of the weak and therefore the most desperate, the quickest to mob, the quickest to denounce, the quickest to point blame, the quickest to cry foul, the quickest to look the other way if the truth or logic gets in the way of their idealism.

I am a divorced white male in his late forties and without doubt I am part of the most discriminated group in Liberal power circles which of course allows the discrimination to flourish and grow in other areas of society (press, schools, government, etc…). As I have written before these discriminators have built robust economies needed to fund their personal lifes and as long as those economies are allowed to grow and flourish, then racism, genderism, xxxism will continue to be a problem in society. And as long as the weak liberal false guilt mind is allowed to have any say expect this problem to remain.

The good news is Nature favors the strong and always has so on occasion the weak will have their moment, but in the end Nature will assert herself and the strong will correct the imbalance of the angry liberal weaklings.

Have a good one…

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