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Friday, August 25, 2006

Gollywood, I know I shouldn’t because it’s too easy, but,…

Picking on Gollywood is usually same ole same ole except once in awhile the fantasy people show their true colors and it’s kinda fun to point it out to those whom might not know it. And in this case we are talking about Tom Cruise.

So let me see if I have this right, here’s a guy that spends his entire life “acting out”, “role playing”, being someone whom he’s not, whom on any given day might not know who he is so he can play his role better, and in real life he starts “acting out” like he might be a bit off his rocker and all of a sudden they need to out him, dump him, and call him names, how cool is that!!

The key thing to understand in all of this is not that an actor “acts” a bit crazy because if that was an issue you have to lock the majority of them up, I mean we have the Fonda-Streisand duo whom “act” like they have something intelligent or relevant to say about world affairs, we have the Warren Beatty and George Clooney duo whom “act” like they know politics, we have the Michael Moore and Ted Turner duo whom “act” like they are important people with important messages, and in reality they must be nuts to believe anyone thinks they possess anything but celebrity status and money.

The bottom line is that liberals will eat their own if you don’t conform, why do you think they side with communists, dictators, Radical Muslins, you either toe the line, act as your told, belief the common belief, or you will be fed to the sharks… Makes you want to be a liberal doesn’t it!!!

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

“Birth Gap” between Right and Left

Well what a surprise we have discovered yet another gap between the left and right. And what a bigger surprise that it involves a core component of Nature, in this case reproduction of the species. Any guess which side is reproducing at a lower rate? Of course it’s the side that thinks they are above such things, they have evolved beyond Nature’s way, they are scared to have kids (scared of the commitment), and that is where the liberal mindset resides and it’s all on the left, but of course!

But those on the right should be aware, very aware. This study was done by some college types which is 90+% code for liberals. And the study was just announced to the world but I think it’s been known for a long time, at least 20-30 years now, if not longer. And I know your asking, where’s the proof?

So you want proof huh? You came to the right place, the place that says actions speak louder than words, and that even includes liberals. And this is beyond the obvious trend by the Democratic Party to find new voters via illegal immigration, felon voting act, dead people voting act, hatred of any voting identity proof act, this is about mind control and indoctrination!

So what do the liberals do to fight this problem, they target children which increasingly means someone else’s children. And the proof, well whom controls the schools from pre-kindergarten to post doc? Whom controls the youth music business? The children’s TV networks? Whom controls the teen and younger movie business? Well it’s the liberals of course, in fact they dominate the above areas and that is why you must be concerned because I guarantee they are thinking as long as they can control your kids why do they need their own! Think about it and be scared, very scared…

Have a nice day…

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More this and that…

Mother Nature where are the Storms, Again I’m Asking you!!! The Global Warming crowd is in such a funk, I do feel soooo soooo sorry for them. Even a little blip on the east side of the Atlantic makes front page news, it could, it might be… Come on Mother Nature please give them some storms in September, please lift them out of their misery, the thought of no major storms causing damage and death hurts them so so much, can’t you feel their pain???

Wow this thing is very cool! Can you imagine being able to trace which (if not all) politicians waste our money, how much they waste, and most importantly, make them stand up in public and say why they waste what they do? I know one thing for sure, if they are successful Congress will surely find a way to make the spending transparent again, count on it!

The Jon Benet murder guy is perfect proof that Nature’s creation system is not based on absolutes and doesn’t know right and wrong, it’s a creation system built on physical processes that involve combining and disbanding with a time derivative, over and over in everything with numbers too large to comprehend. Bad people, and animals, are grown, some easier than others, but grown they are. Free Will ensures some will go bad and some will go good, strength, weakness, looks, place of birth, skin color, etc, have little impact in the final run, people do what they choose to do, and some people (thankfully I don’t know how) appear to be able to kill without thought, without concern, without feelings, cold hearted is the popular saying. If he did it, if he is guilty, then he should die, IMHO fast and hard… nothing could be too cold for him, nothing…

B. Clinton taking “co”-responsibility for Welfare Reform just proves what racist and feminist have said all along, old white men lie through their teeth when it suits them eh!!!

