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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nearing the End of the Shield Line, more This and That

We’ll first they burned the flag, oh my! Then they burned pictures oh my! We’ll then in a show of strength they went through civilians didn’t they? And then to show more strength they went through woman didn’t they? And now they are showing their ultimate strength and have moved to what I fell is the last shield available to them, children, and they can go no further down the human chain, that’s it, its over.

Human shields will always be a “news” opportunity for the Old Liberal Mindset channeled through the Old Noise Machine we all know that and that’s OK because fewer and fewer people care about what those outlets spew. One thing that does worry me about this though is that one day the terrorist might realize that no one cares about CNN anymore, AP, Reuters, old dated and worthless communication channels watched only by people not in the know or people desperate for a news outlet.

So once again a certain liberal mindset(s) fostered by the usual suspects useful idiot crowd needs to be taught that age old lesson, WAR IS HELL, and using children is not new, is not the end of the world, its simply a tool used by the ruthless to control the idiot liberal mind. End of line.

Never ending themes;

1) Alcohol in abundance has no friends, newest inductee, Mel Gibson.
2) Liberal politician trying to legal their way to victory, yawn, except this time in Mexico.
3) France goes to war against USA, tries to stop USA Cyclist domination in the Tour De France.
4) Weather too warm in SUMMER=Global warming, too many Hurricanes=Global Warming, not enough Tornados=not enough data.
5) The Nations Capital, most liberal people and laws=being over run by crime.

Have a good one…

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend This and That…

Hmm a peaceful Muslim man goes on a rampage in the benevolent town of Seattle and of course even after indicating exactly why he did it, hatred for Jews, America, blah blah blah, the Old Noise Machine still can’t bring themselves to admit their could be a problem with young Muslim men wanting to kill and rampage in America, Canada, England, Spain, Denmark, etc., not to mention the Middle East, yep no problem here, nothing to see, move along…

And meanwhile the Great Kofi Annan, leader of the World Peace movement via the U.N., has decided we need a temporary cease fire since the IDF is wiping out the Hezbollah forces and he thinks the Hezbollah forces need some time to recoup, restock, and find more civilian shields, yep the Global Liberal mindset for peace is a fascinating thing to watch! And please don’t worry about Kofi as he has many useful idiot friends all over the world watching his backside and he will retire wealthy and live a life far beyond anything those depending on him could even dream about let alone achieve, oh the humility of it all…

Senator Kennedy lashes out at the two new Supreme Beings since they didn’t vote the way he feels they should based on their testimony in front of his kangaroo court Senate confirmation hearings. It’s hard to know where to start here but the most obvious in trying to read the Kennedy statement (It was so predictably bad I couldn’t finish it, no not poorly written just the same ole looney left talking points) is that HIS expectations are not being met and he’s wants the American people to know that. Oh but why since they are there and theirs nothing he can do about it, right? No doubt this is a talking point piece that will be used in the next round of the Supreme Being nomination circus since some of the current judges might not make it past W’s retirement. At least his handlers are thinking ahead but again nothing new, nothing worth reading, just more on the record blah blah blah, such is politics on the looney left!

As I’ve said before one of the good things about this war is that it keeps the moonbats out of the Old Noise Machines “newszone” for awhile. As always we need to find the good even when things are bad to help balance!

Have a good one…

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Friday, July 28, 2006

This and that…

The fighting continues in the Mid East and the back seat drivers are out in full force, as predicted, full of opinions, full of strategies, full of, but of course, themselves!!!

The aggressive “talk” to determine the meaning of “proportionality” with regards to armed response to armed aggression based on U.N. law is kinda funny because U.N. law is meaningless childlike words designed to protect the guilty and enrich the death and destruction crowd, nice. The only aggression you will ever see out of the U.N. / E.U. / Old Media Circus crowd is words which is why dictators and the murder for power crowd love them and always will. As I’ve said before “useful idiots” are available for the taking and all you need to do it start killing your own people and they will flock to your side, kinda ironic huh!

