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Friday, June 30, 2006

Where are the Leaders - Politicians who do more than shout?

Major Supreme Being court ruling giving Terrorist aid and comfort, NY Times giving Terrorist aid and comfort and what do we get? What did we get from our political crowd?

Lot’s of blabber mouthing, a useless resolution, talk, talk talk…

TALK TALK TALK is all we get these days, we have no leaders in politics, NONE…


Americans need to take back the country from the Global Socialist soon and we need a REAL LEADER to do that…

Where is the next REAL LEADER of AMERICA, we need that person SOONER rather than later…

Think about it…

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Church of Law

And the Church just keeps on giving to its followers with these most recent examples;

1) The leakers to the NY Times and the Times itself still not under investigation for at least espionage and maybe Treason. You or I would be jailed in shackles by now.
Note: For all you clowns piling on Bill Keller clearly you know little about corporate management even for a corporation run as poorly as the NY TIMES, of course the person whom approved this nonsense was the CEO and the real useful idiot is not Bill, but the ever present Pinch. I think if the term USEFUL IDIOT had a poster child and one could appoint a CEO for the UNION OF USEFUL IDIOTS, one would be hard pressed to find anyone more fitting for the job than Pinch!

2) SCOTUS again equates the WAR on Terrorist with the WAR on DRUGS! Sometimes when you see the highest court in the land acting like useful idiots it just makes you wonder how the process could be so screwed up that we allowed that level of idiot on the courts. How could the system be so bad that we have Judges who display for all to see complete disdain for the very system we-they live by?
3) Forget the fact that Ward Churchill is a complete idiot, a poster child for what’s wrong with the liberal professorship living on the tax payer dollar, and just focus on his dishonesty and gaming of the system. If you did that in the private sector you’re gone in a flash but if you do that on the TAX PAYERS DOLLAR you can go to COURT and find a friendly USEFUL IDIOT Judge who will side with you!

The only way to change this is with your votes, please think about it.

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Church of Law

O’Reilly last night had a Massachusetts State Senator(?) thinking “BUSH” had broke the law because he didn’t get a Federal JUDGE to approve his “SWIFT” actions (NO not the boat in Cambodia!) and that’s all that mattered to him. I have told you before some people feel the LEGAL system now controls the Presidency, IN A TIME OF WAR!

How does one describe these types of people, beyond bureaucratic clowns, beyond useful idiots, beyond partisan hacks, beyond clueless blowhards of questionable intelligence, how?

I think I have it for as long as we live in a majority rule society and they are out of power, they,

WORSHIP at the Church of Law

Yes, they worship its every move, it’s control, its power over their life’s is not in dispute, they seek to protect the ruling class, control the common class, and attack all whom disagree at their place of WORSHIP.

Most label them lefty secularist, but fear not worshippers, they worship and they might even worship harder and more often than you! You live your life day to day in support of your family and friends bolstered by your beliefs. They live everyday in fear of not being in control, in fear of not owning the thing they worship. Most of you feel “ownership" of “GOD” or your religion is not even a question let alone a struggle. Imagine if you had to spend all of your time worrying that it was in question, and worse than that, someone might take it away from you just because they disagree with you.

Think about this next time you see them in such a state of despair, scared and crouched in a corner, shuddering in fear, and don’t feel sorry for them, just be understanding and hope that one day maybe they can live without fear and that they summon the courage to face their religion. Maybe one day they might even gain the courage to worship out in the open, just like you.

To Prosecute or not to Prosecute Government Leakers and the Media

Why is this a question? We have laws, they have violated them, you or I would be nailed in a sec, why is it different for them?

Because the legal system is owned by the political class, end of line.

Recent examples can be found looking into Kennedy and DUI, you or I, nailed with felonies, Kennedy, not a problem would you like a ride home sir?

House Member punches cop, no charges, no problem. I’m sure if you or I went down to where some police were working and punched them in the chest, no problem, except the felony arrest, jail time, legal expenses that would kill most peoples budget, crime record for life, just little details like that.

Private Citizen leaks classified information, hard labor for life in prison at Leavenworth, but if you’re a friend of the NY Times or a reporter, party time!