What do George Soros, Jimmy Carter, Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite, Ted Turner, and the like all have in common? See last line above eh!!! Some just don’t know when it’s time to move on and it appears no one around them has the guts to tell them…

Have a good one…

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Monday, August 21, 2006

This and That…

Racial Empire’s up in arms because, again, some “real” “black” leaders want the “black” community to look into their homes and how they raise their children before they look into a society through the eyes of a well “trained” racist and find all black problems a result of white people and their policies. Make no mistake about it anytime someone threatens the Racial Empire, whether it’s Bill Cosby or Juan Williams, or whomever, the Racial Empire will attack with every ounce of energy they have. I don’t think many people realize how big the Racial Economy is and how fierce those whom spend all day defining racism and playing the blame game day in and day out will defend the Racial Empire. As I’ve said before it’s a huge cancer and it will continue to eat away at society until its cut out and thrown away. You can not policy out hatred from white people, black people, etc. Color of skin is only a reflection of Nature and has no barring on life, except of course if you’re a hater, or even worse, a member of the Racial Empire whose main job is to ensure the haters have a place in society…

Jon Benet, saw an ad on TV yesterday saying, “and tonight we have new provocative photos” of her. This was a mainstream show and I was so caught off guard it was hard to think for a bit. This was a VERY VERY young child who was murdered and we have adults feeding off of her years later, sometimes I ask you how low can some go, and again I find a new low, so low if defies words beyond, as low as low can be… it’s enough to make any adult sick to your stomach, and if it doesn’t you should seek help…

The “law suit” to attack the president’s war powers was still all over the media channels this weekend with the personalized media channel, natch, leading the way with the most objective discussions. A few of the great things about the personalized media channel are, you know exactly where the provider stands politically, you don’t have to guess if your seeing-reading the truth because if they said anything factually incorrect it will be caught and they will be nailed. Sounds like Free Press heaven to me!!!

Damn Mother Nature you *(&*(&%, why are you not cooperating!!!! Clinton and Gore need you, New Orleans rip-off artists need you, the old MSM needs you, the worlds idiot ELITE need you, please oh please Mother Nature, show them you care, show them you “feel their pain”!
The Global Warming crew awaits your mighty actions, they hope and they PREY for your storms, yes they prey for your storms, because without your storms, they have nothing to scream about, nothing to lie about, nothing to attack their opponents about, look at the harm your doing Mother Nature, look at the harm to those whom need you…
Forget about those who will have their homes destroyed, their life’s attacked, sometimes their life’s lost, think not of those Mother Nature, think of the Global Warming crowd whom PREY for you to support them and if it means killing a few innocents, well that’s never stopped that crowd before…

Have a good one…

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Another Court decision that over takes politics and the war!!

What a surprise huh?????????

Yep another court decision deciding what the GOV can do and what it can’t, and yes another decision totally based in politics, in the area of war where the lib courts go nuts and rule against the people of the US. So what choice do we have I ask, what choice?

Do we continue to elect conservatives whom might not be perfect but at least know when our safety is at risk? Do we continue to let the courts decide political outcomes? Let the courts decide the outcomes of WAR? Let the courts continue to decide the issues in the cultural war? The war on drugs? The war on personal civil liberties? The war on this? The war on that? The courts are now the defacto battlefield, and what can we do?

We’ll I’ve decided to step onto the courts battlefield and consider a class action suit, a class action suit that covers all Americans under attack by the likes of the following types;

ACLU, the judges whom decide based on politics,
John Kerry, Rockefellers, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Leahay, list will grow over time no doubt,
Most of the old Mass Media Companies and the corporations that own them, here me G.M.? Disney? Etc…

When the next terrorist act hits the USA these people will be tried as war criminals, acts of treason, they will lose all pensions, trust funds, living estates-wills, they will serve out their remaining years on the planet at Leavenworth as enemies of the USA.

Time to act, Time to act, join the class action lawsuit, add defendants to the lists and let’s prepare the suit, because as they continue to weaken us we know an attack is coming, then they will have their day in their favorite place, the COURTS!!!

Have a nice day…

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fringe Mainstream and Strong - Weak Classification

Polls, Polls, Polls, News from the left, news from the right, mothers teaching their children to be suicide bombers, flag burning, photo-shop hatred, peace marchers, all have one thing in common, they represent the MINORITY in the real world.

The only place they represent a majority is in the news cycles, flash across the news outlets a march to support the Hezbos and you see what, 30?, 50? people maybe, usually with more news people that actual protesters and it gets blanketed on the news outlets like a major event. Who’s fooling whom here?

The media has long worked by the formula that tension, hysterics, fringe that threatens the norm are the key to better ratings. They search high and low, long and hard, up and down for these types of events to parade across their channel thinking that this is the way to fame and fortune.