What this really boils down to is hatred, plain and simple hatred of Jews, their Country’s prosperity, and their ability to control their own government which is a rare combination in that general area of the world. So you have European hatred of Jews on full display, you have US based peace groups hatred of Jews on full display, you have Jews hatred of Jews on full display, and you have the supreme Jew haters, the World of Radical Islam, on full display and waging war, again, and again, and again... And some people think we have evolved as a species to a point where words can overcome hatred, hmmm. I wonder how far some people can stuff their heads in the sand and am often amazed at the depth they achieve…

Some lightweight Senators have decided to step into the ring with John Bolton and question his actions at the U.N. After hearing the exchanges I fully expect the “useful idiot” crowd to come to John Bolton’s side because he took the Senators apart and is was ugly. You would think the Senators handlers would at least be smart enough to keep the clown senators out of the ring with real intellect!

Hillary “bust” as the next President of the US goes on display at the Museum of Sex soon and I know she is thrilled. Probably the closet she’s come to sex since the 70’s! Is it true that any buzz is good buzz???

Cindy Sheehan bought 5 acres of land near Bush’s ranch to be closer to the man she thinks about more than any man on earth. I am starting to worry she has a crush on the president and he might need to get a restraining order soon! I do have one easy prediction though, around January 20 2009 that land will be up for sale!

Local politics is starting again as the challenger is dissing Arnold by claiming that by blocking Arnold’s attempts to control the Unions he did the right thing for the CA people, and in a way he’s right as his mission is taxes, taxes, and more taxes and we have lots of CA Union people who love the challenger for this reason and this reason only. But the best part is the final smear where he disses Arnold because he was an “actor”, should be fun to watch the Hollywood crowds reaction to this. My bet is they will remain silent because their principles are, but of course, based on politics!

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When did punishment become more important than positive outlook?

And other questions you don’t want to answer…

Why is anyone surprised that the me, me, me, me, me, me generation produced a generation of people whom only care about their own feelings?

When did psychobabble personal feelings take over intellectual discussion in politics?

When did teaching a child how to “feel” become more important than teaching them how to read?

When did referring to a criminal as a criminal become a crime?

Why are some people surprised and horrified that WAR is hell?

Why are some people surprised that people at opposite ends of the political spectrum DISAGREE on things?

Why is taking a position in the middle of the political spectrum considered not taking a position?

When did political attack ads become more important than stressing ones qualifications?

When did a problem that strikes 1 in 100, 000 require a law that punishes everyone?

When did jail populations become a growth industry?

When did the WAR on DRUGS become more important than American Citizens with drug problems?

Why did gambling become cool only after it was legalized on Indian owned land?

Why are we more worried about 12 year old girls having access to abortions than 12 year old girls getting pregnant?

When did child molesters get more legal protection than children?

When did the legal system become more important than the people it serves?

Is Hollywood really surprised that reality shows have more viewers than “enlightened” elitism shows?

More to follow, have a good one…

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Monday, July 24, 2006

All War all the Time

Well the Middle East “Conflict” is dominating the news cycle these days which really must be pissing off the wanna be celebrities and news chasers (Plame affair, etc.) whom feed off the news cycle for feelings of self worth.

Back in the real world the fight is causing the usual suspects who can make noise during a fight to blabber bigtime. We have two of the biggest losers on the planet (a big club by the way) both promptly opening mouth and inserting foot and then chewing vigorously on full display. It’s hard to put these two in order of failure but I think Kofi has the lead for now.

It’s clear “kofi’s U.N.” team has failed miserably in Lebanon but that doesn’t stop him from injecting his two cents and demanding things to make it better. Remember this is the U.N. and although they’ve been in there 20+ years we really can’t expect them to get anything done without asking for MORE MONEY! Classic liberal world elitist problem solving technique, demand money, throw some change at the intended target and keep the rest to distribute internally to manage your “overhead” costs. What is truly sad is some in the US and OLD Europe will agree that money solves all of their problems, sigh, if only we were trying to solve Kofi’s retirement problems or old Europe’s economic problems that might make sense. But as usual that group of jet setting elitist really only care about themselves and the little people be damned. Actions speak louder than words here and if you can’t see the actions, go ahead and send um your money but don’t send um any of mine!

John Kerry came in a close second saying that if he were president this would not be happening and in a way he’s right. The terrorist would not be on the run, real world problems in the Middle East would not be the number one focus of the planet, real world solutions would not be discussed, and real world leaders would not be engaged. Nope if John Kerry were president we would be watching more Americans getting killed on our soil, more money sent to people who don’t need or deserve it, and the terrorist would be free to continue building their capability and gaining influence over the weak minded and enslaved populations waiting for the day when they no longer feared anyone and struck hard at the Western World. In that scenario the death counts that bother us today over years would be seen on a daily basis and the extent of destruction un-imaginable. Yea that’s the ticket a world under John Kerry would of led to a world under Islamic Law, whew! Good Job American Public!!!!