And you think the law is fair and supports you? How foolish can you be? You need to ask yourself that next time you vote…

Have a good one…

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Monday, June 26, 2006

American Politics and the OLD PRESS MACHINE

We all know the Old Press Machine has been dying a slow death for some time now. We know AP and Reuters are run by clowns with political agendas, we know the LA and NY Times are run by little men with big ego’s who have no problem running their “businesses” into the ground, and yet those organizations appear to notice no problem with their business models failing, or, are they failing?

Has the OLD PRESS Machine found new revenues that drives its agenda based machine? Since all of the over the counter data suggests a slow yet steady death we must surmise these captains of the Ancients must have some other income were not aware of.

We know they kill more tress than any other industry yet take no heat from the Eco nuts, we know they are anti-American yet numerous Americans that “SAY” they support America live and die by their words, we know they print inside info leaked for political purpose only time and time again and call it a “NEWS” story yet its always one sided and often factually challenged.

I think though that we have found their real revenue stream and its grouped with the Government Unions, the Racist and Feminists economies, its grouped by left wing billionaires with severe delusions of self-importance, it’s the revenue of “perceived political power”, and that power is so intoxicating that it appears once drank you forever more are lost to the “DARK SIDE”…

Simple you say, but of course, old as the hills you say, but of course, so what changed and why is it so isolated yet so powerful? Three reasons have driven the process to its current state of insanity;

1) The current version of MASS communication ignited by the computer industry.
2) The Legal system has been morphed into a political system.
3) The political election process is rigged like never before, dwarfing the rigged elections of yesterday.

The first point is extremely complex and a war is going on right now, as we all know, with the old fighting the new, but in reality it’s with the many taking out the few. The few still don’t see it but they have lost, and they can NEVER, EVER, put the Genie back in the Bottle, but like a drowning person that will die hard and take as many with them as they can.

The second point posits that the legal system was dragged into the political process when one of the National Parties realized their ideas weren’t popular enough to win the majority vote anymore. This has been brewing for years and it is now out in the open and the fight is to the death for some. The legal system that was designed to protect the common person was used to protect the rich, the powerful, and those on the inside, while the common person went to court and rolled the dice. The rich, powerful, and insiders still get most of the breaks, but even they are now subject to a higher calling for the legal system, political law. It’s only a matter of time before the pressure builds and that process explodes against those that use the legal system to manage the public at large. Why you say? Because it’s the beauty and POWER of the constitution they are fighting and I guarantee, “We the People, By the People, and For the People” will win, it always has!

The third point scares me the most as the National Parties now control the political process and have rigged the voting process via gerrymandering for the Lower House and Rich only for the Upper House / Presidency. How we fix that will be interesting to figure out.

So if you agree with me, the OLD PRESS MACHINE exists for one purpose now and has only one revenue stream, political power. And like all other entities that had their time but refuse to realize they have lost the edge, the death will be painful and hard to watch, you might even have noticed the hard to watch part already!

Have a good one…

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Back in the saddle again, where to start… So many useful idiots so little time…

Al Gore and some Inconvenient Reality

Earth temp is warming, man (woman?) has to be a MAJOR part of it contends the clueless crowd, the cycle of warming and cooling is billions of years old, BILLIONS… how long have PEOPLE been around…

The measurement time span used to attack people is in, to be generous, hundreds of years, the warm and cool pattern has been off and on for BILLIONS of years, yes BILLIONS… the percentage of the system (earths weather) under measurement versus time in existence is too small even for modern day political pollsters to detect a meaningful bit of actionable information…

The problem, if you accept it as a problem, stems from events on earths surface, perhaps over looking the most powerful influence on our planet and all its parts, including the weather, the SUN, which strangely enough has been around for BILLIONS, yes BILLIONS of years… sensing a pattern are we?