Yet we all know now their fortunes are crumbling daily, their fame is usually self supported and lost in the new world of personalized media, yet they continue their march based of the playbooks of those whom ruled generations ago.

We know with Fake photos and news stories they can no longer hide, we know their audience is shrinking faster and faster yet they march on, we know they have lost most is not all credibility yet they stand firm in their suspicions, we know they stand united as long as no threat to their lifestyle is in play, we know they are scared and crumble in the presence of strength, we know they can only dream about a past long since lost, we know all of this and yet they seem to know none of it, makes one wonder whom can’t read the news…

Easy to spot the weakinization crowd now eh? All those thinking the ceasefire was good and all those thinking the Hezbo’s won please stand up and be counted. For all the rest whom aren’t sure, look at the standing and you see the real face of weakness, of the weakinization crowd, and you should NEVER, NEVER, see them through any other light for the weakinization crew is weak on all things and these moments of clarity where they expose themselves should stand as clear markers in your mind next time you see them fake strength, remember these moments and classify them accordingly.

To not do so is to put you and your children’s future at great risk, Nature will not be kind and there’s not a thing you can do to change Nature, but you can change your actions… think about it…

Have a good one…

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Friday, August 11, 2006

And the children came to play,,,

Nature has one predominant growth pattern, from young to old. It’s in all things living, and not, and along the way living things evolve with experience. It happens in animals of all stripes and locals as they “learn” what works and what doesn’t work, else they have a good chance of being somebody’s dinner, that’s just the way nature is, learn or perish.

If one refuses to learn but still grows older one had best be human or else! Humans have developed to the point where we now have “oldies but goodies” whom demonstrate on a daily basis that they have not grown, that they don’t understand Nature’s bottom line law, eat or be eaten. No they feel they have evolved past that and anybody who doesn’t accept that mantra is an idiot. Yet we know in Nature’s view the selfish, arrogant, ignorant, “peace is the only way” is nothing but a short distance from death.

We have seen repeatedly that a certain population of the planet still strongly believes death is the only way to live and have no problem DYING to prove it, just so long as they can take a few of those they hate with them. I haven’t seen many accounts of them pulling mass suicide actions without infidels, have you?

We see the selfish, arrogant, ignorant view splashed out daily from the old MSM machine as if it was the only view, we see a victory in a small little senate race heralded as proof of peace is the only way, we hear of ridicules polls indicating 60% of Americans want to lose the war on terror or have bought into some wacky scheme to make things better! No what we have is the small fringe group who refuse to grow, hoping, even PRAYING, to return to some level of National Power to prove that selfish, arrogant, ignorant policies are what’s best.

Am I worried they will take over the Senate, Hell No, am I worried they will take over the House, Hell No, the presidency, HILL no, the Country, Hell no, the world, hell no! You want to know why? It’s easy because Nature rules the planet and the selfish, arrogant, ignorant children who never grow up are doomed to be eaten or more likely these days to be killed by terrorist and all the while wondering what happened to their Grand Plan? Never under estimate Nature or her rules of engagement because to do us is an open invitation to death, that’s just the way it is…

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

This and That Politicians, Media, War, Weakinization…

Ned Lamont is the final proof that money can BUY any political position although it seems more prevalent in the Democratic Party. The new guy is a trust fund baby whom no doubt represents most of his constituency. Money, Money, and more Money is what it takes in politics these days, principles appear to have not only be forgotten, but lost in the quagmire.

Wow some people are just now noticing that the Old Noise Machine (MSM) uses as many fake images and stories as Gollywood, why is that news? They have been substituting opinion pieces in place of news for years, they create fake polls and roll them out as “news” on a regular basis, they quote themselves as news, they hire Gollywood people to ensure their image is correctly “perceived” by the masses, OF COURSE ITS FAKE! It’s all bought and paid for, Money, Money, and more MONEY and you can create any reality you want, ANY REALITY!

Well we know that the WAR in the Middle East is going well for Israel if everyone is demanding they stop pounding the *&(^ out of the Hezbo’s. Nothing speaks more “TRUTH TO POWER” or whatever that silly phrase is when we see the World Opinion crowd wining and crying, a sure sign your kicking ASS!!