Have a good one...

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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Wimping of War follows the Weakinization of Societal Response

What do we make of parents whom raise children who can do no “wrong”? What do we make of colleges that allow students to “find” themselves while in the process they sell out the very country that supports them? Why do we see all of these “smart” students being used as props and propaganda pieces by professors and organizations that could care less about them? Why do the supporters of foreign governments always “protest” (read whine and cry) in “safe” foreign lands instead of going home to make a difference?

Societal response to all things of strength now is to go weak unless it’s the weak speaking against the strong. In the case of weak “battling” strong weak is allowed to do anything without the “worry” of strong response while the strong have to “worry” that any response is viewed as overkill because after all the weak, are the weak!

And now we find that the “weakinization” movement has engulfed war in a worldwide web of deceit and manipulation. The “players” on the weak side of war have figured out that the weakinization cabals in strong countries have given them virtual immunity from the “spanking” they deserve and use that to control the strong. We know of the weakest of the weak cabals, the U.N., the E.U., the Old Noise Machine of Europe and the U.S., and the organizations that form around colleges praying on the weak under developed minds of child-adults whom lack the “schooling” to know the difference between having beliefs and being used. And for some reason unknown to me the strong has extended the “courtesies” allowed to the weak, backed by the above cabals, whom live among the strong to the killers whom rule via death and destruction.

Why have we started to “wimp” in times of war is a question all of the strong must answer and answer quickly. We need to not worry about cry babies just like we were taught in the old days, we need to not worry about punching back with greater force since that always, always, stopped the initial punch from ever coming back again. Bullies will always bully if we try to give them “time outs”, a “good” talking too”, blah blah blah, bullies stop fast when met with a good hard punch to the nose and a stern warning that if they ever bully again, the punch will be twice as hard. We need to stop Wimping and get back to old school management of wars because war is hell baby, else its not war…

Have a good one…

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where are their VOICES Now!!! And some this and that…

Calling on Murtha, Sheehan, Pixie Chicks, Diamond, all of the chic useful idiots who dream and feel about the nether lands as if they were reality, why so silent?
Where are the voices of Kerry, Reid, Boxer, Pelosi, Chafee? Those creatures of backbone and moral fiber un-matched in the political class!
I hear nothing, I see nothing, yet I know they are their, lurking, hoping, wanting to sound off, but alas I’m guessing we won’t hear from them anytime soon except little harps about meaningless events.
Why are they silent you might ask and if you read here often you already know the answer! If not let me spell it out for you,


Scared when real events require real answers with backbone, with conviction, with strength, and most importantly with heart! Scared to stand firm, to take a position that might require more than mouthing off, gasp a position that requires ACTION! At least they are consistent…

If you haven’t checked out you must as Michelle Malkin has taken action words and put them into action video and they are fun and yet very serious. If you need to have a refresher course on conviction I strongly suggest a regular dose of Michelle.

Embryo, Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

Passion abounds,
Hopes and anger converge,
Emotional outbursts go round and round,
Embryo. Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

The dance of the heart,
The magic of the cure,
Endlessly circling fertile ground,
Embryo. Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

Life from life is all around,
Healing miracles are always profound,
Please all get off your merry-go-round,
Embryo. Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some of this and that…

Middle East fighting round number 12,833 is underway and of course everyone has an opinion about who’s fault it is, who’s got to do what to stop it, and who can we blame in the aftermath to score political points! Yawn…. Let me know when real leaders show up and address real issues and get down to what really needs to be done, kick some terrorist ass!!!

But this is good news in some ways since it kicks the idiot celebrities and useful idiots out of the spotlight for awhile. It also kicks the Church of Law out of the way too so it does have a few redeeming values, it moves illegal immigration, it moves political carping and positioning out of the way, oil prices, and on and on and on…

Marketing and Katie Couric: “Town Hall Listening Tour” and 35 gazillion eggs getting the CBS “EYE” treatment to help boost her initial ratings whenever her newsreader gig starts. While lot’s of people will argue about her (and of course the real bias people her producers) bias and her inability to speak in a straightforward and truthful manner we should not overlook the marketing hype for that is where we will find her target audience and what this is really all about!