The problem, if you accept it as a problem, stems from events on earths surface, perhaps over looking the second most powerful influence on our planet and all its parts, the earths core, which interesting enough, has been changing for, you guessed it, BILLIONS of years…. Hmmmm the pattern is complete…

Inconvenient Truth meet Inconvenient Reality, REALITY wins in a SMACKDOWN!!!!! To be honest, it never was a contest but watching the scared little people wonder aimlessly is kinda fun to watch…

LA and NY Times continue to operate without regard to John Q Citizen

As I have stated before the “Media” needs to be nailed and nailed hard for their continued fight against our fight on terror, doesn’t any politician have the guts to nail that crowd, anyone? Want my vote, no brainer, attack and wipeout the leakers and the media whom court them… Any one who supports the LA or NY Time should move to England and Canada, ASAP, PLEASE!! And take the single digit IQ PIXIE Chicks with you, why do all the socialist useful idiots like the Pixie Chicks, Shehan, etc. have single digit IQ’s? Hmmm sensing a pattern are you…

Kofi Clown

WSJ let him write an editorial on Immigration a couple of weeks ago, ROFLMAO!!
Sometimes the WSJ’s sense of humor is just too good, way to good…

KOS Blog meet Reality

Liberal Blog grass roots group meets the real political machine in a fight for control of the ring, Blog group comes out dazed and confused! Like so many whom thought they could take out Ali, talk is talk, but when you get in the ring with the pro’s, the chances are excellent you will have no idea what hit you, you will have no idea how fast it came, you will be completely unprepared for its power, and you will be carried from the ring blabbering what happened what happened! The pro’s will laugh and wait for the next one, bright eyed, bushy tailed, and, as it has always been, clueless between the difference between wanna-be’s and the pro’s!

Have a good one!!

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Monday, June 5, 2006

Patriotism Freezers

Maybe you’ve heard or seen some of the non-sense passing as moral judgment lately often beginning with something like, “Well I support the troops BUT”. Like the ABU incident which was handled professionally and without political bent by the US Armed Services we have another incident in which they are trying to do the same, Haditha.

Of course the usual left liberal mob is going berserk hoping that they can use this issue to bash the fight against terrorism. Because you see if we do that then we can “freeze” terrorism in the 90’s and not be so scared of it. And even more important than that were the minor incidents when the terrorist killed the little people allowing the liberal left to look the other way. The Navy ship bombed in the 90’s was the perfect Left Liberal incident, they could say, “awww were sorry some AMERICAN troops were killed but we really do support the troops just don’t take any actions against those that killed OUR TROOPS!”

You have the perfect leader of this group, the clown congressman John M who thinks that because he was once an armed forces person he can say he supports the troops while thrashing them without regard to their safety or the cause at hand. You see since he was once a real armed forces person his Patriotism is forever “Frozen” by the liberal left now that he has joined the side of the debate who hates, who trade in hate and weakness, whom seek to destroy under the guise of Patriotism.

We must remember it is the left liberals whom are frozen in hatred and weakness, whom have only faux patriotism at their side, who feed on their on weaknesses, remember it is they whom want to run our country. If that doesn’t scare you I don’t know what will. In Nature, nothing is frozen in the past so therefore anything or anyone attempting to freeze in the past will fail, period.

Have a good one…

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Friday, June 2, 2006

Freezing the Elitism Ruling Class

The Elite Ruling Class (ERC) has three missions in life, to protect their current position, to expand their scope of power, and to maintain strict separation between the little people and themselves, a super-moat if you will forever freezing the little people out.

The ERC employs many traditional means that we all know, money hording, power hording, dumbification of the little people, passing laws to protects themselves, passing laws that keep the little people down, etc… And these methods were all successful in the past as mass communication was one to one unless controlled by the ERC, like the MSM, etc.

I was listening to some analysts discuss what, if any, impact the Internet has had on the political process and they focused mainly on blogs as grass roots gathering points for like minded individuals to share emotions, donate money, band together, blah blah blah…

They like many try very hard to overlook the elephant in the window and that is the fact they cannot control the flow of information like they did in the past. Although they are trying lame laws (like they always do, see McCain – Fiengold) to address the situation in the back rooms they are scared and very worried about their own end, the end of the ERC.

I think the real reason the partisan behavior is so out of control is not so much the people involved (most useful idiots), not so much the parties separate ideas and end goals, but the fact that the “little people” now often know more than the ERC do and base their actions on that knowledge, not on the ERC’s desires.

That my fiends is why the ERC is going nuts and attacking everything, just like a drowning person, there is no difference, think about it.

Have a good one…

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