We must ensure that all of us in the Western World who don’t want to see the Western world kill itself or be killed to understand the true “game” going on and that’s the “WEAKINIZATION” of all strength until no majority strength exists. And you might ask why is that a problem? Well in Nature their has to be a majority strength (it exists in all species not just humans) and if the western world succumbs you can bet something will climb to the top, something that should scare the hell out of you because we can tame the western world through actions and words, that might not be true with what emerges after the weakinization crowd wins, be scared, very scared…

Have a good one…

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

This and That…

Hillary and Rumsfield dust up was fun to hear about as the Hill tried to woo back some of her fringe base with “reasoned” ridicule of the success in IRAQ. Like most liberals and the Clintons if it can’t be done fast and free is must not be good. Since her policy enacted through Bill was a complete failure she doesn’t have much room here but you have to give her credit for exposing herself for what she is, one of the “30 day” crowd whom lack staying power on anything but talk.

The Hezbo’s want a cease fire or they will kill more, sometimes you just can’t dream this kind of logic up. I understand they launched 100’s of missiles today and not one word from “world opinion” liberals saying that’s a bad thing, hmmm. And the leader of IRAN wants a cease fire before he wipes Israel off the map, what’s up with that? These guys must have really good drugs…

New poll shows “1/3” Americans believe the 9/11 attacks were an “inside” job with the US gov complicit. These polling efforts have become so transparent that it’s hard not to laugh at them. The statistical analysis is no doubt a hodge podge designed to look accurate yet we all know that by manipulating the people sampled (skew a little liberal paranoid eh?), the sample size (stop as soon as you think you have a defensible number), and most importantly use statistical methods that at best are arguments as opposed to proof. And like the polls for politics they lean anti-government when a Republican is prez, what a surprise! We will all be surprised that a glut of Old Noise Machine backed polls will fill the airwaves over the next few months with nothing but good news for Dems and bad news for repubs, it’s guaranteed, its pathetic, and it’s borderline delusional, how cute...

Liberal blog nut goes on a racist rampage and the liberal politician, whom supported her and whom she supported, all of a sudden “doesn’t know” her. Classis left wing blog nut meets mainstream left wing politician and all of a sudden everyone forgets everyone. Or to put in a Clintonion way all of a sudden no one knows what the meaning of “IS” is. As many have pointed out if this kind of degrading racial stunt was done by a right wing blogger with direct ties to a politician seeking election the liberal world Racial Empire would be up in arms. But since it’s a liberal problem the Racial Empire looks the other way, classic and predictable racism where politics and money trump principles EVERYTIME!

Castro appears to not be feeling well these days and I for one just can’t wait for the expected result of his death. No not the freeing of Cuba from a dictator, not the loss of a buddy for Hugo, not for the cigars, not for the medical miracles kept under wrap for all these years, nope none of that. What I can’t wait for is the Hollywood elite crowd who have paid homage to this “GREAT MAN” to cry and whine and then cry some more, that’s what I can’t wait for!! Because you see they don’t have many cold blooded killing dictators left to worship, do they? Although I hear a backup is available in North Korea!

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006


I want DEMS out of World Opinion discussions until they realize that being a LEADER means not everyone will like you!

I want the DEMS out of Washington DC to make it safe, again! I saw a news story about murder, armed robbery, kidnappings, curfews for out of control youths, and other heinous crimes and it wasn’t until the end of the story that I realized they WEREN’T talking about D.C. Or were they… HMMM

I want the DEMS out of New Orleans, 6 murders in one day, drug gangs own the streets, National Guard on the ground, ITS MAYHEM!!

I want the DEMS out of SEATTLE, ISLAMIC killers running AMOK, shielding themselves with little girls, the HORROR, the HORROR!!!

I want the DEMS out of Los Angeles until I finish my Spanish as a first language course!

I want the DEMS out of San Fran until I finish my class on wining and dining rich white woman whom think they are above everyone who’s not rich and white!

I want the DEMS out of the schools in New York, Los Angeles, etc., until at least one generation of high school grads can read at the 8th grade level and some maybe know how to add and subtract!

I want the DEMS out of the voting process until they learn voting is not for felons, is not for illegals, and is not for dead people!

I want the DEMS out of the State Department until they learn that the State Department represents the USA, not world liberal talking points!

I want the DEMS out of GITMO until they agree that it’s OK to treat murdering prisoners like MURDERING PRISONERS!

I want the DEMS out of Social Engineering until they realize that NOT EVERY WHITE MALE IS RACIST and HATES WOMEN!

I want the DEMS out of the UNIONS so the UNIONS will stop buying elections for idiot politicians!

I want the DEMS to remain in the minority because I’m SCARED TO DEATH what will happen to the country in their hands!!!

Have a good day…

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