So the marketing plan is a two pronged approach, a series of “town hall” meetings (sound familiar?) and putting the CBS “EYE” logo everywhere.

The Town Hall, very low key low profile events just like the “little people” do, listening tour / meetings is a classic way of saying, were down to earth elitist whom can pretend with the best pretenders (i.e. Clintons, Socialist, etc.) to care about what the “little people” think and most importantly to “CARE” about what the little people care about before they jet off to the next town of “little people”. The next line of course will be a variant of “we feel your pain” based around the one great sound bite delivered from these Town Hall meetings, “ we have heard from you and we won’t tell the truth, whoops I mean depressing news, and we “felt your pain” and to prove we “FELT YOUR PAIN” we will present SOLUTIONS. I know I’m thrilled and I’m sure you are to learn that CBS and its news producers fronted by its newsreaders has solution for our problems, how cool is that!!! Like you I can’t wait to hear them!

The mass marketing angle is to spread the heck out of the CBS “EYE” logo and hope that generates enough ratings in the initial show(s) launching to prove the team responsible for picking this newsreader did a good job! And so what vehicle did they choose to spread the word CBS NEWS is BACK? Well of course it would be EGGS! 30 million plus eggs will be subjected to a logo process and of course spread through out the land to pass the word, CBS is BACK! Now theirs many ways to look at this, just mass marketing and brand awareness would be the most obvious, but maybe its more clever than that because as we all know when we crack the egg open we look forward to all the good stuff inside (is PETA OK with this abuse of eggs and their contents? Just wondering…) which we will cook and enjoy in a variety of ways! Maybe CBS thinks that if we crack open their news show with their new newsreader people will find good things to consume and be happy! Could this also be sexist? Who buys and cooks more eggs, men or women? If its women isn’t this a CHEAP WAY to court the female robots of the left and the un-suspecting woman of the right?

So here’s my take on this, they use old Clinton tactics for “listening tours”, they also use the old Clinton tactic of providing “pretty sounding” solutions without the possible of getting done or accomplishing anything, and of course using the classic Clinton tactic of going after women in a cheap and degrading way, so I guess this whole plan must be a secret plot to revive interest in the Clinton Doctrine and we can look for the new newsreader to spend countless hours hyping the Clintons, you can count on that!

As I’ve told you before the OLD Noise Machines don’t care about fiscal matters and business success, they only deal in political revenue and this will be the most blatant we’ve seen to date!

Have a good one!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Legal, Constitutional-Religion, the Real Culture War!!

Legal: A Judge Shocks Me!!
First up some kudos’ to a Federal Judge whom said, “It’s not OK for Congress People to be above the law of us ordinary citizens”. Wow is that amazing holding elected officials to the same laws as you and me! Maybe next time a Kennedy breaks the law they will be held accountable too and then I would really be in a state of shock! But we have to wait this one out as well as the Congress person in question vows to appeal, appeal, and appeal! His “Legal Team” is working on the matter, yep I know if you or I ever get in trouble we will no doubt have a “Legal Team” working with us just like the Congress Person!!!

Constitution-Religion: The War on Marriage
Lot’s of talk about secularist and religious types debating the war of all culture wars which goes something like this, is religion part of the US life based on the constitution or it’s legal derivatives, or not? If yes religion is in and Marriage is only for man and woman whereas if not marriage is for anything or anybody, the configuration questions go away and it’s a free for all! Cool huh, people and animals, multi-family marriages, people and computers, people and the moon, the list is endless have fun!!!

And we circle the wagons around what the “framers” had in mind and if we just could settle that question we could put this to rest, or could we? Since we will never directly know what they had “in mind” it’s a great debate point with no possible solution and therefore an endless and useless debate point. Except for the fun the historians have arguing about the written artifacts of that process and time!

Here’s my shot at it though…

I want to address the framers first with regards to religion and then follow-up with Nature and Marriage.

The framers were clearly religious in their own right but constructed the constitution to address what at the time we’re one or two of the biggest issues of government for the people and by the people, religion and Kings and Queens. The King and Queen was a no-Brainer where they correctly surmised an election by popular vote would result in free will winning and free will is Nature’s highest form of Human existence and Kings and Queens would never occupy that space!
Separation of Church and State was straight forward too and was not meant to be a culture war. It was strictly meant as a way to ensure a religion could not become the Government of the US nothing more and nothing less.

Any other interpretation is wishful thinking on both sides if you really want to know their minds look into the fear of the constitutions words, the fear of how the PLACE is run not whether religion belongs in a school or not which is a question used by secularist to attack. They did not want Queens and they didn’t want Cardinals making the rules that the populace lives by, and the words that end that debate are clear, WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE… Game, set, match…

Nature doesn’t care about marriage but instead deals with the more important issue of reproduction and the continuation of the change wave and one of its highest forms, Human Beings, which are the Ultimate Singularity! We should remove the reproductive issue as a prop and reduce the discussion to what it is, an equalization cause celeb for the elites and legal protection – benefits for the normal people which leads me to marriage for me and civil unions for thee. And feel free to find any name that isn’t currently in use and go with it what’s the big deal about what you call it? In fact if your creative enough maybe you can come up with a better word!!!

Have a good one…

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Just Wondering…

Hollywood elite hate religion yet many of them are Scientologist, how do they square that? Hollywood elite hate religion but love what the Islamic faithful do, kill civilians, honor killings, train children to kill, etc… how do they square that? Hollywood elite hate religion yet love Bill and Hill who are “VERY” religious, how do they square that? Wouldn’t be a double standard would it? Nah…

Every time Clinton says something nice about Bush Clinton is in the US and every time he says something full of typical Clinton BS he’s over seas, how do you square that? And while Clinton is in LA (natch) talking about illegal immigration and wants to remind us they (the little people to him) are people too as if someone didn’t know we were talking about people as opposed to wild packs of rabbits running AMOK! And people say he’s really smart and for the life of me I just can’t see it. Scripted, calculated, and condescending are traits of elitism, nothing more…

Sometimes it’s hard to read the Little Green Footballs site because is focuses on one topic and most of that topic, ISLAM, appears to revolve around killing and more killing. It’s well researched and stated fairly but it’s hard to ignore the constant death overtones, CONSTANT. And some people think we can address the world’s problems with talk while some people kill at will. I think the dreamers really do want us in a future where we all get along, but, unfortunately, that future is still aways away… sigh…

Two things about magazines like Time and Newsweek prompted by the story on Drudge about Time and Bush come to mind. One is that remember these magazines don’t make much if any money anymore so they trade in political revenue for rich democrats in case your wondering why they exist. Two is a note to Hollywood, anytime I hear on a BLOG, TV, or RADIO ad that one of these magazines thinks a movie or TV show is great is the moment I know I will never watch said movie or TV show…

Have a good one…

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Friday, July 7, 2006

This and That…

Europe Elites whining about too many flags in the US on July 4th, and some in the US think this is newsworthy, hmmm. Since when is the plain and simple feeling of jealously considered news? We should feel sorry for them as they dream about what we have, as they wonder how we maintain it, as they wonder why they can’t have it, and on and on and on…

Hamden this and Hamden that, as you’ve read here many times before, the Church of Law rules the Liberal mindset and controls their agenda since they have limited electoral power and more importantly since the majority of normal people have NO DESIRE TO HAVE THEIR LIFES RUN BY EGOMANIAC ELITES! RULES FOR THEE AND NOT FOR ME just doesn’t work anymore. Awwwww…

Single Digit IQ Useful idiots strike again!!! Sheehan, Michelle Malkin has the smack down over at As I have said before if the antiwar anti US crowd is reduced to Sheehan as a cover child holding up the Venezuelan Dictator as a role model, they are gnawing on the barrel bottom and it tastes bad, real bad, but at least they have something to gnaw on.

NY Times smack down continues at a brisk pace as well as the paper of liberal record is reduced to useless illogical defenses and back pedaling that would make the circus clowns jealous! I still think most are missing the most important point, its not Keller, its Pinch who OK’ed the story and it fits his MO to a tee, weak and self-serving, as most liberal NY’ers apparently are!

Global warming is now a full fledged marketing idea for the socialist crowd and what’s good about that you say? Well it makes it easy to spot the socialist wannabes doesn’t it?

Have a good one…

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